October Birthstones are the most distinct and dazzling gemstone which emits colorful colors when the light strikes the stone which leads in emitting iridescence hue which has gained its attention among men and women, which has indeed made them to giving some marvelous jewelry design as well as clothing accessories.

Talking about birthstone of October they are the Opal and Tourmaline Gemstones, which is been classified into various types according to the color or non-color emitting property.

Latest & Stylish October Birthstones Jewelry Designs for Born in October People:

Here are the best birthstones for October.

1. Opal Studded Silver Unisex Ring:

The most common opal color is the sky blue to the dark blue colored stone which is studded as a center jewel piece to a thick silver ring. The width of the ring is around 3mm and weighs more than usual female ring types, which helps in classifying this ring type as a unisex ring.

2. Tourmaline Pendant Chain:

This multi-colored Tourmaline is one of the types of Tourmaline gemstone, which radiates out various color like a rainbow which makes it very attractive and also gives a subtle finish. The size of the pendant can be carved into a different shape which hangs with a chain as a pendant with silver or gold lining.

3. Blue Peruvian Opal Hanging Earrings:

Opal hanging ring is one of the best-suited design outfits with a plain dress or a top with a jean combination. This earring is made from blue Peruvian opal ring which falls under Common opal category which does not emit play of color. This stone helps in creating peace.

4. Multi-Colored Opal Bracelet:

Opal has its unique feature of radiating colors when it is exposed to light they can be of red, Black opal or white opal which has a white background with a play of color design. This bracelet brings out the pure feminine quality of women when along with a simple dress.

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5. Black Tourmaline Stretch Bracelet:

Black tourmaline is a very simple bracelet design, which is made up of black color round tourmaline gemstone into an elastic band. The size of the stone can vary from smaller to a bigger size and can be arranged in a descending to ascending pattern.

6. Rose Gold-White Opal Ribbon Pendant:

Ribbon shaped design is very much popular among ladies, which has gained its attention even in gemstone business. The ribbon-shaped design is made from pure rose gold with the hangings of the ribbon is attached with a circular white opal stone which emits out different colors in a white background.

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7. Watermelon Tourmaline Cufflinks:

One of the main business outfit accessories for men and women is cufflinks. Men wear it more often since they like trying different stone and designed cufflinks, this colorful watermelon square shaped single stone cufflinks is very much a must on wear list in the men’s wardrobe.

8. Rubellite Tourmaline Gold Bracelet:

Rubellite stones are red colored gemstones which are equally expensive like rubies. The stone is less shiny when compared to ruby. The stone can be carved into various designs and studded into gold frame bracelet using laser technology which gives a neat and precise finish.

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9. Green Tourmaline Silver Earring:

This single studded earring made from one of the precious gemstones called the green tourmaline or verdelite gemstone. This gemstone gives a simple yet an elegant outlook which makes ladies go crazy about this color.

Taking a proper gemologist advice and buying the right colored gemstone is very important. Folks born in October please make that as a Highlighted note. Tourmaline stone meant in emitting infrared ions which help in boosting health and immunity system. Opal stone acts in activating the saharsa chakra and creating universal peace.


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