The former Miss India, Neha Dhupia is a model turned actress who is well known for her talent, her beauty, and also her very charming personality. She wears fabulous skin which many women envy and her well-toned body makes her look like a perfect model which Indians crave to see.

Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets of Neha Dhupia:

Let we have to look at the best Neha Dhupia beauty tips.

Beauty Regime:

Each one has their own way to keep themselves beautiful. Neha Dhupia lets us known about her regular skincare regimen which she follows religiously. She goes through the normal cleansing, toning, and moisturizing at a usual basis. She likes to keep it natural so she prefers applying Multani Mitti, honey, and lemon together or her face which acts as an exfoliator. She also consumes a good amount of water which she knows would make her skin stay healthy and young.


Models and actresses always have to put on makeup especially during shoots. Neha tries to wash away her makeup if and when it is not needed. She tends to reject the chemical-based makeup removers and prefers to take time and use baby oil which not only helps to clean but also nourishes her face. For outings, all she likes to use is sunscreen and lip color or balm. She confesses that she is choosy about her brands and she doesn’t shift from MAC and Bobbi Brown as they suit her well.

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Hair Care:

Neha gets an oil massage every week to keep her hair rejuvenated. The actress just ties a ponytail on her hair if she has a ‘bad hair day’. She keeps it away from the face and just lets it be because she believes the more she’d try to tackle it the more it’ll get messed up. She also gets deep conditioning treatment and hair spas by professionals to keep her hair revitalized.

Eye Makeup:

The actress loves to do a lot of eye makeup. As mentioned earlier, she doesn’t use brands other than MAC and Bobbi Brown so she uses the same for her eyes as well. She likes to use kohl liner for her outlines of the eyes and also a mascara is a must item that is present in her makeup kit.

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Lip Care:

You can never find the actress overdoing her makeup for lips. For usual outings, she prefers a lip balm and she even carries it wherever she goes. She sticks to the orange lipstick which suits her and also the lighter colors like cream and light brown which matches her beautiful smile perfectly.


People fail to realize how charming and sensuous can a well maintained ‘dusky’ skin look. Neha Dhupia is one such example to have the perfect Indian dusky skin which is believed to have been passed on to her by her mother. She even hasn’t faced much of skin issues and she believes that the more to fuss around with your hair or skin, the more you mess it up.

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Diet Secrets:

Neha avoids fatty food especially when she is out for shoots. She doesn’t even enjoy spicy food. Non-greasy and homemade food is what she likes the most. She also stays away from excess sweets and tries to maintain a healthy diet with proper food on time and avoids all sorts of junk food. She loves to consume juices of both vegetables and fruits.

Fitness Secrets:

Neha goes through workouts every day and they include cardio and weight training. She even tries to take out time for yoga twice or thrice a week to relax her mind. She eats less and works out more as she believes that what you eat is what shows on your face.


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