Natalie Portman is one of the most innocent-looking faces of Hollywood. She is acknowledged for her talent, personality, and her ageless beauty. We get a lot of pretty faces but beauty with brains in tough and she is one of them. She carries herself through the media being humble and firm, and she never disheartens her fans. We will go through a few of her beauty secrets which will help you know what keeps her beautiful skin flawless at all times.

Natalie Portman Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

Below you look at the best Natalie Portman Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets.

She Keeps It Simple:

The actress loves to keep it simple and natural. She quoted, ‘I want to feel natural, not like I have a mask on, but also like a heightened version of my natural self”. She likes to keep her skin hydrated and thus she uses Pai skincare products regularly.

Natalie Portman Makeup:

For the events that take place during the daytime, she tries to keep as less makeup as possible. However, for night times she doesn’t give up on lipstick and her mascara. Most fair actresses love red lipsticks because it makes them look prettier and kissable, but she likes to keep it light. For perfumes, she prefers floral and Jasmine the most.

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Natalie Portman Hair Care:

We have seen a lot of bold and beautiful women but going completely bald and still looking beautiful is something which we noticed in Natalie Portman. She is one actress who loves to experiment with her hairstyles. She splurges a lot of money for getting different hairstyles done for different occasions or for photoshoots. She says that bleaching hair twice a week is harmful and must be avoided.

Natalie Portman Eye Makeup:

Natalie likes to keep her makeup simple but she loves to outline her eye. Events for the night cannot be without her Dior Mascara and she hates to pluck eyebrows too often because she feel that they don’t re-grow.

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Natalie Portman Lip Makeup:

Natalie was never too keen on red lipsticks, she had just worn Rouge Dior Rouge Blossom for the Miss Dior Cherie ad and that was something that she really liked. Other than that she usually likes to use light colors for her lips and not make it look very dressy.

Natalie Portman Skin Care:

Natalie sticks to using Pai skincare products. These products enhance youth naturally and it is not like the other anti-aging products. Natalie has sensitive skin so this suits her best, being organic and effective. The actress never forgets to cleanse and moisturize her skin before going to bed. She prefers regular skin exfoliation which is done by scrubbing and it regains fresh skin and washes away the dead ones. She also makes it a point to apply sunscreen before going out for events.

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Natalie Portman Diet Secrets:

Natalie not only loves to eat but also loves to cook. She sticks to veggies which she consumes for lunch and dinner, for breakfast she often likes toasts and eggs or oats. She takes supplements for vitamin D, vitamin B12, and calcium to keep her energized. She had gone through a drastic change after her delivery when she had to get herself ready for her role in ‘Black Swan’. She was stuck in almonds, a lot of water, and vegetables only and soon prepared herself to become a Ballerina dancer for the movie.

Fitness Secrets:

It is tough for actors to take out time for workouts from their busy schedules but yes they need it as bad as they need to work. The actress takes out 4 hours from her week and exercises 4 times to keep herself fit. Her exercises include spinning, stretching, swimming, and elliptical machines which make her stronger as a person, and her flexibility increases.


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