In today’s world stress is a common factor, even among children. This rising growth in stress is the cause for many mental and physical problems that cannot be easily healed. Yoga is one way that a person can learn to deal with stress in a more effective manner. Yoga is meant for everybody and has no age factor that limits it. The best part about yoga is that it can be practiced in the confines of your home making it a very personal process.

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It has been known to help in obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and many other issues that a person faces today. Yoga is mainly comprised of a process of semi-intricate postures followed by a gradual and continuous deep breathing for the perfect execution of any stance.

Benefits and Uses of Navasana (Boat Pose):

In today’s article we will talk about Navasana posture along with the steps and the benefits.

How To Do It?

The Navasana is also known as the Boat pose, derived from the final stance of the yoga posture where you resemble a small wooden boat floating at the river edges. As much as a small boat on a sunset sky reminds you of peace and tranquility, this chosen yoga too works to give your mind that much needed break, especially after that tiresome journey from home to office and back.

Once again, in this yoga your muscle power would be put to test through which we try to strengthen the skeletomuscular parts of your body. To get the workout started, lay down the yoga mat first. You may even opt for small handy cushions if you are a first timer to the yogic world. Sitting down on your mat, your legs should be outstretched in front of you and your hands at your side, palms down facing the direction of your leg.

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Keeping your spine rigid and straight align your neck with it. Now take a deep breath and as you let it go bend your limbs so that your knees now form an inverted V. Lean back at the slightest and start lifting your feet of the ground until you are forming a V shape yourself. You may use your hands as a back support as you now straighten out your limbs, tilting them up so that the toes are slightly above your eye sight gaze.

Now remove your hand support and bring your hands all the way to your knees. For beginners, a cushion at the back or right underneath the hips would be a good idea. You may even opt for a separate pair of hands for your help. While you form the V shape, make sure your neck and marrow are aligned but not stressed, since the stress can transform into pain, later in the day.

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How Does It Help Us?

  • Any sort of bad muscle pain can be a pain in your everyday schedule and to eliminate that at the quickest, it is better that you opt for this yoga that puts a pressure situation into your spine and lower back area thereby opening up the tension nods in your muscle, relieving you of the pain.
  • This is also a good way to acquire flexibility in your body, especially the stiff joints and girdle.
  • The press and the crunch up during the exercise definitely help you get over those bad digestion days.
  • This yoga posture is known to stimulate the thyroid gland, so if you have a problem with the over production or under secretion of thyroid hormone, you can now regulate it with this yoga.
  • This is also a solid stress buster. Whenever you get the early hints of a stressful day, just use this yoga as a cherry on the cake top.

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