Obesity is a recurring problem that occurs in mostly 30 out of 40 people today. Obesity is the root cause of mostly all the heart attacks, deaths, diabetes, liver problems happening today and this disease is fueled by an irregular diet which is in turn fueled by a fast lifestyle. Life with all its stresses has become so demanding that people cannot find the time to sit down and have a proper meal, because of this people have started to consume fatty fast foods which not only affect their diet but also their heart.

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Stress is also a main cause of obesity. Stress is actually a root problem in today’s youth. The youth is burdened with so many expectations that sometimes stress can have a negative effect on their body. Stress can cause a person to gain radical amounts of weight which can later on add to their obesity.

Fat in any extra form is bad for you as excess fat can put a lot of tension on your heart and mostly all the other organs in your body so to stay safe try and take out a little time for yourself. Time to exercise and eat right so that you stay healthy and fit.

Symptoms And Causes Of Obesity:

Here is a guide for you about what are the main causes and symptoms of obesity which will help you to know what is your level of cholesterol.

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Obesity Causes:

There are a few reasons or causes of obesity that are well known. The points listed below will help remind you of the things that will make you unhealthy:-

1. Fast Foods:

Fast foods are rich in starch and carbohydrates that if consumed in large quantities may disrupt your body to a great extent. Fatty foods or fast foods are rich in fat too which is the base of any obese person’s problems. Fast foods have been deemed by nutritionists to be modern day death in a plate. Fast food may seem to be a good choice when you are running from one job to another and it may be tasty to eat but you need to understand in the long run you will be the one suffering with a great deal of problems.

2. Stress:

Stress is another problem when it comes to obesity. It today’s world a stress free person is truly a happy and free person. Stress can cause you to have several problems which may include heart attacks high blood pressure and high sugar and along with these problems stress can contribute in making you obese. Stress leads to depression and depression will make you divert from a healthy lifestyle causing you no doubt to get obese in the long run.

3. Genetic Problems:

Obesity may also be genetic. If it is in the blood then you are extremely likely to be obese at some point in your life. If you see that either one or both of your parents are more towards the heavyset side then it is possible you may be too. The good news is you can reverse this easily with the right eating and exercise.

4. Extreme Calories:

People suffering from obesity or weight issues often blame the calories they intake. Calories are good for you, but only if you do enough physical activities which will assist you in shedding them. Obesity shouldn’t be ignored at all as it is one of the prime issues these days. A person will be spending a hard and harmful time with his weight issues if he (or she) doesn’t take proper measures to reduce his weight. Intake of excess calories can be said to be one of the main causes of obesity.

5. Less Physical Activities:

It will be good for you to break a sweat a quite more often. According to many research studies, it has been seen that people who are not doing any kind of physical are more addicted to the symptoms of obesity. This can have a lot of bad outcomes. Exercise is good for you and even doctors recommend it. If you’re deprived from almost all kinds of physical stress then it is pretty obvious that you will develop many other physical problems as well. People suffering from overweight issues are often recommended to visit the gymnasiums,

6. Other Health Conditions:

A person will be facing some serious health problems if he or she is suffering from some serious health problems. There are many medical conditions when a person will gain serious amount of weight and that individual won’t be able to get rid of that unnecessary weight easily. This is one of the prime causes of obesity. There may be some hormonal issues which can be blamed when it comes to sudden weight gain. Genetics might also be responsible for such weight gain.

7. Smoking:

Yes! Smoking can cause obesity. Rather, it cane be said that it is one of the most probable obesity causes. A person will be facing some weight gain problems if that individual is a chain smoker or addicted to smoking. Smoking can be said to be one of the prime reasons behind an accidental or sudden weight gain. One of the prime reasons why people cannot quit smoking is because food always tastes better after smoking. A person won’t be able to burn the required amount of calories of he or she is addicted to good amounts of calories.

8. Medication:

It has been seen that in a number of cases persons taking excessive medication has turned out to be one of the prime reasons behind the weight gain issue. An individual will be facing some serious weight problems if he or she takes medicines for anything and everything. There is another bad side to excessive medication as well. It can make one extremely sick from the core, that is it can rupture your immunity system as well.

9. Pregnancy:

Obesity often happens due to pregnancy. A woman who has just become a mother will face some weight issues. Obesity will be pretty natural for her and she won’t be able to recover from the symptoms of obesity pretty easily. According to a survey it was seen that women facing obesity problems were mostly pregnant when the symptoms started to show up.

