Guess what the hottest trend is in the jewellery segment? Name Lockets! Yes! Wearing a necklace with your name engraved on the locket is a great idea to showcase your individuality. This trend originally started in the 1980s, when people wore their names on necklaces to signify eliteness. Gradually, these necklaces became fashionable accessories for people of all ages and ethnicities. Although original name locket designs were simple with plain engraving, modern pendants come in myriad styles and patterns to suit a new-gen audience. So, if you want to try this trend, this article is just for you!

Why are Name Lockets So Popular?

The credit for popularizing name lockets must go to Carrie Bradshaw, from the famous HBO series “Sex and the City”. After viewers spotted this lady wearing a personalized name locket, they wanted to get a similar design with their names! This was how the craze for name lockets grew, not just among women but also among men and kids.

Depending on the budget and the preference, name locket necklaces come in various metals like gold, silver, alloy etc. Diamonds, crystals and stones elevate the look of these pendants from simple to special!

New and Beautiful Lockets With Names For Chains:

You can get name lockets in different shapes and designs just as you like them. But wondering, what are some name locket designs you could try? Here are some gold locket designs with names.

1. ‘Ayesha’ Gold Name Pendant:


Look at this stylish 18K gold pendant that features your name in a beautiful font. The name is open for customization, including the size and font. This dainty piece is finished with smooth edges and a glossy surface that highlights your neck. Wear this with a short and delicate gold chain to look fashionable. You can also gift this custom-made pendant to your friends and family to make them feel special on their memorable days.

  • Design: The Namesake Gold Locket for Women
  • Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
  • Occasion: Casual, Everyday Wear
  • Style Tip: Use plain gold chains along with this pendant to create a layered look.

2. Silver Name Locket:


Check out this charming silver necklace that fits almost any outfit. The 92.5 Sterling silver name pendant is customizable as per your requirements. You can get the name engraved in any font and size. This exquisite pendant comes with a silver neck chain that delicately adorns your neck and flashes once in a while. If you are not a fan of gold, then go for this metal colour instead!

  • Design: 92.5 Sterling Silver Namesake Pendant with Chain
  • Metal: 92.5 Silver
  • Occasion: Casual, Everyday Wear
  • Style Tip: Pair it with a plain gold or alloy chain to create a dual-toned look.

3. Couple Name Pendant with Locket:


Engrave your name with your partner in the form of this handcrafted gold name pendant. The design allows you to add two names and merge them with a heart. The finished piece symbolizes a union of two souls with love! Because of this underlying message, the pendant can be a great gift to your wife or husband at special events like weddings, valentines, etc.

  • Design: Couple’s Name Pendant
  • Metal: 18 Carat Gold
  • Occasion: Casual Outings
  • Style Tip: Go for a short chain to highlight the pendant.

4. 14K Gold Plated Arabic Name Pendant:


If you want your name engraved in an exotic language like Arabic, you can try this idea! The pendant is custom-made as per the length of your name and the size you desire. You can also choose Arabic fonts to make it look even more special. The base metal is sterling silver, and the top coating is 18k gold. Pair it with a delicate gold chain to make the jewellery piece as unique as you are!

  • Design: Arabic Name Necklace 14k Gold Plated Silver
  • Metal: 14K Gold Plated Silver
  • Occasion: Valentine’s Day, Birthday and Regular Wear
  • Style Tip: You can add some charms to give an exclusive look to the chain.

5. Platinum Queen Pendant:


This platinum name pendant displays an air of authority using the gold crown motif. The charismatic design has smooth engraving and fine quality polishing to make you stand out. By wearing this piece, you can reveal your unique personality and confidence to the entire world. The colours, fonts and the size of the letters are open for customization. The pendant comes with an adjustable platinum chain.

  • Design: Meghna Platinum Queen Name Locket
  • Metal: 950 Platinum
  • Occasion: Birthdays, Casual and Everyday Wear
  • Style Tip: You can pick matching crown earrings to suit the theme.

6. Urdu Double Layered Name Pendant:


Here is another unique idea to covert couple names into wearable jewellery. The double-row neckpiece features a short and a long chain with names engraved in Urdu. The shiny yellow gold adds a touch of bling to your neck, while the layered look elevates the visual appeal. You can use this design and customize the pendants to any language and font.

  • Design: Urdu Customized Name Pendant
  • Metal: Alloy
  • Occasion: Casual and Office Wear
  • Style Tip: Wear a deep neck top or dress to reveal the design.

7. Gold Plated Mangalsutra Name Locket:


Take a look at this Mangalsutra design that combines traditions with modernity. The innovative model lets you declare your love for your husband in a way others cannot fathom. The black Mangalsutra chain has an attached name pendant in a stylish cursive font. You can also add motifs like hearts, flowers or other special symbols. While the pendant and chain are brass, you can also use this idea and get it done in real gold.

  • Design: 18K Gold Plated Signature Cursive Double Chain Mangalsutra Pendant
  • Metal: Brass
  • Occasion: Work and Everyday Wear
  • Style Tip: Pair this chain with simple gold studs to look smart.

