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Top 15 Pictures of Nicki Minaj Without Makeup

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Onika Tanya Maraj also known by her stage name Nicki Minaj is one of the mot popular singer of this time and one of the best looking ones as well. She is a rapper, a record producer, and a songwriter as well. She is a woman of many talents and has a rare gift of beauty unlike anything else. This woman has a dark skin tone but looks really beautiful and charming and her best equipment for impressing people is her natural beauty. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the best without makeup moments of Nick to elaborately show case her true natural beauty. Here we go!

Unseen Pictures of Nicki Minaj Without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the best Nicki Minaj Without Makeup images.

1. The Without Makeup Look:

Nicki Minaj Without Makeup

If you’re looking for Nicki Minaj without makeup pictures, then this is probably the best one out there. The picture clearly shows the totally natural face of this woman. It looks like, she can get quite the attention, even when she is wearing no makeup.

2. The Close Up Picture:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 2

This selfie picture of Nicki is quite a good one. Here, she shows off her totally natural face to her fans. This is a great way to connect your lovers on the other side. Make them feel that you’re just like them, natural.

3. The Pre-Makeup Selfie:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 3

This selfie was taken at the perfect moment. It shows the without makeup face of Nicki, just before she put on some makeup. It is a great one if you looking for pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup.

4. The Charming Look:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 4

Nicki Minaj does have a glowing face, even though she is a woman with a severe dark skin tone. She looks quite sweet in whatever she wears and that is mostly due to her natural beauty which she is gifted with unlike others.

5. Done With Mascara:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 5

This picture can probably said to be one of the best pictures out there, that can truly show Nicki’s real beauty. She has a nice face and her natural beauty speaks for itself. Her gifted allure probably needs no help from the beauty products.

6. The No Makeup Shock:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 6

There are some people out there, who will be literally shocked by the way Nicki looks, even when she wears no makeup at all. She looks quite beautiful and this can be said to be one of the best looks for a woman, who is confident enough to avoid her beauty products for a while and reveal her true beauty.

7. That Washed Down Look:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 7

Nicki literally shed down all her makeup before taking this without makeup selfie. If you’re looking for pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup, then this is probably the best ones you will come across. Here, we see her totally natural look along with her alluring eyes. Every angle of the face of this woman looks beautiful.

8. The With And Without Makeup Comparison:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 8

Here, we have two pictures of Nicki Minaj, one with makeup and one without one. Clearly, she looks dazzling in the left one. She looks a bit different in the without makeup one (right) but still it is quite beautiful for impressing people pretty easily.

9. The Old Without Makeup Picture:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 9

This is a pretty old picture of Nicki Minaj, where she is wearing no makeup. She seems to be happy with her natural beauty and this is why she flaunts it so comfortably. This is a Nicki Minaj without makeup picture and it will hopefully be suitable for you, if you have any kind of doubts regarding this woman’s natural beauty.

10. The Car Selfie:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 10

This is a pretty elaborate view of the natural awesomeness of Nicki Minaj. She looks so attractive in this picture, that anyone will easily fall in love with her. This particular picture will be suitable for those, who are looking for Nicki Minaj without makeup pictures. Here, Nicki flaunts her makeup-free face pretty comfortably and seems to be OK with her fans inspecting her actual beauty pretty often.

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11. The No Makeup Bathroom Picture:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 11

This is yet another without makeup picture of this infamous woman, which reveals the true facial beauty. She looks so simple and has a innocent touch to her face. She can said to be one of the most naturally beautiful female rappers to step foot in the music industry ever. Besides her talent, her natural allure an impress people pretty easily and one thing is for sure, that people do like seeing her on the stage and do enjoy her performances. They like her alluring face combined with her hip hop (rap) culture music. Most of that allure is dependent on her natural beauty,which was not provided to her by some kind of makeup artists. She was born with that beauty and with age that beauty just reached towards perfection.

12. The Bright Allure:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 12

Nicki’s bright face surely says how awesome-looking this woman is. She is one of the very few women out there, who can look like this without the assistance of any kind of beauty products. She is aware of her gifted beauty and this is why she flaunts it quite often to impress her lovers and followers.

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13. The Very First:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 13

Nicki is very few of those female rappers that has achieved such massive success. She just made a pathway for other female rappers. She truly is an inspiration for those who want to do something big in life. This is one of the best Nicki Minaj without makeup pictures.

14. Sun-Kissed Skin:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 14

Here, we can Nicki not being afraid of the rays of sun. Rather she enjoys the sun as she exposes her whole body to it and also her without makeup face.

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15. Women In Red:

Niciki Minaj Without Makeup 15

This picture of Nicki in a red dress is really awesome. It is one of the best without makeup pictures of Nicki Minaj, where we can have a clear sight of her natural allure along with her toned physique.

In this article, we have discussed some of the best pictures of Nicki Minaj without any makeup. If you’re in need of such pictures, then there is some brief detail or description along with the pictures, which will educate you a little about those moments as well.

If you’re eager to see how Nicki looks, when she sports no makeup, then this article is probably one of the best things for you out there.