Moisturizers for our skin attracts the moisture from the air or the cosmetic product itself and then locks it in our skin so that the skin layers in the presence of the moisture remains soft and supple. Hence, this is a must product for a winter day when the dry prone skin would always loose the moisture now extra owing to the lack of humidity in the air and that is when the moisturizing lotion would come to rescue.

However, a much common notion says oily skin doesn’t require a moisturizer which is when we say even the skin prone to excess oil production requires moisturizing lotion so that the sweat and the oil doesn’t deplete the skin cells while locking in the enlarged pores. In today’s article, our primary company focus is Nivea, a leading internationally acclaimed cosmetic brand that has a wide range of products for you to choose from.

Popular Nivea Moisturizers in India:

Let we have to look at the top 8 nivea moisturizers.

1. Nivea Soft Light Moisturizing Cream:

Suitable for all skin types, this soft light moisturizing cream is not harsh on the skin and yet strict on the damaged or dried up cells. Filled to the brim with jojoba oil and Vitamin E, this moisturizer from Nivea repairs and rejuvenates dull drying skin making it lively and bright. With a slight hint of soft fragrance, this will keep your skin smooth and silky soft.

2. Nivea Daily Essentials Rich Moisturizing Day Cream:

Formulated especially for the dry and sensitive skin beauties, the essentials rich moisturizing cream works on the cellular levels, filling up the dry limp cells with moisture and replenishing them so that the result shows up on the surface without making your face too greasy. Hydra IQ and Shea Butter mixes in together to give you a complete hydration package.

3. Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturizer:

Even your body needs to catch a break every now and then. While we all care about the face and the hair, the visible elements, your body suffers roughness and cell damage. This is why this moisturizing lotion for the body by Nivea restores dull cells while revitalizing and re energizing them for a long lasting 12 hour effect. Improving skin damage, the patented Hydra IQ provides optimum skin conditioning.

4. Nivea Visage Advanced Whitening Oil Control Moisturizer For Men:

Men’s skin is any day tough and stubborn as compared to women’s and that is why excess protection is strictly required. The advanced whitening oil control moisturizer from Nivea keeps the stubborn spots and unevenness off your skin while regulating sebum production to give you a healthy moisturized skin.

5. Nivea Smooth Sensation Soufflé:

Hydration and ample nourishment is the main motive of this beautiful soufflé moisturizer. Shea butter actives rejuvenate and revitalize the skin cells repairing and relaxing them as the Hydra IQ hydrates and moisturizes your skin.

6. Nivea Visage Be Beautiful Tinted Moisturizer:

This is a tinted moisturizer from the house of Nivea. A tinted moisturizer is just like your BB cream helping you hide subtle imperfections by highlighting your natural complexion with a soft nude base. The moisturizing part of this product will surely keep your skin satin smooth.

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7. Nivea Pure And Natural Body Moisturizer:

The pure and natural body lotion range from Nivea is a special concoction for the extremely drying skin that flakes and peels under tough situations. Enriched in antioxidants like Argan oil and replenishing jojoba oil extracts, this product will be smooth and savvy on your skin without further irritating it.

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8. Nivea In Shower Body Moisturizer:

The new in shower technology allows you to apply the moisturizer right after a cleanse and then rinse off after a few seconds for a fast effective result that won’t stick on to your skin and weigh it down. Mixed in with nourishing cocoa extracts this will soften and brighten your skin at the same time.

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