Do you have pet birds? We all know naming our pets can indeed create personal affection, bonding, and love. So in case you are thinking to get one, these names for pet birds guide today can quickly help you out in picking the right one. We have worked around and compiled the best of lovely, cute, and sweet pet bird names just for you.

We are thrilled and super excited to share these cute and funny pet bird names with you. Let’s get started and check them out.

Naming Your Pet Bird: Tips and How to Choose the Right One?

Before we get into the exciting names for birds list, how about creating a perfect name? Well, in the several numerous lists we encounter, knowing the right and apt name for our lovely bird can be challenging. So here are few tips.

Always choose a name that you can personally bond with. And match it with kind of your pet, try and add a name that is either personal or attached to the type of bird you have. Research the origins, how the bird likes a set of names, its interaction pattern, and easily find the apt one yourself. Remember, there is nothing called a wrong name for any bird; it is always about how both of you can connect to it.

Best Pet Names for Birds List Trending Across the Globe: 2023 Edition

Let us now get started and know all about the cute and lovely, funny pet bird names list that are trending, famous and popular, as well as unique across the world all around. These include both the cool and rare top bird names you would ever find. Here we go!

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Male Bird Names:

1. Jerry:

Jerry is a cute name that is derived from the fictional cartoon character, Tom and Jerry show. The birds’ name is appealing in both the name meaning as well as symbolism.

2. Milton:

Milton is such a name of the scientist who is popularly known to study birds and different species. However, it is increasingly becoming a favorite and cute bird pet name.

3. Monster:

However, the monster may sound all wild and bold among a rare and upcoming cute baby pet name choice.

4. Stephen:

Stephan is a typical human as well as an animal pet’s name.

5. Billy:

Billy particularly does not mean anything. However, it is a widespread pet name in several regions across the globe.

6. Kiwi:

Kiwi itself is a bird name and a species in several bird types. However, it can make a beautiful name choice for bird pets.

7. Romeo:

Romeo, as we know the name, suggests a famous fictional character in ancient novels. It also symbolizes something we love or dearest to us.

8. Floyd:

Floyd has several name meanings. In certain parts of the globe, Floyd means raindrops or wetlands. In some other regions, there are birds named Floyd.

9. Reed:

Reed means rarely found. The name is found mainly around the American regions for rarely seen species.

10. Ollie:

Ollie is a short form or shortcut to Oliver. It is a pretty and beautiful pet name to try out.

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11. Picasso:

Picasso, as we know, is a famous painter’s name. However, it is increasingly growing popular to use as a pet name too. Isn’t it creative?

12. Taz:

Taz means a hood. It is simply a short and cute name to try out for our lovely pet bird.

13. Raven:

Raven means crow. It also means something which has a black body and shiny texture.

14. Puffin:

Puffins are birds that have bright beaks and almost resembles similar to parrots. They are a unique and cute name for pet birds.

15. Hawk:

Hawk is a popular bird name that has sharp eyesight and quick in mind and action.

16. Phoenix:

We have heard this name many a time in Harry Potter’s famous movies and books, and if you love the term, you can go for it. We love it!

17. Corbin:

The name originated from the Anglo-Norman word, Corb, which means something with shiny black hair.

18. Jay:

Jay means small bird. The jaybird names mean and symbolize a bird pet that is cute and small in size.

19. Finch:

Finch means to swindle. It is a cute scientific as well as meaningful name to try out for boy or male birds.

20. Chirpie:

Chirpie particularly does not mean anything specific, but it is a cute and lovely representation of a personalized pet name with symbolism. It also can be understood as always happy.

Female Bird Names:

21. Angel:

We all know the beautiful meaning of Angel. It can be a suitable nickname for birds.

22. Samantha:

Samantha generally means someone who listens well. The name is famous both for humans as well as pet birds.

23. Jessie:

Jessie means to praise or glory. The name is quite famous as a pet bird name choice in the western world.

24. Molly:

Molly means someone who is cool. The name is quite unique to name our pet birds, isn’t it! This is definitely among the unique names for birds

25. Chloe:

Chloe is visibly found famously across the globe by now, even for girls and women. However, Chloe is a sweet and cute pet name too.

