Nature inspired baby names! Suppose you love nature, look forward every time to reconnect with the natural beauty on earth, and are a planet discovery enthusiast. In that case, these nature baby names are perfect for your newborn. These baby names that mean nature are a good and innovative, unique choice to name the little one. They also sound refreshing and beautiful and will remain timeless across decades and generations.

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Ready to get creative? Let us go ahead and explore a few of the most wonderful nature themed names for babies!

Beautiful and Cute Nature Names for Babies

These names fit nature lovers and will provide a fresh perspective without fail. We have compiled a list of meaningful nature related baby names with meaning to help you out. So, check this list of best boys and girls name ideas and see how you like them. Here we go with baby names for nature lovers!

Nature Inspired Baby Boy Names:

We love the unique baby boy male names that mean and relate to nature. They are adventurous, quirky, lovely, and all things beautiful. Fascinated to see how they are? Read along!

1. Ackley:

This is a pretty unique name for baby boys. Ackley in English means ‘oak meadow.’ It is a very rarely found baby name idea too.

2. Afon:

Afon has its name from welsh origins. In welsh, it means ‘river.’ We love the short and cute connotation of the name.

3. Ailin:

This is another very rarely found beautiful baby boy name. Ailin means little rock in Gaelic origins and language.

4. Benton:

Benton is a popular name on the English side, which means bent grass settlement. The name also inspired the cartoon character Ben 10.

5. Blazer:

This is another very famous baby boy name. It means fire. The name also symbolizes and implies a person with ambition and perseverance towards a thing.

6. Canyon:

How about this lovely Spanish-origin baby name? Canyon, if you can already guess, means a rocky hill. Grand Canyon inspires it. Interesting isn’t it!

7. Dale:

Dale means Valley. It also means a person who has depth in things. It is an adventurous baby name with English origins.

8. Denver:

Denver means a person who was born in the green valley. It is a unique yet famous baby boy name in English.

9. Eben:

Eben name has its origins in Hebrew. It means ‘stone.’

10. Fawn:

Fawn name means ‘little young deer.’ The name has a cute and lovely connotation, and it is a unique, innovative name idea.

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11. Glyn:

Glyn is a short and, again, another rare name idea. It has Welsh origins, which means a valley.

12. Hawthrone:

Are you looking for an intriguing name that has a traditional feel to it? Then, this is an excellent choice to go. The Scottish name means a person who lives by the bushes. So, Hawthorne, here, means a thorne bush.

13. Landon:

Landon is a trendy English name already, yet it is a timeless choice. It means a long hill.

14. Lynx:

Lynx has origins in both English and Greek. It means luminescence. However, the other meaning of it also is fierce.

15. Marin:

Marin is a beautiful French inspired baby name idea. It means the person who loves the ocean.

16. Oliver:

The famous baby name is already quite well known in the world. But, do you know its meaning? It means ‘nature loving’ in Latin.

17. Orion:

Orion is a lovely green baby name for boys. It means ‘rising in the sky.’ The name is a perfect choice if you are looking for a philosophical and inspirational choice for your little boy.

18. Reed:

Reed, the name itself, means nature. It has origins in English.

19. Spruce:

Spruce has English origins and means evergreen tree. The name also is considered a good charm for the little one.

20. Storm:

If you are looking for a firm and powerful name, this is a good idea to try out. The storm has its English meaning which we all know; besides, it also has a German meaning, which means a person who loves water.

21. Vale:

Vale means a person who loves and lives in the Valley. It is an English baby name idea.

22. West:

West is simply the person who lives in the west. The name is a very famous choice around Germany.

23. Wolfe:

Wolfe has origins in English, German and Irish. It means wolf. However, if you think it is negative, you’re mistaken. Wolf here means and implies a person who is loyal and committed.

24. Wren:

Wren means ‘from the farm’ in the English language.

25. Zion:

Zion is a gorgeous baby boy name idea. This male name means and stands for the promised land.