10. Lack Of Sleep:

Weight problems are common in persons suffering from insomnia. Lack of sleep can this be said to be one of the prime obesity causes. If you have sleep issues, then it is recommended that you take some proper measures or you will be facing some serious obesity symptoms.

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Obesity Symptoms:

There are a few sign and symptoms of obesity which will give you an insight as to how unhealthy your body actually is and to what extent you need to go to help yourself stay healthy. These symptoms are:-

1. Lethargy:

Blood pressure and blood sugar both cause extreme lethargy in the patient suffering with these problems. This lethargic feeling is caused by the irregularity of blood distribution in your body. Along with irregularity obesity also cause lethargic behavior. Extreme lethargy caused by the malfunctioning may cause or lead to heart attacks which may prove fatal for the patient.

2. Nausea:

Nausea is another symptom of obesity. Obesity is the root cause of high blood pressure which also  causes an imbalance in your body which in turn causes you to feel sick due to the pressure of your blood.. Nausea is not a very easy problem to get rid off and requires specialized doctor’s advice. Nausea will make you feel sick after any meal that you eat as it shows that your body is now not accepting all types of food.

3. Heart Pain:

Heart pain is mild and last for over an hour but be careful as it can easily be mistaken as gas. Heart pain occurs in some patients who have an obesity problem. The heart is a constant flow which supplies your body with the blood that helps you to function making it the most important organ in your body beside your brain and when there is an excess strain on this organ then it will start to malfunction. This malfunction is the cause of something as fatal as heart attacks but with healthier obese patients it may cause a mild heart pain.

4. Diabetes:

Diabetes may also cause obesity in certain patients. Both these problems actually work hand in hand. If you have diabetes you will have obesity and vice versa. Diabetes is actually an advanced level of obesity and therefore is not different from the next. Diabetes raises the sugar levels in the blood and in turn causes you to face this problem simultaneously that is why when you have diabetes a skilled doctor will always check your blood sugar to determine how advanced the illness actually is.

Other than this there are other well known factors that may be the symptoms of obesity coinciding the ones given above. The ones already mentioned are the key symptoms the rest of the symptoms range from sudden mood swings, extreme gastric problems and so on. All these problems lead to obesity which is the doorway for the body for any kind of illness or disease. Keeping your body healthy with a range of exercise and healthy food can help you avoid such a calamity therefore it is important you worship your body today because neglect can lead to your demise tomorrow.

5. Depression:

Depression is one of those symptoms by which a person will be able to detect whether he is suffering form this diseases or not. A person who has been infected with obesity will be experiencing depression quite often. That individual will remain depressed almost throughout the day. This is one of the most possible symptoms of obesity and this happens to almost all men and women.

6. High Cholesterol:

If you have some cholesterol problems, then obesity might be the culprit. A lot of people who face the symptoms of high cholesterol can blame obesity for it. High cholesterol can be said to be one of the main obesity symptoms.

7. High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is one of the commonly sighted symptoms of obesity. A person will be facing some obesity symptoms such as high blood pressure, if he doesn’t keep his blood sugar level under watch. High blood pressure has many other bad signs which can turn out to be extremely bad for you. Having a body weight which is not normal along with diabetes will be a bad combination for anyone and can make one extremely sick. It can give excess and unnecessary stress over the nervous system as well.

8. Joint Issues:

People suffering from joint problems might blame obesity. Joint problems are become really common these days and one of the reasons behind them is obesity. Joint pains can be said to be one of the main problems of obesity.

9. Stroke:

A person will be facing some stroke problems if he or she is suffering from obesity for a long time. Obesity can weaken the body and can be the reasons behind fatigue as well. Stroke can also happen due to obesity. Obesity generally happens to persons who are ignorant of their body weight. Body weight should be n point and people who are ignorant of this fact might be inviting diseases such as stroke and other similar physical conditions.

10. Gallbladder Problems:

If you’re overweight then facing some liver problems are pretty obvious. Liver issues are pretty common when your weight is more than the required limit. Gallbladder problems may be pretty obvious during obesity. Along with high cholesterol and diabetes problems (already discussed) other symptoms may also arise. Reflux diseases is also another symptom of obesity.

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