26. Roxy:

Roxy means clouds or dawn. It is a short and cute female pet bird name choice too.

27. Juliet:

Just like Romeo, Juliet is a fictional name too, which is perfect to symbolize love and romance.

28. Sunny:

Sunny is a pet name in several countries, including India. The name is a good nickname choice too.

29. Sophie:

Sophie is technically a bird species name that has white feathers. It is, however, now commonly a good bird pet name choice.

30. Ivy:

Ivy means climbing or someone who grows. It can be a short and sweet pet name choice for female birds.

31. Fern:

Fern bird is a variant in the several types of birds and can be a good pet name for birds too.

32. Lark:

Lark means being merry or happy. It is a unique name choice for pets.

33. Phoebe:

If you know Friends, you already know the character, Phoebe. Increasingly, the name has got popular to name several pets. Interesting isn’t it?!

34. Ava:

Ava in Latin means bird itself. It is a unique and pretty female bird name choice.

35. Winnie:

Winnie means soft, smooth, and white one. It is a cute and famous bird pet name choice.

36. Cleo:

Cleo means glory or fame. The name also symbolizes beauty.

37. Ruby:

Ruby technically is a variant in diamond stones. However, it also symbolizes precious or something rare.

38. Peaches:

Peaches is a fancy and feminine lovely name for pet birds. There is no specific meaning to the name Peaches. This is quite a fancy and exotic bird names choices.

39. Daisy:

As we know, Daisy is a flower name. It can be an excellent beautiful name choice for pets too.

40. Lily:

Lily again is a popular flower plant name. However, it is ideal to name pet home birds female.

Unisex Bird Names:

41. Harley:

Harley is a bird name in the species itself. However, it is a perfect unisex name for your pet birds, both male and female.

42. Peri:

Peri means someone who dwells all around; it also means adventurer. The other name soundings here include Peery, perry, Peria.

43. Sugar:

Sugar is a nickname and indeed means sweet honey.

44. Snickers:

We all already know about Snickers through the chocolate name. However, it is a charming pet name for birds, right!

45. Toots:

Toots does not have any specific meaning. However, it can be a unique unisex bird name.

46. Hershey:

Hershey in America and several countries technically means chocolate. However, it is also a charming bird pet name.

47. Moo:

Moo again does not have any meaning. However, it is a short and cute pet name choice.

48. Tiger:

Tiger increasingly is getting popular as a bird pet name choice too

49. Pita:

Pita in some local languages means small bird. Henceforth it gradually became an attractive pet bird name choice.

50. Jaz:

Jaz or Jazz is a music form. However, it is a modern name choice for several pets too. It is cute and sweet.

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Pet Bird Names Ideas for Specific Birds:

If you are looking for specific pet bird names for particular birds, then we have the most popular ones covered too!

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Cockatiel Bird Names:

51. Hedwig:

If you are HP fans, most of you already know the name, Hedwig. The fictional bird name is perfect for your cockatiel too.

52. Cosmo:

The name particularly does not have any meaning; cosmo, however, resembles and symbolizes modern.

53. Melody:

The name melody itself is charming, which resembles music, singing. We love these clever names for birds.

54. Lucy:

Lucy definitely is a cute and charming female bird name. It often fits in very well for night birds.

55. Paris:

Paris is the city name, although it can look best and apt for your cockatiel too.

56. Feathers:

Feathers, in general, is given to bird which has beautiful feathers and shiny body.

57. Peck:

Peck symbolizes the mechanism a bird works around with its beak. It is the perfect choice for your cockatiel birds.

58. Bobo:

Although it doesn’t mean anything specific, Bobo is perfect for those who want a short and cute sweet name choice.

59. Widget:

Widget again is a beautiful and charming name perfect for birds.

60. Giggles:

Giggles is happiness or shy expression. It is becoming a popular pet name choice these days.

Parrot Names:

However, we even have parrot names for you, with no specific meanings, however perfect for beautiful short and unique nicknames. These names are inspired either by cartoons or fictional characters, or cute names.

61. Mango:

You know this name, by the name of the fruit, which is even perfect to resemble your pet parrot.

