Nayanthara is the bombshell of the South Indian film industry, ever since the veteran actress made her film debut in 2003 and since then has come up with the most outstanding performances in many great Telugu and Tamil movies. She also specializes in Malayalam movies and has a few hits under her belt. Nayanthara is truly a goddess of Indian cinema and one needs to adore her for her choice of attire. Nayanthara in saree is true South Indian beauty. She flaunts her femininity and dazzles everyone with the various looks she portrays in dazzling sarees.

Who does not know the South Indian lady superstar, Nayanthara?! She is well known for her stylish looks and effortless grace. With several blockbuster hits one after the other, she is ruling the film industry in the South. While she looks totally drop dead gorgeous in all her outfits, have you ever come across her outfits in sarees? Nayanthara in saree photos is those which have mesmerized many and left them awestruck. She styles her sarees in different ways. Let us see Nayanthara saree collection and get inspired!

Glamorous Photos of Nayanthara In Saree:

There are a few mind-blowing hot pictures of Nayanthara in sarees; some are enlisted below.

1. Traditional Yellow Look:

This is Nayanthara in a yellow saree. With the traditional long border and silk cotton combination saree, she definitely is ruling this style. This is great when worn with gold jewellery. The braid she is wearing goes a long way in making her look more traditional.

2. Nayanthara in Traditional Saree:

This is Nayanthara in a traditional saree, totally in South Indian style. This best suits with good jewellery to add in the look. This is a silk saree mixed with golden zari border. Such sarees with golden borders are well known to create a traditional look.

3. Getting Up All Floral:

Who does not love Nayanthara floral saree look?! This is our absolute favourite. Floral is an all season fashion and especially great for summers. Be it bright colours, they totally can suit all and blends well with the tone of her body. Hence do not miss out on trying out this floral look.

4. Nayanthara All Decked Up:

This gorgeous picture of Nayanthara designer sarees is an absolute eye-catching one. We are awestruck by her beauty in these sarees. Make sure to take sarees with gold or silver as shown in the above picture to give a regal and elegant look.

5. Silk It Up:

Silk sarees are trendy all around the year. They are stylish and are known to suit various events as these sarees can be found in a wide range to choose from according to the occasion. This picture of Nayanthara in a blue silk saree is gorgeous.

6. The Simple Yet Elegant Look:

Give this South Indian diva a chance to look great for any social or formal event, and she will absolutely rock her looks. In this Nayanthara is wearing a saree, a traditional festive sarees the perfect addition to the festive environment giving an addition of colour to her surroundings. This one is hot still of Nayanthara in a saree from one of her movies.

7. Rainbow Look:

Even on set this great actress absolutely takes the look of a saree to a completely new level. The candy colours of the saree are an absolute thrill to look at adding to the environment around her. This is yet another great saree worn by this astounding actress. This is Nayanthara in a silk saree. Notice Nayanthara’s saree blouse design. The half sleeves are knitted in transparent cloth, with hooks on the back.

8. Glitter like Gold:

Who does not love matte gold sarees? They are always top in the list given they are show-stopper kind of sarees. These are pieces of art which are always elegant. The saree enriches her look by enhancing her look totally. This is another favourite of ours in our catalogue of Nayanathara in traditional saree photos.

9. The Designer Look:

This is among the best in the sarees Nayanthara has worn personally. We are totally drooling on her choice of this style and experimenting. This is a totally elegant look, and she is flaunting in style. The draping has been done in such a way that it totally suits this saree, and she is nailing the look. This is our favourite among Nayanthara designer sarees.

10. The Simple Look:

Extravagant sarees are not always on the list for this South Indian actress, with a variety of different types of sarees in her wardrobe Nayanthara also has a range of simple sarees that allow her to dress simply for any normal event. This saree is one of her extravagantly simple sarees.

11. Rock and Roll:

In case you are searching for the kind of sarees that best suits social events and gatherings with family or friends or even parties, you can go in for this kind of sarees with heavy border. Nayanthara has totally nailed this look by wearing it in a way that blends well with the occasion and suits her well.

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12. Orange Like A Flower:

This latest addition is an extravagant orange saree which brings in bright colour and radiance all around. She totally looks as bright and simple like a flower and effortlessly wears this beautiful saree. Take a look at the Nayanthara saree image above and check out her radiant beauty in this amazing saree and how she nails this look totally.

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13. The Spicy Look:

Who did not find this saree more than amazing?! This trendy saree is great with that blouse design too. The lace around the shoulder and no sleeves look is totally right for her and suits her completely. The red colour further is adding to the saree design. The bottom of the saree with a fine layer is what was needed to complete the look. Did you love this Nayanthara designer sarees look?

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14. The Look with Attitude:

The gold and blue saree is yet again another saree that this great actress has adorned for a screenshot. The saree really brings out the colour of her eyes making her look very sensual for the camera. The gold and blue saree truly is a great saree to wear for any occasion or even a formal event.

15. Nayanthara In Cotton Saree:

This is close to perfection! Nayanathara pulls off her classy saree look in a beautiful cotton saree matched with appropriate jewellery to go with the saree. Give this a try this summer. Mix and match is another way to give the needed attention to your saree. Contrast your saree with a blouse that is bright.

16. Nayanthara Slaying with Silk Saree:

Carefully woven and carried, this silk saree adds beauty to the queen, or should we say she adds beauty to the silk saree? Go minimal with the choice of jewellery and braid your hair to finish the traditional look. Whether your choice is Kanjeevaram or Banarasi silk, pick out ones that will define you.

17. Nayanthara In Kerala Saree:

Kerala sarees are something that indeed totally belongs to a different class with its simplicity. The look is total awe; she is looking her best in this traditional saree of Kerala. The bare minimum saree is their traditional wear for events and festivals. This totally suits well with bangles and good matte blouse. The hairstyle matches appropriately with the saree. We absolutely love this Nayanthara in Kerala saree look.

18. Nayanthara In Half Saree:

Going in the traditional style, Nayanathara’s half saree is a true definition of traditional representation. Go heavy with accessories to match the look. Half sarees yet again are a contrast representation of colours. Learn how to wear it in a sexy way from Nayan!

19. Nayanthara In Black Saree:

Black is beautiful. Match the black saree with some simple jewellery and walk like a diva. Be sure to pull yourself together with confidence and this will add beauty to your personality. A black saree with a golden border like her in the picture is sure to add brightness to your overall costume.

Whatever style or ideas you choose from the images above, make sure to walk in with some energy. Jewellery is an add on and chooses the best of the saree type. Complement your look with some mild style. That’s all you need to be the show stopper!

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