Nilkamal is a very popular brand in India and it stands for durability. These awesome chairs are modern and stylish along with being comfortable. This company is specially manufacturer of home and office furniture. The range of their stuffs like stools, chairs, dining tables, cabinet, planters or storage solutions too. They provide varieties of school furniture also like benches, tables or any type of study tables or they prepare to assemble types of furniture as per customer or office needs.

Simple & Modern Nilkamal Chairs In India:

Let’s find here with mentioned different nilkamal chairs models with images for every need in office or home.

1. Regular Nilkamal Chair:

This sturdy useful chair from Nilkamal, it is very durable and stylish too. Product dimension is good too.  It comes in a variety of colors and is perfect for all ages and sizes. The armrest of the chairs makes it comfortable too. This is really satisfied choice for your regular type of chair.

2. Back Slope Nilkamal Chair:

This comfy chair from Nilkamal is perfect for resting your tired body. The back frame of the chair slopes backwards and this gives you a reclined effect. You then rest your body on the chair and sleep well too. Some old aged peoples like to relax after heavy daily hectic schedule or any office going person will get relaxation from his tired day by this chair.

3. Standard Nilkamal Chair:

Among the most famous and purchased Nilkamal chair models is their standard chairs. This durable chair will last you a lifetime. It comes in various colors and patterns and is simple yet elegant. This is useful for any function if you plan in your home like puja or any birthday celebration. You will get bulk chairs in this style of nilkamal brand.

4. Modern Nilkamal Chair:

This is a latest addition to the Nilkamal chair. This modern, stylish and sturdy chair is very chic and is perfect for those who prefer style and comfort. The thin legs of the chair make it look very sophisticated. This chair mostly you will find in college or school canteens, students or youngsters like to use these nilkamal chairs for their comfort. Good chair with selection of nice color combination for your choice.

5. Crystal Nilkamal Chair:

Here is a wonderful Nilkamal chair that is very modern and abstract. The crystal range of Nilkamal crystal chairs is a striking masterpiece. The intricate detail in which the chair is molded and cut is really stunning. This one is unique, but different stylish chair for your need.

6. Nilkamal Office Chair:

Get this sophisticated high back Nilkamal office chair with leather fabric. The soft lining of the chair makes sitting in it for long hours very comfortable. People spend more time in office like IT youngsters, they work regular 8 to 9 hours on laptop or computers. This choice of chair is good for anyone in the office. The high back gives you complete support too.

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7. Nilkamal Dining Chair:

Get your dining room to look classy and stylish with these bright colored Nilkamal chairs. The chairs are very sturdy and have a metal body with plastic seat. The nilkamal chairs fit well around any table and are perfect for the dining room. These tables are easy to handy; peoples can sit comfortable during lunch or dinner time. Suitable in heights too.

8. Nilkamal Plastic Chair:

Most of the chairs that Nilkamal produces are made in plastic. This Nilkamal plastic chair is sturdy and has a supportive arm rest. The ergonomically designed chairs will last for very long. These nilkamal chairs are useful for bulk in any ceremony or single chair for casual sitting in the house.

9. Nilkamal Garden Chair:

This Nilkamal garden chair is the best to beautify your garden. You can keep these garden chairs during all seasons as they are durable even in the rains. The chairs are wide in the seat and make a comfortable seating arrangement. Good choice for your garden seating arrangement.

10. Nilkamal Rocking Chair:

This little beauty is the best buddy your kids will have. The Nilkamal rocking chair is great for kids to play in. It also aids in putting your kids to sleep. This sturdy chair comes in bright colors.

11. Nilkamal Kids Chair:

Get this colorful Nilkamal kid’s chair in stylish pattern. The chairs are perfect for toddlers to older kids. The chairs are study and do not fall easily with kids playing around it. The Lightweight kid chair can handle by kids easily. Easy to stored properly. You can purchase them in all colors.

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12. Nilkamal Baby Chair:

Here is a cute and a strong Nilkamal baby chair in saucer shape. The cute animal print chair is attractive and comfy at the same time. The saucer shape gives your kid ample space to sit around it. Baby will enjoy his personal stuff.

13. Nilkamal Easy Chair:

The ultimate in relaxation is this Nilkamal easy chair that helps you to rest and sleep. The Nilkamal relax chair gives you the option to put your feet up or down. The arm rest is comfortable and helps you to feel at ease.

14. Nilkamal Cushion Chair:

Get more comfortable in this Nilkamal cushion chair. The chair has a strong plastic body that is durable. The seat is made with cushion so that it is soft and relaxed.

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15. Nilkamal Study Chair:

A perfect partner to your study table is this Nilkamal study chair that is built ergonomically. The back and the seat of the chair are perfect for long sitting jobs and this helps you from having a back ache. The arm rests are cushioned to give you extra comfort.

There are several types of Nilkamal chairs to choose from. Either for home use or for kids, these chairs provide style and comfort. Get one for office and you will find productive employees working for you.


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