Nigella also known as nigella sativa or the fennel flower is a flowering plant. Prevalent in the south and south-west corners of Asia this plant bears white or blue petaled flowers with long sleek capsule like fruits. Inside then are their seeds and this very seeds are used as a spice and widely put on to effect.

Also known as black seed because of their color, this seeds can often be used to extract oils from it and used. Although popular for many a benefits only a few are mentioned below:

Best Benefits of Nigella for Health:

Post Surgery:

You know how you meet with an accident and have to get operated and that leaves a nasty scar? Although it makes a good story it does not deserve a permanent position on the skin and thus nigella has been specifically tested for this particular problem. It is known to protect peritoneal surfaces from having to bear a nasty scar or distortion due to a surgery.


Blood cancer or leukemia is one of those serious diseases for whom a stable solidified cure is yet to be formulated. Being one of the most deadening dreadful disease it has snatched away many a innocent lives and finally a cure to at least stunt or if lucky push back this disease is found right within this plant. The seeds present in the fruits of this plant contain thymoquinone which induces apoptosis in leukemia cells.

Parkinson’s Disease:

A disease of the nerves, Parkinson’s disease is quite a disturbing disease affecting mainly the middle-age group but even for this nigella sativa has a cure. The seed which has the thymoquinone is known to protect the neurons or nerves from toxic elements.

Colon Cancer:  

after a lot of researches and studies it was finally revealed that the nigella seeds also known as the cumin seeds or the black seeds named after their color contains chemo agent 5- fluorouracil which helps stunt or prevent the colon cancer from further spreading at the same time suppressing it. The research conducted on rats showed how easily this colon cancer level was suppressed with no side effects at all.

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Thymoquinone is present in abundant in the black seeds of the nigella plant which on research of an animal asthma case was found to be much higher in quantity than the fluticasone in their body. This is how its asthma curing abilities were brought to existence. But a human test was yet to be prepared. So following this research, a study on human was conducted where these very nigella seeds were boiled in water before presenting it to the human which resulted in a much clear asthmatic airway.

Blood Pressure Control:

The nigella seeds are so useful that a daily consumption of these seeds for a straight, say two month, can make considerable changes in your LDL cholesterol and blood pressure level. This is finalized as a sure shot method since then to reduce blood pressure while allowing a path for treatment of mild hyper-tension.


MRSA is a deadly infection of bacterias who are antibiotic resistant. This very disease on a research was found to be reacting or responding to the cure treatment used by nigella seeds and thus is considered as a remedy for MRSA.

Chemical Weapon Injury:

Chemical weapon injured patients on a sudden placebo study heaved a sigh of relief when nigella seeds started working on their injuries. A boiled water extract from the nigella seeds was seen to be reducing some of the symptoms such as respiratory problems, pulmonary functional disorders, chest wheezing and many more.

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Cervical Cancer:

Again here the thymoquinone plays it s part. The cervical cancer cells on being in contact with the nigella sativa which produces a satisfactory amount of the thymoquinone were seen to retreat or die or damage themselves and thus another cure of cervical cancer was found. these causes not only the death of cancer producing cells but also the further spreading of any other cancer related cells.


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