Nature Inspired Baby Girl Names:

How about beginning with gorgeous and meaningful female baby girl names that mean nature?! These are mesmerizing and equally lovely and unique. Let’s explore the most famous and best nature sounding names in this category.

26. Abilene:

The name Abilene has origins in Hebrew. It means meadow.

27. Acacia:

Are you looking for a very unique baby name idea for girls? This is lovely and innovative. Acacia means ‘guileless’ and has Greek origins.

28. Aria:

Another lovely and famous name for kids is Aria. Aria means Air in Italian. We love the short and cute lovely meaning to it.

29. Autumn:

Well, this is already a famous name. However, it is a classic choice in the western world. Autumn’s name is just taken inspiration from Autumn. So, especially if your daughter is born this season, this is an excellent nature-inspired baby girl name.

30. Blossom:

We love this poetic and exotic baby girl name. It just means to bloom.

31. Brin:

Brin is a unique name idea. It means ‘like a hill.’ Many believe that the name has origins in the Welsh language.

32. Cascade:

This is a gorgeous baby girl name that generally resembles the small fall of water.

33. Coral:

The name Coral is inspired by the coral reef, a nature’s wonder. We love the colorful and beautiful meaning of it. Especially if you love the sea and oceans, this is an apt baby name choice for female girl babies.

34. Darya:

Darya means ocean in Persian. It is an excellent poetic and meaningful name idea that is rarely found.

35. Ela:

The gorgeous short baby girl’s name means earth. The name is a simple yet elegant choice for baby girls.

36. Fleur:

Fleur name is inspired from the French language. It means flora. The name denotes the flower and floral world. It is stylish, exotic and beautiful. What do you think?

37. Gaia:

Gaia’s name just resembles and inspires from the beautiful planet. The name is inspired by the Greek language.

38. Hazel:

We love this gorgeous name. Hazel is an English name that means tree. The name also alternatively means light brown color. We love the refreshing and lovely feel associated with this name. It is indeed a timeless and classic choice to try out.

39. Irmak:

Irmak means river in Turkish origins. It is lovely and unique too.

40. Iris:

The name Iris is getting quite a lot of popularity these days. It means beauty and a calm rainbow. It is a Greek name idea.

41. Ivy:

How about the short and pretty baby girl name? Ivy means a plant name. It is an elegant and simple, beautiful creeper.

42. Jade:

Jade typically is a gemstone. The name is inspired by precious nature too.

43. Lana:

Lana means little rock in the Gaelic language and origins. It is suitable if you want a very short and simple yet rarely found baby name idea.

44. Misty:

Misty is just the name that reflects the environment covered by mist. It is artistic, creative, and exotic too.

45. Rain:

How about the name rain? Rain, or otherwise the variant Rainy is quite popular. It is nothing fancy, but absolutely beautiful.

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46. Sky:

The sky is truly a beautiful girl’s name idea. It is lovely and implies an unlimited universe with endless love and beauty.

47. Soleil:

This is a unique and innovative rare baby girl name. It means sun in the French language and origins.

48. Sparrow:

Sparrow’s name implies just the rare bird.

49. Willow:

Willow name is inspired by the ‘willow tree.’ It is a rare yet wonderful and mesmerizing name idea for girls inspired by nature.

50. Wisteria:

Finally, how about this Latin baby girl name, Wisteria? It is a flower.

Unisex Nature Inspired Baby Names:

The unisex names have their charm and beauty. The past decades have seen heavy growth in the usage of gender neutral baby names. We have nature related and inspired gender-neutral baby name ideas too. Look how they are!

51. Ash:

Ash name implies Ash tree. The English name is rarely found yet suitable for boys and girls.

52. Aspen:

The Aspen name means the Aspen tree. It is a unisex name and has British origins.

53. Genesis:

Genesis means birth or origin. It has origins in Hebrew and is a modern baby girl and boy name idea.

54. Harmony:

Harmony name here implies being in harmony with nature. Therefore, it is a meaningful gender-neutral nature baby name.

55. Jay:

Jay is a short and pretty unisex name. It means a short blue crested bird.

