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Nose Bleeding Symptoms

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Due to some interior injury one might experience a ruptured blood vessel or tissue in the internals of your nose which leads to loss of blood through the nose. This in common term is known as nose bleeds. There are two separate sets of nose bleed sources. When the bleeding is from the very back of your nose, internal of course, it is known as posterior bleeding while if the source is just inside the nose towards the outing, it is termed as anterior.

Nose Bleeding Symptoms

Anterior nose bleed is caused by a deviated septum since the nose bleed source lies just between the two septum or nose channels, also known as the littles’ area. Posterior nose bleeding is related to ruptured arteries that supply blood vessel to the nasal cavity. The later is more serious in form as this comes with heavy bleeding and pain.

The usual causes of a nose bleed can be blamed on some game injury such as a soccer game ball to the face injury, or a minor punch nose bleed, blowing ones nose too hard, cold flu and even line drugs where you snort it with your nose may cause bleeding. This however is limited to the anterior part. The posterior nose bleed often maybe the cause of extreme stress, hypertension or blood pressure rise, exposure to harmful chemical fumes and even as serious as a tumor in the nasal cavity.

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Some of the Common Symptoms of Nose Bleeding are:

During the Sleep:

Nose bleed is also possible during sleep. At such occasions one might feel liquid trickling down the throat, if he or she is lying down on their back. This later can be assured by a steady flow of blood from your nose. At such time it is advised to sit up straight and wait till the bleeding is over.

Time Frame:

Nose bleed can be either from one side of the nose or both which may last somewhere from seconds to minutes. If the bleeding passes the 15 minute time frame, use an ice gel pack by holding it close to the nose and elevating your head upwards. If the bleeding continues for 30 minutes rush to the nearest medical attention centre.  Do not let the nose bleed prolong any longer than that.

Allergic Reaction:

At times it may be the allergic reaction to something that causes your nose to bleed.

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If you are fresh out of a nasal surgery, your nasal cavity and septum is still weak and recovering so during this time one might experience some nose bleeding. Keep an ice pack handy as this is nothing to be fret. However if this symptom lasts longer contact your surgical doctor.

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Dry Period:

Sometimes your nose may feel dry internally. This may be due to exposure to some hot humidity or chemical fumes. This dryness if not taken care right away may lead to nose bleed.

Over Use of Nasal Spray:

At times over use of nasal spray to clear congestion or blocked septum might be the reason why you have frequent nose bleeds. Restrict the use of certain nasal sprays which are too strong.

Substance Abuse:

Snorting drugs are usually taken by the nose. While doing so one might feel a slight irritation or tingling feeling. Take care of it immediately and in the future reduce the use of nasal cavity to do drugs. As this slight feeling will grow into a nose bleeding spree.

Check your Medical Cabinet:

Nose bleed might also accompany higher blood pressure and elevated heart rate. This will be a common scenario if one suffers from anxiety attack or a high BP. Hypertension is yet another on the list. If this is a persistent problem check your medical cabinets for anticoagulants which might be the reason for your add-ons and nose bleed. Medicines such as aspirin or warfarin should be chucked out unless medically prescribed.


Right before the nose bleed at times you may feel a funny feeling, dryness or a stinging sensation. This will surely lead to nose bleed so brace yourselves and keep an ice pack handy.