November birthdays, linked with two gems, citrine, and topaz. Citrine is known for its healing properties; its warm color is said to be an offering from the lord sun. The two November birthstones are known for its soothing energies, and they bring wealth and good health to those who wear them. These are two stones which are economical and abundantly available. Topaz is said to cure ill tempers, terminate nightmares, and overall, it spreads serenity. Citrine color ranges from light yellow to brown. The pale yellow color of citrine often resembles the topaz; both, usually mistaken for each other. Citrine, also called ‘healing quartz,’ liberates negative feelings. These are unique gems to gift someone on their birthdays. These are best when it comes to jewelry.

Latest and Attractive November Birthstones Jewelry for Young Ladies:

Here are the india’s best Deigns of Birthstones jewelry for born in November 2018.

1. Yellow Rounded November Birthstone:

Round Citrine is appropriate for making rings and earrings; its vibrant yellow color is apt for making jewelry. Wearing jewelry made of the birthstone creates a significant impact in your life.

2. Blue Oval November Birthstone:

Oval shaped topaz with its great blue color, are available in various calibrated sizes. Customized topaz rings available for any occasion are available in the market.

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3. November Birthstone Rings:

Topaz, it’s a widely admired stone for birthstone jewelry and is the centerpiece for rings. These are the right pieces to gift somebody on their special occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary, etc. Its aquatic blue color is deeply appreciated, and topaz birthstone beautifully handcrafted in a silver ring is the perfect November birthstone jewelry.

4. November Birthstone Necklace:

Sunny and bright citrine, the birthstone for November is the perfect stone to make jewelry. The yellow-gold gemstone is said to be comforting and life-giving, and an ideal anniversary gift as well as apt as November birthstone jewellery.

5. November Birthstone Earrings:

Beautiful sterling silver studs made of topaz as well as citrine; these are perfect for anyone born in November. These are ideal as gifts for your loved ones born in November. Diamond, Sterling silver, pearls make great combinations with these gemstones.

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6. November Birthstone Bracelets:

Bracelets are beautiful accessories when made with the topaz birthstone; it looks even nice. These are perfect gifts for your mother on mother’s day if your mom is a November-born.

7. November Birthstone Anklets:

Add elegant fashion to your life by adorning your ankles with ankles made with blue topaz gemstone. These are a beautiful piece of jewelry to gift your special friend, mother, sister.

8. November Birthstone Nose Stud:

November birthstones are perfect as nose jewelry. Blue topaz and sterling steel is the best combo you can have for your nose ring.

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9. Citrine Birthstone Heart Pendant:

November birthstones, a symbol of happiness and vitality, are perfect for gifting your loved ones on special occasions. This heart pendant is available in different shades of yellow.

There are many legends and myths about the healing power of gemstones. Topaz and citrine, birthstones for November, both known for its soothing powers are abundant in nature. Topaz symbolizes love and affection, and it gives wealth and makes the wearer an intellect. In ancient times, topaz, when made into a powdered form and it’s mixed with wine, when drank, is believed to have offered a good night’s sleep. The stone also helps in balancing moods of an individual. It’s thought that if you have a problem which is daunting you and if you dream of topaz, the problem gets solved. Citrine is often confused with orange-yellow topaz. November birthstone colors mainly include yellow shade and blue.


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