8. Mom Name Locket:


Make your mom feel special on her birthday or mother’s day by gifting this new style name pendant. The 18Kt white gold pendant features an attractive blossom design with the letters “Mom” engraved in gold. Tiny diamonds adorn this pendant and add a touch of sparkle. You can personalize this locket with your mom’s name to make it even more exclusive. Pick a gold or white gold chain with this piece, and watch the priceless expression on your mom’s face!

  • Design: Diamond Name Pendant In 18Kt White Gold
  • Metal: White Gold
  • Occasion: Mother’s Day, Birthday
  • Style Tip: Pick a pair of matching diamond studs for an added look.

9. Dad Name Locket:


If your dad is into minimal jewellery, then here is a gift idea for you to surprise him! The personalized dog tag name locket has the “Dad” engraved. The combination of the silver body with golden letters gives a charming look to the piece. While this is a generic ready-to-buy accessory, you can always customize it with the real name if you plan well in advance.

  • Design: 925 Sterling Silver Dad Name Locket For Men
  • Metal: Silver
  • Occasion: Father’s Day, Birthday
  • Style Tip: Go for a long silver chain to match the pendant.

10. ‘Lucky’ Gold Name Pendant:


Are you feeling lucky? We’ve got something that aligns with your current mood! Look at this fashionable name pendant featuring the word “Lucky”. Wearing this always is sure to add a positive aura to your personality. The 22K Yellow gold pendant is open for customization, including the font, letters and extra embellishments. Pick a matching chain of your choice to complete the look!

  • Design: 22 Carat ‘Lucky’ Gold Pendant
  • Metal: 22K Gold
  • Occasion: Casual, Everyday Wear
  • Style Tip: Pair the locket with some stones or lucky charms to add a special touch.

11. 22ct Gold Heart Embossed Name Locket:

This gold locket design is 22 ct gold, and you can display your name artistically in the middle. The locket is in the shape of a heart, where you can style your name in different shapes. As gold dazzles, similarly, your name also dazzles with it. As gold never goes out of fashion, it is safe to own a gold heart shape pendant for you and look amazing. So, let’s try to get it writes your name on a heart locket.

12. Infinity Shaped Name Locket In Silver:

As the name describes, we want our relationship to last for infinite years. This beautiful piece of jewellery can add some beauty. The locket is made of silver metal, and you could get them in different metals and styles; this locket is well adapted to be worn with casuals and even on cool hangouts.

13. Personalized Gold Name Lockets For Couples:

Many people love you to have a personal touch on their belongings, even in the ornaments they wear. If that is how you like it, this name locket design adds a personal touch. It can hold you and your partner’s name and look fantastic. You can engrave the name in any shape or locket you desire, which embraces your persona and style.

14. 14 Karat White Gold Name Lockets:

This locket is crafted in 14 karats white gold, and here you can hang your name in between as a locket, making it visible to the world. You can hang them in different types of knotted chains to enhance the beauty of the locket as well as your neckline. These types of lockets are perfect for any outfit you were making you flaunt your style and fashion.

15. 18 Karat Gold Locket With Alphabets:

Some people like their initials on the locket, or sometimes their name’s first letter. In these types of lockets, you can write the alphabet in your style and way, making it look unique and different. Here the locket is made of 18 karats of pure gold, and a precious diamond is studded at the edge of an alphabet to make it look awesome. This gold locket design with the name will never go out of fashion. The other most common one is the s name locket.

16. Diamond Locket Name Design:

The shine of the diamond is something that makes you irresistible and lends you a royal look. This locket is made of gold, and diamonds are embossed on top of the name, making it look royal and classy. The locket is perfect to wear daily and on occasion, making you look elegant and stunning. How about this personalized name locket?

17. Om And Ganeshji Name Lockets:

This type of locket displays your spiritual attitude and faith in God. In this locket, the word “OM” and Lord Ganesha is crafted beautifully, and in between, rudraksha stone is embossed, lending this locket a powerful vision. You can also engrave your name beside that if you like.

18. Rose Gold Name Lockets For Both Boys And Girls:

Rose gold is a metal that combines gold and copper and is widely used to make jewellery. As it‘s a combination of two alloys, the outcome and finish of this jewel are different and have a classy look. It’s an expensive metal and is very popular among womenfolk. The locket has a glossy finish, and you can calligraph your name per your style.

19. S Name Locket With Gold Chain:

This is a personalized gold locket with an S alphabet. The embossed flower design and attached love symbol give a unique look to the locket. It will be the best party wear for women. It can wear as a mark of love as well.

20. Locket With Family Name Embossed:

As we all want our family to stay near our hearts, this locket would work. As in the locket, you can artistically craft the name of all your family members and keep them close to your heart. In between the locket, you can have danglers studded with diamond and colour stones, increasing the locket’s beauty with many folds. This personalized locket is perfect for the person who loves their family immensely.

Lockets with names have become a fashion statement for men, women, and teenagers, who even adore these types of lockets. The locket can be worn with any outfit you wear, making your appearance more pronounced. You get different types of lockets that would suit your personality and can be the best accessory in your jewel box. Try customizing them the way you like them. So it’s time to explore the designs and grab a name locket.


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