Recently married couples or couples going for honeymoon direct after their marriage have a collection of nightwear for the first wedding night. The first night for every couple is special and to be spent in an awesome way. The memory castles of being together will get started from the very first night. Such a momentous time can be made fabulous with proper nighties that make sure the beauty of the first touch becomes more mesmerizing.

Designer nighties specially made smoking sexy for the first nights help couples easily curl up into each other’s being.

Special Nighties for First Night:

Night wears are meant to bring comfort. They are tailored to fit the body and be lightweight so that you get a good night’s sleep. Here is a list of night dress for first wedding night with images, so that you both can be comfortable with each other.

1. Red Nighty for The First Night:

A red first night nighty can be perfect to bloom into on the first night after marriage. Indian brides have the traditional colour of red on their marriage; it can be made more special with a red silver stroked design on it making it look designer. A striped short inner and a designer robe look perfect.

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2. Black First Night Nighty:

This first-night dress for women is truly sexy. The black laces on the nighties bring out the beauty of women more attractive. A laced shoulder, thigh-length innerwear and a soft silky robe can be a perfect first-night nighty for a bride.

3. White Floral Net Bridal Nighty:

A bridal nighty can also be a choice of a transparent white net top with sexy lingerie seen from it. A first wedding night can be made romantic with such an elegant designer piece. The wear is designed to sit comfortably on your body and is truly light wear. The white piece will look fabulous and the short length will add to the hotness. Try this out soon?

4. Silk Nighty for First Night Wedding:

Women with an awe-inspiring choice of garments can make her choice of nighty for the first wedding night in a salient way. Long gown style nighty can be smooth on her body, making her partner feel eager to running his hands on her soft skin. This is a long length first-night nighty that is light and dim in colour.

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5. Sheer Long Nighty for First Wedding Night:

Sheer long nighties are also the best option for the first nights to be made special. The beauty of the newly wedded bride blushes more from the transparent nighties. The solitude of her with her man makes the atmosphere more romantic when dressed up sexy in the first-night nighty. This is another sexy dress for the first night.

6. Classic Bridal Nighty Dress:

A stylish designer piece of first-night nighties also grabs the attention of the lover. A classic design of silk slipcovered with a full sleeve floral net robe can be stupendous wear on the first night. There is lace on the front so you can adjust the size of your dress as per your convenience. This nightdress for the wedding night will not only make you feel comfortable but also the best wear for any night.

7. Nylon Night Gown for First Night:

A nylon plus size nightgown can be one of the choices of the first-night nighties. Women with a choice outstanding from the regular designs can opt for such a design on her first wedding night. The single stitch plus size nylon gown can high light the body from inside making the lady look sexier.

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8. Nude First Night Lingerie:

A nude gown can also be a perfect first-night nightie for the newly wedded couple. A nude design is one from which the body can be seen very clearly. A thin sheer material gown over sheer lingerie just mesmerizes the atmosphere. The dress is partly seen through and the beauty of it lies in the colour of it. The lace sits there like a piece of decoration.

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9. Wedding Women Nightwear Set:

Women on their first night need to look sexier than her regular dressings. A set of nightwear can make the nights go longer. Step by step the nightwear makes the lady look prettier. A set of bra and panty, slip, pyjamas, a gown and robe.

10. The Silk Wear:

This is the latest first wedding nightdress, that is made of silk material. The whole material is soft, which will add comfort when you wear it. The dress is short in length and has a very thin strap sleeve. It is tailored to fit perfectly and comfortably.

11. Black Baby Doll Sexy Nighty:

Another first-night nighty is in entire black. The neck cutting in the front is low and a thin, very thin strap of sleeve runs on the shoulder. The back is very low cut and the shoulder sleeve strap extends to the back as a criss-cross, with a huge opening. This one is truly hot!

12. Honeymoon Special:

Here is another full black see-through first-night nighty that you may like. This one is netted entirely and the ends of the nighty are haphazardly cut. It looks beautiful and sexy. A thin strap on the shoulder is the sleeve and is a very comfortable wear.

First-night nightwear can be made stupendous with a variety of sexy lingerie. Transparent nighties and gown can make the first night special for the couples. The laced nightie also creates a special feeling between the couples. The magnetic feeling of being together on the very beginning of a new life is for sure to be made aerodynamic with the garments worn. Most of all, they are specially made to be comfortable and lightweight.

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