Are you a fan of anime? Then you must know that since its original release in 2002, Naruto has been a part of the anime culture and has gained a large fan base for over 15 years. People display their fandom and love for the show, from buying merchandise to cosplay to wearing t-shirts. There is rise in Naruto tattoo designs has been reignited because of the streaming of Naruto on Netflix. These tattoos are aesthetically pleasing and look perfect on anyone.

But before getting a tattoo, make sure you want it since it is permanent. Therefore go through this article to check out all the Naruto tattoos we have presented and choose the one that suits you. Read on!

Top Naruto Tattoo Designs with Pictures:

We have presented you with some famous and attractive Naruto tattoo designs that soothe your love for anime.

1. Simple Naruto Tattoos:

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This Naruto tattoo looks similar to a bird whose beak is pointed outside. But when you consider Konohagakure and its origin, the symbol looks similar to a leaf. This symbol is pretty popular and represents the leaf village. People in this village wore this symbol on their headbands. So if you are a fan of the Konoha or leaf village, you can get this tattoo engraved anywhere on your body, irrespective of gender.

2. Naruto Sign Tattoo Design:

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This Naruto sign is one of the prominent symbols in the fans and characters of Naruto alike; For example, Orochimaru attacks Sasuke on the meck in the first season of Naruto, which turns the affected part into a seal that looks like this tattoo. For most of the series, Sasuke is under the influence of this seal, which includes teaming up with Orochimaru. This tattoo is suitable for anyone who knows the history behind the tattoo.

3. Naruto Tattoo Design On The Arm:

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If you want to get the best Naruto tattoo in an area on your body where you can show it off to the onlookers, this design suits you well. The central whirl of the tattoo is done in bold lines, which are surrounded by fire-like a circle in addition to petite figures. The tattoo looks the best on the arm because it allows you to show it off to your friends or fans of the Naruto series.

4. Cool Naruto Tattoos:

Image Source: Instagram

This is yet another four naruto belly tattoo that symbolizes timeless character, attributed to the spiral designs. The black outline spiral looks exceptional no matter where you want to get the design engraved. The wearer has chosen around the belly to get the tattoo etched, unlike the other tattoos. Although it looks beautiful around the abdomen, you can select the place per your personal choice.

5. Cursed Seal Of Heavennaruto Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This is the cursed seal of heaven tattoo popular among Naruto fans. The cursed seal was a mark inflicted by Orochimaru on Sasuke to convince him to join Orochimaru. Sasuke’s strength resembled this seal in the earlier levels of the game. However, not many can recognize this tattoo unless you are familiar with the show. Therefore this tattoo is suitable for anyone irrespective of gender and age.

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6. Naruto-Inspired Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

If you are a fan of the leaf village, also called Konoha, you can use this symbol to represent your love in a tattoo. This symbol is usually marked on the headbands of the leaf village, where people wear them as a sign of allegiance and pride in their town. The wearer has gotten this tattoo engraved on their elbow, covered by a pattern that looks like fire. The tattoo used bold lines, which made the tattoo stand out beautifully.

7. Small Naruto Tattoos:

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This is a Naruto tattoo design called Sasuke’s curse mark or the cursed seal of heaven. This symbol is one of the popular tattoo options selected by many people. The main antagonists of the Naturo series Orochimaru have this symbol among the most substantial cursed seals. This tattoo might look pretty simple at first glance, but make sure to choose the right tattoo artist to get the design and elements of the tattoo correctly.

8. Meaningful Small Naruto Tattoos:

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This is yet another small and easy Naruto tattoo that has origins in the Konohagakure. Every village in Naruto has a symbol dedicated to them, which is etched onto the headband of the people of the respective villages. This symbol represents the leaf village, which looks like a bird whose beak looks outside. This symbol is also considered a sign of pride and allegiance the wearer feels for their village.

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9. Naruto Arm Tattoo Design:

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Three are considered sacred across many cultures and religions worldwide, and the exact significance is represented in the three tomoe. The relationship between the different beings merging their powers is beautifully illustrated with the help of the cursed seal. This was when Sasuke was marked with this mark in the context of Naruto. Since the tattoo is pretty tiny, you can get this tattoo engraved anywhere on your body.

10. Naruto Tattoo Designs For Men:

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This is one of the best small Naruto tattoos called four symbols to seal used to seal an object or a human’s body that has an evil spirit or is considered an enemy. The placement of this tattoo plays an essential role in a tattoo of this shape and size. If you want to show off your love for the Naruto series, this tattoo can be an excellent choice. Irrespective of gender, this tattoo is suitable for anyone.

11. Naruto Hand Tattoo:

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Naruto himself is the most famous member of the Naruto series, and Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto’s ex-mate, succeeds. Unlike other tattoos that use colours, this tattoo is engraved in complete black, making it unique. Of course, the best place to get this tattoo is the shoulder, where you can show off realistic features.

12. Naruto’s Simple Tattoo:

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This tattoo naruto design is also called the four symbol seal used to seal an evil spirit or a large enemy into a target. This symbol is also called the eight trigrams sealing style, especially when a more robust seal is created if two-four symbol seals are used. The tattoo also looks like a cute little swirl surrounded by patterns that look like a fire. This tattoo is suitable for people of all genders, irrespective of age.

13. Dark Naruto Leg Tattoo:

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Sasuke from the Uchiha clan is another fan-favourite among several characters in the Naruto series. Though cheerful as a child, this character became cynical, antisocial and resentful as he witnessed the massacre of his clan. However, despite his dark traits, he is probably the most remarkable character in the Naruto series, making it one of the popular tattoo options.

14. Naruto Eyes Tattoo Design:

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Sharingan, which translates to “copy wheel eye”, is one of the well-known symbols or things about the Naruto series. It is a naturally occurring pupil technique in all members of the Uchiha clan and is unique to them. So with one glance, fans can recognize the tattoo from Naruto. So if you want to look for something special for a tattoo, this one can be the best option.

15. Naruto Forearm Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This is a tattoo design of the Naruto series character Shikamaru, who was initially portrayed as a classmate of Naruto in the Ninja Academy. But later on, both different sensei led the characters after being put into groups with their fellow mates. Shikamaru is mainly bored with the usual experiences because of his maturity level and high IQ. If you are a fan of Shikamaru, this tattoo can be an excellent option, irrespective of gender.


Naruto has recently been added to the online streaming giant Netflix, resulting in the flood of Naruto-inspired memes, further increasing searches for Naruto tattoo designs. But to make your search easier, we have curated the best tattoos inspired by Naruto. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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