Hairstyles can speak a lot about you and can break or make any look. It is essential to style oneself to match their right face shape. Here is why we are sharing the latest oblong face hairstyles for men – given that the face shape often attracts a lot of confusion as well as attention among the masses.

If you have a forehead, jaw, cheeks in equal length, then you have oblong face shape! Men with this face shape can have a long forehead or chin quite often. So it is essential to keep in mind the right styling tips to make sure that the face is not made to look further long. With these oblong face shape hairstyles for male across age groups, you can make it possible!

Hairstyles for Oblong Face Shape for Men, Guys– 2022:

With these haircuts for those with oblong face shape male, now you can transform into the perfect style statement to fit in your appearance and facial structures most aptly. Here is how!

1. Zayn Malik’s Messy Hair:

This Zayn Malik’s messy haircut is all about hotness and contemporary trends. For men who have oblong face shape, it is preferable to go with the cuts and hairstyles which can hide in the broad shape of facial features. With the bit longer length of hair in the picture and messy look, the broad forehead can be easily covered. If you are up to this and love to look all stylish and sassy, what best than work on this look? These mens oblong face hairstyles are especially suited for those in the younger age group and the informal events or occasions.

2. Chris Hemsworth’s Signature Style:

Popularly known as the God of Thunder, we love how Chris Hemsworth quite often sports this signature hairstyle of his. With the long top messy part haircut and short sides, we absolutely love how he always looks youthful and stylish. The messy long top covers up the oblong face shape and matches with the rugged beard. For men who love youthful and contemporary looks, for both formal and informal occasions and versatile trends, this is a quick look.

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3. Ben Affleck’s Short Length Curls Haircut:

Among several celebrities we have come across, Ben Affleck is known to maintain almost a regular haircut, with a little bit of variations across years. His short hair curls look quite popular and are versatile too. With very trimmed short hair length and simple look, the style is simple and yet very classy. This oblong head hairstyles for male is combined with this casual beard look. For those men who do not want to get experimental and prefer the versatile look, this can be quite ideal.

4. Adam Levine’s Quiff and Low Fade Haircut:

The popular celebrity, Adam Levine, is known for his several of haircut styles and trends. This quiff with low fade haircut has stood out in his many makeovers, and we absolutely love the way it appears bold as well as stylish to the contemporary and modern contextual fashion world. The look can give handsome appearance effortlessly and is best for new-age men and guys who prefer such a unique, trendy style statement. Prefer these looks for casual and informal appearances.

5. Thin Hair Makeover Idea for Oblong Face Shape:

Guys! If you have thin hair texture or a receding hairline, and wondering how to match on with your oblong face shape, worry not! We understand the dual concern here – both having a broad or large forehead along with less hairline. This trimmed shorthair length haircut can be ideal, with an undertone of classic, as well as easy maintenance, looks. Match the style with anchor or goatee beard, and we bet the entire look will be stylish without signs of less or thin hair showing up.

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6. Short Wavy Haircut for Oblong Face:

The wavy haircut is always a classy trend, and we love how this looks for those who have long or oblong face shape. If you prefer short hair, this neat wavy trimmed cut can be excellent and apt for several occasions to come, be it formal occasions or semiformal events. This oblong face haircut for men gives a smart and refreshing look and is ideal for men who are in the 40s and the 50s age group.

7. Short Pompadour:

With short hair, side parting, and light pompadour, those with the oblong face can stand out. While we know how timeless and vintage is the pompadour hair trend, mix it well with the classic beard and you will love the outcome. This oblong face shape mens hairstyle is especially ideal for men in the younger age group and who are new-age professionals for the best millennial trendy style statement.

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8. Godfrey Gao’s Long Fringe:

The Asian model, Godfrey Gao, is popular with his hottest looks, and this messy long side fringe is something we can’t stop gushing about. With contemporary hues and bright looks, we love how he carries the style with oblong and broad face shape. Add on the style for those who like casual and stylish looks, and who loves to appear bold enough to match the fashion world today!

9. Eminem’s short golden Buzz Cut:

You may have come across blonde hair. But did you ever see golden hair? Eminem, known for his bold fashion sense, has tried out this short buzz cut with golden hair and we absolutely are in awe with this ultra-modern haircut. Although simple look, and bright vibes around, this look can be well for those who have long or oblong faces but are thin or athletic in the physique. It can fit in well for those guys who love to be forefront in the fashion game!

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10. Jon Hamm’s Hairstyle:

Although a dense beard is not really recommended for men with a long face as it may broaden the face structure further, we love how Jon Hamm has carried the look in such an elegant and plush manner. For men who are in older age groups, this style can look youthful and stylish in the most effortless way.

We hope you like these top trending picks of oblong face hairstyles and haircuts for men. Depending on your age group, preference, profession, and look, you can prefer the style you like the most. They are easy to maintain, super comfortable and can aid you in appearing sleek and edgy quickly. Let us know your thoughts, too; we love to hear from you!

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