9 Best Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Mice at Home

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You all face small issue in house and especially if there is a mouse it can create havoc and carry many ailments to your house. These small rodents can invade in any part of the house can make your life chaotic and getting rid of them is not an easy task also. They reproduce very fast so if you don’t pay attention to them it would become very difficult to drive them out of the house. These rodents’ teeth are very sharp and poisonous and can do extensive damage to the house. You get lots of poisonous chemicals and trap in the market to catch hold of them but they are harmful to humans also. So here we bring some natural remedies through which you can easily get rid of these mice or rodents and live a peaceful life.

Different Ways to Get rid of Mice:

As these natural remedies are safe and non toxic in nature and are even harmless to children and pets, if you have them in your house and an effective way to push these rodents out of the premises.

1. Mashed Potatoes to Get Rid of Mouse:

The starchy potatoes taste very delicious and an important ingredient of meals, but mashed potatoes are very dangerous for these rodents. As the flakes of potatoes get expanded in their stomach and does not get digested and kills them making you rid of them. So sprinkle two or three tablespoon on the surface where you suspect mice to arrive and see the miracle happening. Just for safety see the children or pets do not eat those scattered one.

2. Magical Cloves to Get Rid of Mouse:

Cloves is an essential spice in Asian cuisine as it enhances the taste of food but it smell are very unappealing to mouse and force them to switch to other place , thus an easy natural way to move them out of your lovely secured house. You can place wholesome cloves and place them strategically in your house and if possible cover them with some cotton clothes. Instead of this you can pour 20-30drops of clove oil in a cotton ball and place them on place where you suspect that is mice entrance points. Change the ball in 2-3 days as the smell evaporates.

3. Place Kitty Litter to Get Rid of Mouse:

The mouse are scared of cat so if they smell cat is there in that house they would quickly run out of that house. So you can place cat litter at the entry point of the house or place you suspect that it enters and see them running away from your house. You can easily get these litters from pet’s shops or online and easily get rid of these nasty rodents.

4. Pepper Mint Oil to Get Rid of Mouse:

You would be great fan of mint fragrance but this mouse run miles as they smell them as it pretty difficult for them to withstand this great scent. If you want you can plant some mint plants in the garden area and near to entrance and can easily drive away from your home. You can also put peppermint oil in a cotton ball and place them at entry points of mouse and easily deter them away.

5. Use Human Traps to Get Rid of Mouse:

These are another method through which you can catch hold the mouse alive and throw them out of the house. These methods have being used since decades as they work out fantastically. In the market and online you get many traps in which can you insert their favourite food item and leave it and as soon the mice enters it gets entangled into it and then you can reuse it in the future also. Just ensure you should wash it before reusing and again plot a scene to catch hold of these tiny ones.

6. Sprinkle Ammonia to Get Rid of Mouse:

The strong smell of ammonia alerts the mouse and they think that this smell is of their predator’s urine and leave that place very fast. In small containers do small homes so that the gas gets released and place some ammonia and place these containers in the path from which the mouse enters. After smelling it strong smell it would never enter the house again. Just be cautious with kids and pets that they don’t lift these containers.

7. Effective Onions to Get Rid of Mouse:

Onions have deadly pungent smell which many pets cannot withstand and they run away and leave your premises. Dice the onions into two pieces and keep them on the places where you suspect the mice entry points. Change the onions in a week as the pungent smells starts eroding and watch the mouse leaving your house.

8. Mix of Cocoa Powder and Plaster of Paris to Get Rid of Mouse:

The mixtures of two work superbly and keep these hazardous mice away from your house.
Take equal quantities of plaster of Paris and cocoa powder or chocolate powder as per availability. Make small ball or set the mixture in a place from where the mouse enters. The mouse will get attracted towards chocolate powder and as soon as they eat they will leave the house in search of water and die very soon also.

9. Spary of Tabasco sauce and Detergent to Get Rid of Mouse:

This spray works fantastically and helps to get rid of mice easily.

  • Mix three teaspoon of soap detergent with one tablespoon Tabasco sauce with some water and mix it properly and pour it in the spray bottle.
  • Spray on the floor where you suspect his route and after smelling it , would feel comfortable and leave the house easily.

Apart from these natural ways you should also keep certain things in mind. Like when there is a mouse in the house keep all the food items inside at tight containers so that in night they don’t jump on them and destroy them. Always clean the leftovers food in the night and place a heavy lid on top of the garbage bin so that these rodents do not enter the house.

These natural remedies and small tips would definitely push the rodents out if the house and you can live peacefully.

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