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9 Best Nivea Lip Balms in India

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Nivea always provides you with the best of care that no other brand can satisfy to your body! Nivea is actually a worthy brand to its price. The true promise of caring the beautiful skin of a lady is fulfilled by nivea! When it comes to care for your sensitive and tender lips nivea should be your first priority. If you have bad or chapped lips then you surely need a good remedy to stop or repair it! Lips are one of the most essential part of your features and it is your responsibility to take a very good care of them.

Popular Nivea Lip Balms in India:

Below are the top 9 lip balms for this winter season that you can use to protect your lips from damage of dryness. Choose your favourite one!

1. Nivea Lip Care Soft Rose:

Nivea Lip Balms

  • This one Highlights the natural rosiness of your lips and provides fuller ness
  • It also Provides your lips with a velvety soft lip feeling that is really good to see
  • This one also cares your lips with intensive moisturisation. Best for winters.
  • It also Leaves subtle rose shine on soft and smooth lips even after wiping it off.

2. Blueberry Butter:

Nivea Lip Balm 2

  • This is a balm which is really yummy to apply. It is Deliciously flavoured and is buttery rich lip care
  • It is a new Formula with hydra IQ in it.
  • This one provides intensive care.
  • Contains lots of shea butter and almond oil.
  • It is an all new indulging formula with blueberry aroma in it.
  • It provides gives sensationally soft lips.

3. Cocoa Lip Butter:

Nivea Lip Balm 3

  • Again a combination of butter and cocoa is a good conditioned for your lips.
  • It is Deliciously flavored and buttery rich lip care
  • It has hydra IQ provides intensive formula
  • And it Contains shea butter and almond oil in it
  • It has a strong formulation of cocoa aroma gives sensationally soft lips

4. Fruity Shine Peach Lip Balm:

Nivea Lip Balm 4

  • It has a fruity peach flavour
  • It also Beautifies lips with a soft glossy colour of soft peach
  • provides long-lasting moisture for your lips due to hydra IQ
  • It also Contains fruit extracts and beautifying shimmering pigments
  • It also Leaves a touch of delicate color on soft and smooth lips.

5. Hydro Care Lip Balm:

Nivea Lip Balm 5

  • If you have extensively dry lips then you must have it in your bag.
  • This is a pure water and aloe vera concept.
  • It is good For long lasting intensive moisture.

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6. Nivea Strawberry Lip Balm:

Nivea Lip Balm 6

  • This is best lip balm with fruity strawberry flavour
  • It is a Naturally enhancing lip balm that will come with shimmering pigments and a hint of gorgeous strawberry red color.
  • It also Contains Fruit extracts and Shimmering pigments
  • It brings out with a touch of delicate color on soft and smooth lips

7. Nivea Pink Guava Lip Balm:

Nivea Lip Balm 7

  • Is guvava your favourite fruit? Then grab this balm as soon as possible.
  • This is a delicious valm that you cant stop gliding it to your lips again and again.
  • It is A pinkish tinted guava flavored lip balm

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8. Nivea Milk And Honey Lip Balm:

Nivea Lip Balm 8

  • It has Natural Honey and Milk Proteins
  • It also Seals in Moisture
  • Also it is a Long-Lasting one.

9. Nivea Water Melon Lip Balm:

Nivea Lip Balm 9

  • It is a light fragrance lip balm that will Delight your lips with fruity watermelon flavor
  • Beautifies lips with a soft glossy color
  • It has real Fruit extracts and also beautiful Shimmering pigments
  • Provides a glossy touch of delicate color on soft and smooth lips

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