Always put faith in an Indian to flawlessly execute the most complicated beauty tips and tricks and yet emerge out to be as beautiful as ever. A part and parcel of India’s rich heritage includes extensive hairdos if not anything else. Now the best part of India are the different segments of culture conforming to this one space bound country. Where the south Indians are happy with their long ornamented braids and silken white and gold sari, there is yet another culture yet to be explored which basically speaks of the various the enriched northern Indians. Amongst the plethora of different clothing and cuisines, we start off the list with the most common north Indian hairstyles.

Latest and Best North Indian Hairstyles:

Let we have to look at the top 9 north indian hairstyles.

1. The Braided Roll Up:

Braids are probably the most common hairstyle fusions there ever is and making the most of this notion, the very first hairstyle here sports a beautiful braided bun but the intricate to the completion of the bun is indeed worth mentioning. Start by sectioning a chunk of your lock straight from the front and then French braid it all the way to the middle of your hair. Now individually roll each piece of hair and pin them at the back.

2. The Back Bump:

This is yet another common hairdo form hailing from the north where the bun at the end is often lead by a small bump up in the middle section of the hair. Prior to the tying of the hair leave some locks from the front free falling and commence with the bump eventually following the low bun.

3. The Wedding Night Look:

Weddings for an Indian is always as extravagant as it gets and from the very thought of that here is a power packed hairstyle filled with twists and turns eventually becoming one of those head turning hairdos. Start with twist braid and then form the bun with a twist base. Jewels and adornment pieces always adds value to these sort of hairstyles so don’t hesitate to put one.

4. The Slight Summer Look:

Extensive buns and roll ups may not be your everyday cup of tea and therefore here is a much ground headed version of a hairstyle that might help you beat the summer in style. Starting with a small front lock braid, the hair towards the end is quite loosely fitted into a normal braid. Often a fashionable tie or a ribbon can add color to the look.

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5. The Subtle Prom Look:

The front locks are freely falling, followed by a small bump on the middle and eventually a smaller tie up at the back of the head. The rest of the hair is kept soft and bouncy with subtle princess curls and as always a beautiful ornament preferably a fairy dust flower on the side adds a look of zeal to the hairdo.

6. The Bun Braid:

Even though cultures have two different hemispheres, there is always something common between the southern and the northern estates and here is something that the north Indians have picked up from the extravagant south. The hair is sectioned and while one formed a bun the rest was made into a braid. Additional accessories have been heavily used.

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7. The Front Bump:

Whenever in doubt, always resort to the simple front bump that would take care of your hair in the simplest form ever. Usually the rest of the hair is kept free falling to add volume to the look.

8. The Low Braid Bun:

Once again the braids start from the front, preferable one side but this time the braid goes all the way to the end. Now simply roll the hair into a low bun and secure it with a pin at the end.

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9. Ornaments All The Way:

The most easiest of the hairstyles requires you to keep them tresses freely falling and happy but to add an ethnic look to it, you can always pair up a free head of hair with a simple ornament, preferably a fancy item.

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