New Zealand is an amazingly photogenic country giving the tourists amazing views to explore. The islands have dense forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers, etc. The country blends with the traditional Maori culture along with the urban cosmopolitan cities, picturesque villages and virgin wilderness. The blissful island nation has something to offer for everyone.

Famous and Beautiful New Zealand Tourist Places:

Let we have to look at the best New Zealand Tourist Places.

1. Christchurch:

Christchurch is the second largest city in New Zealand. It is highly developed in the business aspects. The sea connects to international trade, entertainment, shopping, with the best of the recreational facilities for the tourists. Christchurch being on the urban side just does not provide with the city life but it also serves as a path to the beaches and mountains. Christchurch offers the best of New Zealand.

2.Milford Sound:

Milford Sound is one of the most visited tourist’s attractions in New Zealand. It lies towards the north and is accessible to the Fiordland National Park. This place gives amazing coastal view with its beautiful peaks and water is dark blue. The area is blessed with frequent rainfalls which enhance this South Island beauty and waterfalls flow down the cliffs beautifully.

3. Bay of Islands:

The Bay of Islands is a romantic tourist destination. The area contains 144 islands and some secluded bays and sandy beaches. You are likely to witness a great amount of marine animals like whales, dolphins and the big marlin. These are the reasons why people love to come over. They sail on yachts, big cruises and take back some really memorable memories.

4. Rotorua:

Rotorua is a well renowned tourists spot in New Zealand. It has a distinctive culture known as the Maori who had kept the tourists amazed with every visit to the city. The natives are pretty cordial and they would definitely help you out on your tour. The artistic skills reflecting on the cultural sites are undoubtedly a reason why this city is so important in New Zealand.

5. Tongariro National Park:

Tongariro was the first national park to be built in New Zealand. The park has a diverse ecosystem which includes lakes, medicinal bushes, forests, desert like plateaus and even volcanoes. You can start trekking from the Whakapapa Visitor Center and also see the Taranaki Falls which is a three hour journey from there.

6. Auckland:

Auckland is a metropolitan city which is situated in the North Island of New Zealand and has a great amount of population in the city compared to other cities in here. Tourists enjoy the urban side of New Zealand and also find scenery to be beautiful and along with exciting city life. Auckland is a place where tourists would love to drop in with their every visit to New Zealand.

7. Coromandel Peninsula:

The Coromandel Peninsula is a beach which is famous among the locals of the island and also among visitors who come here to enjoy the hot temperatures of the water, which rise up to 60 degrees Celsius. The hot springs and the sandy beaches are worth some good time of relaxation and the visitors refresh and rejuvenate themselves and enjoy some good beach sports.

8. Franz Josef Glacier:

Franz Josef Glacier is situated on the Westland National Park in the southwest and is well accessible for all tourists. Visitors are allowed to walk up to the foot of the gigantic glacier and some even take a helicopter and have the best view of glacier. This, along with the Fox Glacier in South Westland is two most attractive tourists’ spots.

9. Wellington:

The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington. It is clustered at the bottom of the North Island. The place has beautiful surroundings with the best of city life, with buildings and monuments and even arts and culture. The Te Papa museum is a must visit here with big displays the stories of the past. The nightlife is amazingly extravagant where you can stay up with the city and enjoy some good food, drinks, music and dance.

10. Canterbury:

The greatest attraction at Canterbury is Mt Cook which is the highest peak in New Zealand. On one hand the mountain stands 3,754 meter high while at the other hand there are deep submarine trenches off the coast of Kaikoura which is a great attraction due whales, dolphins and seals.  Christchurch and Timaru are neighboring cities. You are likely to find heritage and culture of the old times, well preserved here.

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11. Westland Tai Poutini National Park:

Tai Poutini Nation Park is situated in the South Island. It was established in 1960 with an area covering 1175 km². The two famous glaciers of Franz Josef and Fox are situated in the park premises. The park allows you to hunt red deer, chamois and tahr. There are also facilities to go on helicopters and hunt.

12. Marlborough:

Marlborough is famous for its vineyards. You can explore its history and also go through the wildlife. There are dolphins, seals, tiny penguins in blue, native bell bird and some other bird species throughout the region and also in the sea life sanctuary.

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13. Sky Tower:

The Sky Tower acts as an observation and telecommunications tower. The tower has been built with high-tech facilities and is about 328 meters tall which makes it the highest free-standing structure in the entire Southern Hemisphere. The Sky Tower is an iconic structure in Auckland’s skyline. The tower gives the best view from the Orbit revolving restaurant which is about 80 km away from the building.

14. Abel Tasman National Park:

Abel Tasman National Park is located in the northernmost tip of the Southern island. People enjoy going hiking here. The transportable vehicles are boats, foot or small plane, but the trip is going to be worth an experience. As you go by the mountainous terrain, blue penguins, wood pigeons, wekas and some other rare birds can be traced here.

15. Napier Art Deco:

Napier is a small city in Hawke’s Bay. It is well known for the art deco architecture. The city was completely ruined after the earthquake in 1931. There are thousands of visitors who come to Napier every February during the Art Deco Weekend. It is an important cultural event for the natives.


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