62. Carrie:

Carrie is a cute pet baby name without any specific meaning

63. Tiki:

Tiki means to shine or happy. It is a short and cute popular parrot pet name.

64. Miami:

Miami, as we know, the city’s name is the perfect choice for parrots too.

65. Tweety:

How about the fictional cartoon, tweety? We all love it!

66. Pepe:

Pepe is the perfect name for male parrots.

67. Zazu:

Zazu is a short and charming pretty parrot name choice.

68. Caspers:

Caspers is increasingly a popular name for parrots already. It is trending and famous globally.

69. Rio:

Rio, albeit the name of the city, is a perfect short and unique name for your parrots

70. Lola:

We love Lola name, too; it is ideal for female parrots with charming, beautiful looks.

Parakeet Names:

71. Screech:

Screech is technically a tone of sound. However, it is perfect for your Parakeet too.

72. Bubba:

Bubba is a nickname that symbolises bubbliness.

73. Fred:

Fred is already a famous name for boys and men as such. However, adding such a cute nickname for your pet can be lovely too.

74. Sunshine:

As the name suggests, Sunshine symbolizes happiness, love, and charm.

75. Peanuts:

Peanuts is a romanticised lovely pet name for birds.

76. Aloe:

Aloe does not have any specific meaning. However, it can be a small and cute pet bird name choice.

77. Sammy:

Sammy means to laugh, chirpiness. It also symbolizes a smile.

78. Elijah:

Elijah is the perfect choice for the female Parakeet, which symbolizes worship and belief.

79. Chiquita:

Chiquita is a good one for female Parakeets which means little girl or honey.

80. Drake:

Drake symbolizes masculinity, and there is no specific meaning to it.

Budgie Names:

81. Oscar:

We all know the Oscar awards are famous worldwide. How about naming your lovely pet after this name? It is unique and charming definitely!

82. Pegasus:

Pegasus is a mythical creature we have learned about in several mythological and fictional stories. However, it is a beautiful name to try for pet birds too.

83. Azul:

Azul in Spanish means color blue. This can be a short and sweet name choice too.

84. Butterscotch:

Butterscotch is a perfect and pretty female budgie name choice.

85. Darwin:

Darwin name evolved from the scientist himself. However, this name is a favorite pet bird name choice for male budgies.

86. Lavender:

Lavender, after the color shade and flower, can be a perfect choice too.

87. Velvet:

Velvet is a unique and rarely found pet bird name choice to try out too.

88. Lima:

Lima is the city capital of Peru. This also can be a short and unique nickname for your pets too.

89. Rose:

How about the famous name, Rose?! It is perfect to name the little budgie.

90. Iris:

Iris are technically purple and yellow colored plants, here also ideal and perfect for your little bird name.

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Love Bird Names:

This set of love birds names and nicknames is perfect if you have one. While there are no specific meanings for these names, you can already guess their symbolism and origin (from cartoons to fiction and stories) when you hear the famous ones out there.

91. Fortune and cookie

92. Harry and Ginny

93. Romeo and Juliet

94. Tom and Jerry

95. Olive and Popeye

96. Adam and Eve

97. Cocoa and Puff

98. Donald and Daisy

99. Ariel and Eric

100. Babe and Ruth

Funny Names for Birds:

If you are looking for something like funny names, these ten ideas can be the best. These funny bird names do not specifically mean anything; they are often derived from random calls or happy tones, or fictional characters.

101. Coco

102. Bingo

103. Hootie

104. Indie

105. Sassy

106. Pikachu

107. Willo

108. Ziggy

109. Bonita

110. Billie

We hope you have enjoyed exploring these beautiful Pet birds names. They are perfect for those looking for unique, smart, and cute tiny names for your bird pets. Which ones amongst these do you like the most, and which bird do you have as a pet? Share your thoughts, too; we love to hear back from you!


All the pet names given above have their meanings alter as per the context. We advise conducting your extensive research before understanding the several interpretations attached to the name. Further, please note that this brief is only an informatory guide on the pet birds name ideas, and the author is not responsible for any error or discrepancy.


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