Pajamas or pjs are basically loose fitted garments worn by people for sleeping. These are worn by men and women both. It originally was a loose fitting trouser with a drawstring waistband, especially worn in the Indian subcontinent. They used to be worn by men and women both, during day and night. Over the years trends have changed. With that Pajamas too have evolved they are now worn at night, for sleeping and relaxing. They are stylish. They come in various types. And everyone seems to prefer a different type of Pajamas.

Relaxable and Stylish Night Pajama Designs for Women and Men:

Let we have to look at the top 9 nightwear pajamas for gents and ladies.

1. Night Pajamas for Ladies:

Perhaps the most versatile garment In this entire section of Pajamas are the ones designed for ladies. They are super trendy, come in various colours and patterns, and have a varied choice if style, cut, design, fabric, etc. Some come in sets of 2 or 3 or even 4. Some are single pieces. Some have embroidery while some others are simple yet elegant. Typically night Pajamas for ladies come in one set pattern. It consists of a t-shirt or shirt with a full length loose fitted pant. Variations of the same consist of knee length pants or shorts or both with t-shirt. The options are many.

2. Cool Night Pajamas:

A lot of people are prone to perspiring beyond the average. For these people choosing the right fabric of Pajamas is essential. They sweat a lot and choosing a heavy fabric will only make things worse for them. Fabrics like silk and polyester are strictly a no for them. Such people should stick to lighter fabrics like hosiery, cotton, linen etc for their Pajamas. These fabrics, being lighter are also more durable and they have good soaking power making them a great choice for summers.

3. Night Pajamas for Women:

When it comes to choosing the right kind of Pajamas for women one must keep in mind that women in general don’t wear it during the day. Their need for a night Pajamas is strictly for sleeping. They do not lounge around the house in it. That is precisely why the designs offered for them always emphasise on cuts and design.

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4. Night Pajamas:

Like mentioned above night Pajamas are especially for sleeping purposes. They are also known as Jammies or pgs. or sleepwear. They are also referred as night suits in some places. They can be of any fabric like cotton, flannel, fleece, silk, satin etc.

5. Pajama Nightgown:

Nightgowns are another very popular garment. Most women in India prefer wearing a nightgown. It is a one piece, generally ankle length or lower, is extremely loose and super comfortable.

6. Night Pajama Sets:

Pajama sets are two or more pieces of clothing that are made for the same fabric and are worn as a pair. It can involve one t-shirt it shirt with two pants of different lengths or one shirt and pant set along with a skirt or a housecoat. It can be a set of a gown and housecoat as well.

7. Nightshirt Pajamas:

Nightshirts are also gaining popularity these days. It’s a shirt which falls below the knee or just above it. It can be called a shorter version of a gown. If men plan to gift to their wife or beloved then this one will be good choice for your loved one.

8. Pajama Night Dress:

As mentioned above, everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to night dress. There are different styles to choose from like kaftan style, or shorts style, or a night suit frock. Depending on Ones choice and preference and comfortability, the choices are plenty.

9. Nightwear Pajamas:

Nightwear Pajamas are any kind of attires which are worn at night, is loose and comfortable. All kinds of suits, sets, gowns nightshirts, Kaftans, shorts etc.all are types of nightwear.

The idea of Pajamas originated in India and was later adopted by the world. While most of us are unaware of this, it is worn by almost everyone today. Given the kind of fashion ready and stylish options that are available today one is spoilt for choices.

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