Nina Dobrev famous for her role in the TV series Vampire Diaries is a fair beauty with thick and long brown hair. She shares her secret of how she maintains her beautiful skin despite of her long hours of shoots. On top of that, she has to play a double role which makes her hours at shoot get elongated all the more.

Nina Dobrev Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets:

Beauty Secrets:

Nina says that people get attached to beauty products too quickly so that she keeps switching over products every two weeks. She always uses normal cream, nighttime moisturizers, and sunscreens. For the body, she uses scrubs and creams as well. She has to spend long hours at shoot which includes a lot of makeup and thus tries to cleanse her face often. She doesn’t get much sleep which gets her dark circles but lately, she got a remedy, a product of Jan Marin, which cures her dark circles overnight. She also uses a Clarisonic brush once a week.

Nina Dobrev Makeup:

She had been present at the launch of GinZing moisturizer and she uses it herself. She is in love with it and she feels that either the coffee or the ginseng helps her skin to boost and wake up. She uses the bronzer compact of Tom Ford for regular makeup. She likes to keep wipes handy so that she can quickly wash off her face when she is outdoors and it also gives a soothing effect and she feels relaxed.

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Nina Dobrev Hair Care:

Nina has got thick brown hair and she loves to keep her hair healthy. Her mother had warned her to take off her hair as she knew that because of her career she would have to play with different styles regularly. She uses braid bars for her curls instead of curling irons. For washes, she prefers it thrice a week and she does it with Keratin treatment, her hair masks are of Moroccan Oil. She dreams of one day be a L’Oreal or a Pantene girl and thus she makes an extra effort to keep her hair healthy.

Nina Dobrev Eye Makeup:

Nina doesn’t enjoy excessive eye makeup. Even for events, you would hardly see her dress up her eyes much. She always carries mascara though and she wears them on, on a regular basis. She loves a lot of black and brown and when it comes to mascaras, she loves to put a brown layer over the black one to give her a different look.

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Nina Dobrev Lips:

Nina loves to keep her lips barren or just likes the light-colored ones and sometimes a little gloss. She is not one of those actresses who would like to put on some heavy lip makeup. As her character suggests she does put on a little lipstick but otherwise she likes to keep it simple.

Nina Dobrev Diet Secrets:

Nina likes to follow a healthy diet, she had once told this in Teen Vogue. She likes to drink kombucha, and smoothies and she loves to have a healthy meal of oats. Even if she is strict about her diet, she often likes to keep tasting a few of the food items she always craves for. She loves cakes and chocolates and that is something she just can’t say no to.

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Fitness Secrets:

Nina loves yoga. Despite her busy schedule, she spares time for yoga and she loves the fact that it cleans her pores and also keeps her fit and balanced. She at least tries to practice yoga three to four times a week and she even went on saying that she could be a yoga instructor because she is so much in love with it.

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