Nicole Richie is the trendsetter. She is one of the most famous fashion designers in America. Along with that, she is a big time author and an actress as well. She is wonder woman with immense power and capability to show her natural beauty without wearing any makeup in public. She was born in California and is 36 years old now. Studied at the University of Arizona, this woman is probably one of the finest woman’s in America and has give her state and her country her brilliant taste of fashion. In this article, we will be discussing about some of those moments, when Nicole looked absolutely dazzling and stunning without wearing any makeup at all.

10 Beautiful Pictures of Nicole Richie without Makeup:

Let we have to look at the best Nicole Richie without Makeup images.

1. No Makeup? Really?

Yes! This is the expected reaction of people, when they see this picture. Nicole has a unique face and hear beauty is so appealing that it can impress people pretty easily. Her eyes are so expressive that they do the talking for her. All of her stunning features makes this picture one of the best Nicole Richie no makeup pictures of all time.

2. The Bare -Faced Beauty:

Nicole can go bare face and still capture the lime light. She is so stunning that she can easily impress anyone who looks at her. According to many magazines, she is the next big thing in the world and fashion. People admire her sense of clothing and at the same time they love her kindhearted and simple attitude, even though she is a huge name on Hollywood.

3. Shopping Bare-Faced:

Nicole is so attractive, that can she can look awesome in almost any and every way possible. This particular picture of Nicole reveals, how attractive her natural beautiful face is. She needs probably nothing else to make herself more attractive. She doesn’t need to be more attractive. She is perfect.

4. The Casual Side Of The Trendsetter:

Nicole sports casual clothing most of the time. She likes her simple side and she sports is quite suitably. This is one of the best Nicole Richie without makeup pictures, which reveal how beautiful this woman actually is.

5. With and without Mascara:

Nicole looks almost the same, whether she is sporting any makeup or not. On the right, she looks nothing less than an angle with that headband. She looks quite sweet and beautiful on the left one as well, which is a no-makeup version of her.

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6. With and without Mascara 2:

Here, we can see that Nicole Richie looks quite amazing without sporting any makeup also. No doubt, she looks divine on the right one. On the left, she just displays her sweet and innocent natural beauty.

7. With her Child:

Nicole was spotted wearing no makeup, as she was enjoying a walk with her little baby. She looks almost equally adorable as her baby. This is one of the finest Nicole Richie without makeup pictures.

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8. An Old Snap:

This is a pretty old picture of Nicole Richie, where she wears no makeup at all. She looks quite amazing in this one, as she displays her makeup-free face.

9. Doing Some Yoga:

Nicole was spotted in a Women’s yoga club, where she was looking pretty attractive without wearing any makeup on her face.

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10. Twitter Update:

This is funny picture of Nicole, where she is seen enjoying some funny poses with her friend. She looks a bit pale but still pretty attractive as well.

Want to see Nicole without makeup? The above pictures will be suitable for you. Nicole is probably one of the finest women in America and is known for her great work in the field of fashion, Hollywood, writing, etc. She has tons of work throughout her life and alongside, has maintained her naturally beautiful face.


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