Enjoying winter! Have you ever used Nivea body wash? I think most of the people including men as well as women are using nivea products. Therefore, today in this write-up, we are telling you a list of top 9 nivea body wash lotions for men and women with images Which are available in all walmart shops in india that you can purchase from .

Best Nivea Body Wash Lotion Products For Men Women:

1. Nivea For Men Energy 3-In-1 Body Wash Shower Gel, 16.9 oz Bottle :

  • Particularly developed for men.
  • Cleanse devoid of thirst the skin.
  • Lathers well & rinse off simply.
  • Press onto hands or washcloth. Lather on, after that wash. Clean off.
  • This method, enclose Mint Extract, helps to revive your skin for an energized begin to your day.
  • Dermatology experienced.

2. Nivea Men Sensitive 3-In-1 Body Wash For Body, Face & Hair, 16.9 oz Bottle (Pack of 3):

  • Cleanses with no drying out the skin.
  • Eliminates dirt plus sweat.
  • Mild sufficient for responsive skin, strong sufficient to create you feel clean, invigorated plus comfortable. Remove dirt plus sweat. Soap along with dye-free.
  • Push onto hands or washcloth. Apply on, then rinse. Wash off.

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3. Nivea Bath Care Shower Gel Water Lily Oil, 250 ml :

  • Excite your senses by the feminine smell of Water Lily, whereas the silky fresh gel by pampering oil pearls foam into caring, soft foam – for the exclusive sensation of gorgeous, well-cared skin
  • Relax plus revive with each shower.
  • By Hydra IQ 24h+ wetness technology for a supple skin feeling.
  • pH Skin Balanced Skin Compatibility dermatologically accepted.

4. Nivea Men Pure Impact 3-in-1 Body Wash For Body, Face & Hair, 16.9 oz Bottle :

  • 3-in-1: for Body, Hair & Face.
  • With Nivea’s exclusive Hydra IQ.
  • This inventive, clear body wash blends an uplifting masculine scent by purifying microbeads to extremely clean leaving your skin moisturized, plus smooth even further than the shower.
  • Enjoy all day clean feeling by no greasy remains. Lather fine, clean off clean. Allows your skin plus hair feeling clean furthermore invigorated.

5. Nivea Men Active3, 3-In-1 Body Wash Shower Gel, 16.9 oz Bottle For Dry Skin :

Image Source: Nivea
  • Press onto hands otherwise washcloth.
  • Lather on, next purify and rinse off.
  • To shear, rub directly onto area to be shaved to form a wealthy, creamy lather.
  • Eradicates dirt also sweat, refreshes plus cleanses, avoid drying of skin.

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6. Nivea Cool Kick Shower Gel :

  • Allow the icy blue gel excite your senses by the cooling kick of menthol.
  • Get your skin and hair feeling revitalized, refreshed plus deeply rinse.
  • Steep a Loofah in water. Decant a coin-sized amount of Nivea Shower Gel on the loofah and job it into a wealthy lather.
  • Wash the loofah gently crosswise the body. Wash off by water.

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7. Nivea Touch Of Sparkle Moisturizing Body Wash:

  • It quietly cleanses skin, leaving you and your body feeling beautiful all day long.
  • Developed by Nivea’s breakthrough Hydra IQ Technology to offer your skin by intense long-lasting moisturization all through the day even further than the shower.
  • The enticing smell of white calla blossom lights your senses. Your skin is missing nourished long following the shower.

8. Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Aloe Vera 3-in-1 Body Wash:

  • Nivea Men Maximum Hydration Body Wash by moisturizers & aloe vera extract effectively cleanses and provide skin by strong moisture still after towel drying.
  • Intensively moisturized skin feeling even after towel ventilation.

9. Nivea Happiness Moisturizing Body Wash :

Image Source: Nivea
  • Experience the happy feeling and energizing aroma this nourishing Nivea body wash offer you and your skin.
  • This smooth cream-gel with nourishing bamboo core offers you extremely soft skin whereas cleansing very kindly.
  • Its indulging strong lathering formula is enriching by energizing orange blossom scent to wake up your senses.

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