Beards play a prominent role in their looks and choices, and these neckbeard styles indeed are among the handsome and hot looks you may have come across. Whether it is a formal occasion or a casual one, or parties, these neckbeard styles undoubtedly will fit several preferences and facial features. They can go well with a classic and timeless appearance.

10 Modern and Stylish Neck Beard Designs for Men in Fashion:

Here is the list of the top 10 trending neckbeard looks that will give you a glimpse.

1. Rough Neck Beard Style:

Not everyone can pull off a handsome and hot hunky rough beard style. But if you can, why not! This celebrity-inspired neck beard style is versatile and hot – it is perfect for a myriad of occasions, from formal outings, gatherings, parties and more. Isn’t it fun?! If you have oval or rectangular face shapes and love a low-maintenance beard style yet prefer a contemporary look, this is the one you must look out for.

2. Perfect Neck Beard:

It has been given a perfect beard neck and properly arranged. This man is having a thick beard with a moustache. The man is also having up to date hairstyle with well combed and has maintained the length of his beard hairs. Earrings also match his modern look.

3. Chin Strap Neck Beard:

The neck beard of this man is like a beard that has given support to his chin. There is a stick-like hairline of beard only on the chin with a rest of clear shave area. It goes with a layer of frock hair without any gap in between. This light hairline on the chin will set a new trend among youngsters.

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4. Pencil Neck Beard:

This is pencil designed trim neck beard with a French cut moustache. The beard starts with a small size beard line nearby the ears and gets a little broad on the chin. The French cut moustache is also like a pencil shape thin which gets paired with this beard shape.

5. Professional Neck Beard:

This is a professionally cut beard neckline style. The healthy face of the man is possessing a beard on which there are colourful flowers hanging. This hanging flower on a beard is a new concept and will receive an amazing response. This neckline will stand out from the rest.

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6. Low Cut Neck Beard:

This full beard neckline has covered the whole face of a man. The man has done a trim on both sides of his hair. Beard is lowered down on the chin and it looks like the whole of the hairs have got together below the chin. A man should try thin if his face is slim.

7. Patchy Neck Beard:

This beard shaping neck is like some hairs are affixed on the face at some intervals. It seems like the beard has just started growing up and will get broad after some time. This light hairline is shining up the fair face of a man and the man will look really handsome with a light beard.

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8. Jawline Neck Beard:

This is Ram Leela style neck beard where the moustache is having face upward and a downfall beard. This huge beard is having straight hair going downside. No room left over the neck. This full wide neck beard is giving egg like shape to the man’s face.

9. Stylish Neck Beard:

It is just an amazing neck beard style which is having short hair size. The man is having very thin shape moustache and the beard on both sides of his head is also given a trimmer. There are a few more beards over the chin covering the whole neck and giving a contemporary look to the face.

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10. Hanging Beard Neckline:

This is a distinct full beard neckline which is looking like an artificial beard line affixed below the neck. The whole face is a clean shave. Long-size hairs are hanging on the neckline, which you can even comb. This fully covered neckline looks separate from other beard necks.

You will find a variety of designs in beard also when you visit any professional. They will create unique concepts in beard style. It arouses interest in keeping the beard. Those who have a hobby of keeping a beard need to spare some extra time for looking after it. Beard also demands attention.


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