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How to Use Neem Oil for Hair?

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Neem oil for hair

Neem Oil is a yellowish vegetable oil that has been derived out of the neem tree. It is grown majorly in Asian regions and is exclusively to countries like India. Widely known for its medicinal properties, neem tree contains all the benefits you need for good hair and skin. Using this on a daily basis will promote hair growth and get rid of common problem such as dandruff, lice, scabies and hair thinning. According to most experts, the best product you could use to take care of your hair and skin, you cannot miss out on Neem Oil. It should be massaged all over the scalp and kept for the night. The next morning you should use a mild herbal shampoo to wash it off. Once your hair has dried, you will notice that the lost shine has been retained. There is so much more you could benefit from neem oil. If you would like to no more, we would suggest you to read up this article that has been designed exclusively for your benefit.

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Uses of Neem Oil for Hair:

For Itchy Scalp:

If you have itchy scalp, simply take some neem oil and warm it. Wait for it to come to room temperature. Now mix some coconut oil to it. Massage this all over your scalp. Leave it all over your hair for fifteen minutes and wash your hair and scalp with a gentle shampoo. Condition with some mayonnaise to make your hair smooth and pretty. To use it on a daily basis, you should add it to your regular shampoo every time you are washing your hair. This will give you a lot of relief on your scalp and soothe your roots completely.

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For Lice:

If your child has lice in their hair, you may use the goodness of neem oil to combat this problem. Mix some coconut oil with neem oil and massage on the area. Now leave it for forty minutes. After doing so, wash your hair with a good quality shampoo. Use two to three drops of Neem Cure Oil in your shampoo. Wash the hair properly. You need to do this every day in order to derive the best results out of it. This will get rid of lice only within a couple of days. Your hair will be soft, healthy and hydrated.

Neem Oil for Dandruff:

If you have dandruff, there is no need to bang your head and think of ways in which you can bid farewell to this problem. We are going to offer you a solution that will take care of this problem easily. Yes, you have guessed it right. Neem Oil is the ultimate product you need to get dandruff. All you need to do is take some neem oil and apply it on your hair every day. This should be done one hour before you are about to shampoo. You are going to benefit immensely.

For Healthy Hair:

Are you one of those who are tired of having unhealthy and unattractive hair, then we would like to offer you an amazing solution that could use on your hair regularly to combat daily problem. Yes, it is olive oil. This product is a natural blessing. All you have to do is boil some neem leaves. Strain the water and wait for it to cool down. After it has, use this water to wash and rinse your hair. You can also add some neem oil to your shampoo for better results.

For Soft Hair:

A lot of women have often complained that their hair is too dry and unattractive. This is definitely a major problem. This is probably because the environment in which you are working is too polluted. In order to get yourself smooth and beautiful hair and to say goodbye to dry, dull and manageable hair, use neem oil. The best way to use it in this case is by simply using it while you Mehndi your hair. As you prepare your mixture with eggs and the Mehndi powder, simply add some drops of neem oil to it. Mix it thoroughly and apply all over your hair. Leave it for a couple of hours and wash off with mild shampoo.

For Longer Hair:

Women who would like to promote longer and well nourished hair, can definitely make good use of neem oil. You have to do a hot oil massage using this oil two to three times a week for best results. Remember to use good shampoo and conditioner. You will surely see great results only within a month’s time.

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For Shiny Hair:

In order to get shiny and gorgeous hair, one should definitely make use of neem oil. This product is full of Vitamin E which will give you shiny, attractive and beautiful hair. You are going to benefit immensely. All you need to do is apply some neem oil all over your hair an hour before you shampoo. Once your hair has dried, you will notice the shine.

For Dry Hair:

Dry Hair is quite a common hair problem these days. This is because of bad hair and care routine. A smart and easy way to combat this problem is by using Neem Oil. This product is full of benefits that will help you out immensely. Use this oil for your hair on a daily basis to give yourself the daily nourishment. Even though this oil might have a very strong and bitter odour which is difficult to miss out on, we would still recommend you to use it because it is really helpful.

For Overall Hair Improvement:

Neem Oil is great for overall hair improvement. You should definitely buy this product when you visit the market next time. It is packed with health benefits and has been considered as one of the best ingredients you could use for hair.