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9 Best Dasara and Navratri Mehendi Designs with Pictures

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The Navratri days are festive mood in full swing, to be precise. Pujas, Garba, feasting, the fasting, music, bindis, bangles and all that dressing up in ethnic clothes! The festivities which revolve around the Navratri and Durga Puja also mark the beginning of the blasting Dussehra and Diwali. It is definitely the perfect ‘bahaana’ to have your hands and feet decorated in the amazing colour and designs of henna. Navratri Mehendi Design inspirations are one of the best. Here are 9 intricate navratri mehendi designs along with pictures for you to choose from!

Beautiful Navratri Mehendi Designs With Pictures:

Let we have to look at the top 9 pictures of navratri mehendi designs.

1. The Rajasthani Or Marwari Mehndi Style For Navratri:

Navratri Mehendi Designs

Generally, this mehandi style is opted for by the brides. It is intricate and extremely time consuming. But the end result is so mesmerizing that it seems completely worth every effort and the time consumed. The motifs of maharani and maharaja, flowers, leaves, vines, peacocks and paisleys are often represented through the art of mirror reflection. It is known as the mirror reflection due to the imprint of the same design on the other hand or foot too.

2. Bangle Style Mehandi designs For Dasara:

Going Around

The central circular design on the palm and additional designing on the wrist and the fingers is another amazing option. It looks modern and stylish as well has a hint of ethnicity to it. In short, it is a good show – off. This design has gained lots of fame in the recent times and is a hit in the market all over.

3. The Back Hand Pakistani Henna Art For Navratri:

The Pakistani Henna Art

The Pakistani Mehandi Designs or the Indo–Arabic designs are loosely spaced outlines filled intricately Floral and lined patterns filled with delicate work look stunning on the hands as well as the feet. This design is a minimalist design with lots of clear space. It is marginal yet looks really amazing at the back of the hand.

4. Circular Mehndi Designs For Navratri:

Circular Motifs

Circular henna motifs speak grace. They look really feminine as well as stylish. These have an air of elegance and are considered one of the best henna designs. This design has paisleys and circular motifs which look absolutely stunning! These motifs have been filled intricately with different patterns.

5. Different Tattoo Pattern Navratri Mehandi For Both Hands:

Different Henna Tattoos For Both Hands

The mirror reflection is an amazing work of the artist but henna designs which are entirely different look good too. For instance, in the design depicted, one hand has a mehendi design up to mid arm, while the other is only done up to the wrist. This also looks stunning and has a charm.

6. Entwined Together Mehendi Art For Navratri:

Entwined Together

Patterns entwined in a single path imprinted on the back of the hand, with minimal patterns on the finger tips look good too. These ate very attractive and suitable for all types of occasions.

7. Bold Geometrical Mehndi Pattern To Navratri Festival:

Bold Geometricity

Bold geometric mehndi patterns drawn with clear spaces and minimal filling take really less time to be drawn. Floral patterns as well as geometric shapes can be drawn.

8. For The Love of Mehandi Art:

For The Love of Henna Art

A heart drawn half on both hands and joining completes the same. This unique henna pattern looks neat and not at all stuffed. You can wear this for special parties and functions also.

9. Filling Up Chakra Mehendi Design For Celebration Of  Navratri:

Filling Up

This design has bold areas filled intricately with swirly patterns. The dots, circles and whirls looks very delicate and elegant.

Mehendi isn’t only for a bride. It is for all the amazing women out there, the young and the old alike, all who want to celebrate life. Additionally, the rich culture of India is strongly depicted by the mehendi. There are different styles and designs which you can flaunt. This time, try one of these Navratri special mehendi designs.

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