Have you ever come across a website? That asks for the names of you and your partner to calculate the crush meter you have for each other. While on a romantic date, have you scribbled both of your names together to see how it looks? When your family has a new bundle of joy, do you ponder on finding the best name for the baby? Many people around the world believe in name astrology, which is related to the zodiac signs. This name, astrology, is done to find the perfect name for the child to bring her/him good luck, fortune, health, and fame in the future.

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How Has Name Astrology Done?

In name astrology, the name of the person is determined on the basis of date of birth, sun sign or zodiac sign. Many Asians, particularly Indians, want to consider naming the child on the basis of the Sun sign.

Some people also name their children according to the nakshatra or birth star. So, if you are a believer, you can follow the traditional Indian custom of consulting a name astrologer for naming your little one. The name astrologers consider certain specific alphabets lucky for people who belong to particular zodiac signs. For instance, if you belong to the zodiac sign Aries, then names starting with La, Chu, Chay, Cho, and so on would be suitable for you.

Are Name Astrology And Numerology Related?

Numerology is the latest statement. From celeb households to local television channels, you can find this in vogue. Based on the “lucky number”, people tend to change the spellings of their names and even in some cases, the complete name! If you are a serious believer, you might want to know whether your boyfriend or girlfriend would be the perfect life partner or whether the future of your child is secure.

Even if you are not serious regarding this, you cannot ignore it. It is natural for any person to quench the curiosity bug of “knowing what is going to happen in future?” While name astrology deals with the alphabet, numerology deals with numbers and occult, where each number speaks of a specific character and skill.

Numerology sums the numbers in each letter in your name and the date of birth. The summation gives a single number that can predict about your life. Both the astrological ways help you find the person you really are. This helps you in taking full advantage of your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. Name astrology ultimately works for those who depend on and trust it fully, without demanding a scientific explanation. Some mysteries of nature are better to be left undisturbed.

You can find a reliable online website and try finding your future predictions through name astrology. If you type in your name and date of birth, the site will show you some general characteristics. If you want specific answers, you can also contact the astrologer by paying a nominal fee. Make sure the site is authentic enough before making the payment.


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