Yoga is considered to be one of the most refined versions of body fitness tackled by not only the strains of a rigid body but also of a rigid mind. The yoga, primarily mainly practiced by the sages, has now become a renowned procedure for body and mind equilibrium. It is said a healthy body quarrels with a disturbed mind and happy mind is always pulled down by the unhealthy Body. This is where yoga strives to create the perfect equilibrium between both, tending to both matters with equal priority.

Yoga is admittedly a favorite to many where you can reap the benefits just from the comfort of your own home. The best part is, you don’t need a professional trainer to help you guide the process. In today’s article we shall talk about the Niralamba sarvangasana yoga and the benefits you can procure from it. With these simple guideline mentioned below, now you can too perform the following with ease.

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How To Do Niralamba Sarvangasana and its Benefits:

The Niralamba sarvangasana is a big word which many might find difficult to pronounce all at once. Therefore, we shall refer to it by its English name, the shoulder stand pose. If you are still wondering if you have guessed it right or not, this yoga is a simple shoulder stand that for beginners may not be a piece of cake but with time and practice, this would be one of the easiest postures to opt for. During the process, make sure you don’t go over the way to achieve perfection on the very first day.

Since you will balancing your weight on your shoulder and primarily your neck, one wrong move can get you straight into the hospital emergency room. This is why at the initial stages you might want to opt for an extra pair of helping hands to assist you in the stance. To get started, lay down on your back, facing the ceiling with your legs parallel to each other outstretched in front of you. Your arms by now should be parallel to your body, outstretched beside you.

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The hardest part to the yoga comes to play now where you have to lift your body up now, hoisting yourself on your shoulders. To get this, use your elbows and palms as a support on your back as a extra pair of hand props you up. In the beginning stages, you might want to choose a favorable sport with a wall nearby to support your fall in case of misbalance. With practice soon you will be able to prop yourself up on your own. Make sure you keep your chin closest to the chest and breathe deeply during the process.

How Does It Help Us?

  • This yoga posture is a good way to tone your lower body. As you prop yourself up on your shoulder, your limbs should be straight up pointing towards the ceiling and this is where the muscles experiencing pressure now builds themselves up making way for a more strong and firm lower body.
  • This is also a good exercise for your digestion where once you go upside down, the organs in your stomach go through a slight shuffle around. People suffering from improper digestion can easily get to the root of the problem with this exercise.
  • The same goes for bowel movement irregularities which would by now disappear if you follow a proper routine with this exercise.
  • This yoga is a good ailment for the common colds and flu where the mucous in your nasal and lung cavities will flush out and clear itself so that you don’t have to suffer with stuffed chest and runny nose.

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