56. Lake:

Lake means the body of water. It is a simple yet timeless gender-neutral baby name.

57. Mars:

We all know the meaning of Mars. It is a simple yet smart and innovative baby name idea.

58. Raven:

Raven is an exotic gender-neutral baby name inspired by nature. It means a large blackbird.

59. River:

The river name is used for both baby girls and boys. We love the simplicity yet the true meaning behind the name.

60. Phoenix:

Phoenix is a mythical bird that is said to be born out of ashes. It also implies rebirth, hope, and eternal life. It is a nature’s miracle.

Twin Baby Names That are Nature Related:

If you have twin babies, be it a baby boy or girl, these twin baby names are perfect to match and rhyme. They are lovely and perfect, and all of them have a meaning that connects to nature. Check them out too!

61. Aster – Silver:

These are rhyming beautiful twin baby name ideas for girls. Aster means a star or flower. It has Greek origins. We all know the meaning of silver too!

62. Ginger – Ebony:

Ebony means a deep black wood inspired by Latin. Ginger is liveliness. It is a beautiful baby girl and also twin boy names.

63. Luna – Nova:

Nova means New. Luna means Moon. Both are beautiful twin baby girl name ideas.

64. Lily – Isla:

Lily is the lily flower. Isla means a place that seems rocky. It is both an innovative and unique twin baby girl name ideas.

65. Wren – Haven:

Haven means a seaside or harborside. Wren means small brown songbird. These are also lovely twin baby girl name ideas

66. Everest – Forest:

Both are twin baby boy name ideas. You might have guessed the meaning, Everest symbolizes the mountains and Forest, the lush green rich nature.

67. Ridge – Robin:

Robin is bright and shining nature. Ridge means a ridge in itself. They are proper twin baby boy names too.

68. Cliff – Cedar:

Cliff means a cliffside, and cedar implies a cedar tree. Both are good twin baby boy name ideas.

69. Bay – Birch:

These are boy name ideas too. For example, birch means bright, and bay means a berry.

70. North – Frost:

These are symbolically meaningful twin baby name ideas. Frost means a freezing side, and North is the direction of North!

Indian Baby Names Related to Nature:

Well, our Indian baby names to have some lovely choices that mean and imply nature and natural beauty. They all have origins in this country and are perfect if you are looking for some desi vibe and choice.

71. Aditya:

Aditya means the sun. The name is suitable for baby boys and has origins in Sanskrit.

72. Akash:

Akash name means the sky. It has origins from the same word in Hindi. The other name ideas with the same meaning are Ambar, Kapil, Ishan, Gagan, Falak (which also means sky).

73. Neelesh:

Neelesh means blue sky or also connotes the Moon.

74. Prakrit:

Prakrit name implies the nature of Sanskrit’s origins. It is a beautiful and creative name idea.

75. Shirish:

Shirish means a tree. It is a lovely baby boy name idea from nature inspiration.

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76. Ahaana:

Ahanaa means the dawn. It is a lovely baby girl name idea with Indian origins.

77. Avani:

Avani means the earth. It also symbolizes mother earth with Sanskrit origins for baby girl. We love this baby names that mean mother earth idea!

78. Haima:

Haima means snow. It is a lovely and vintage baby girl name idea.

79. Kuhu:

If you are looking for a cute baby girl name idea, this is it! Kuhu is an imitation of sound from the Cuckoo bird.

80. Sagarika:

Sagarika is the name taken from the inspiration of the ocean. So, it means a person who belongs to the ocean. It is a lovely baby girl name idea.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these beautiful and meaningful nature inspired baby names for boys and girls. They are all mesmerizing, equally meaningful, unique, and adventurous. How do you like them? Did you short-list any names from this list to give to your little one? Share your thoughts with us; we love to hear from you!


This is exclusively a guide to learn about nature inspired baby names. These are for informative purposes only. Please keep in mind that the meanings of several names vary according to different cultures, regions, and languages. The content provided in this article is from research through various sources across the web. The author does not guarantee or promise any accuracy of the facts provided in this article.


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