Women tops have always given attractive designs using several colours to grab a space in the cupboard. Top designs like a tunic, tank tops, halter, wrap tops, etc. have attracted the women to add a charm to their beauty. A similar top design getting widely accepted due to its amazing design is the off-shoulder tops design. The design allows the ladies or teens to leave their shoulders free from the garment touch.

Stunning Models of Off The Shoulder Tops for Women:

With different strip designs and bluff designs, the drop shoulder garment is making women go crazy for it. Following are few hearts snatching designs of the off the shoulder tops one must have a look at.

1. Single Strip Shoulder Top:

A printed shoulder off tops design with a double strip gives an amazing look on jeans. Short in length, the top is given a pinch stitch on the neck design attached with a single strap for the shoulders. The strips can be tied to form a bow or simply left dragging to give a unique look.

2. Plain Off Shoulder Crop Top:

Want a simple but sophisticated appearance with a perfect off the shoulder tops for women! A lovely top made from loose cotton, chiffon and elastic is the best for it. The top is made with a short length and long sleeves leaving the shoulders barren.

3. Boohoo off Shoulder Tops:

Also known as off shoulder crop tops, boohoo tops are quite sensual. The top is made with nylon material with a short length cropped similar to that of a blouse. The sleeves are also tied up to a length for an amazing look. The front part of the top is given two strips which can be tied to make a funky bow.

4. Women’s Off Shoulder Arms Tops:

A lovely design with a twist is the off-shoulder tops cheap ones. A loose bag design of the top is loose in fitting. The waist top is given full sleeves which are very loose. The design allows the arms and the shoulders too barren with an ovular design. The top is given two strips which are tied to the neck for a perfect grip.

5. Black Single Shoulder Drop Top:

A different style in off-shoulder tops is the one with a single off-shoulder design. The black top is made with polyester material with elastic on the neck design and the bottom which creates several straight creases on the top for a marvellous look. The sleeves also have a similar design.

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6. Black and White Strips Top:

A black and white zebra stripes design is quite famous among the teens these days. The top is made with cotton material and to add to its beauty, black fluffy strip is stitched from the shoulder to the neck end. The other side of the shoulder is given a single black stripe.

7. Deep Neck off Shoulder Top:

Looking for shoulder off tops for summers, vacations or parties on beaches! Get a deep neck top with double sleeves. The double colour top is given two cute strips for shoulders and one on the arms. The top is made from chiffon material with half cotton inner stitched in it.

8. Designer off Shoulder Top:

Looking for something unique for a special party! A black charming cross top with a single shoulder piece is the best for the occasion. The black top is made with velvet and the neck is designed with net material with silver outline. The below portion is designed in a cross way where one end is on the waist while the other on the hips.

9. Winter off Shoulder Tops for Women:

Shopping for winter! Try out a winter off-shoulder top long in length. The top is made with woollen material with dual shades for neck and sleeve end. The neck design also includes two zips on each shoulder which gives the look of a folded collar. The top suits best on skinny jeans with heavy winter boots.

10. Plus Size Off the Shoulder Top Sheer:

Having a heavy body and thinking about what to select for outings! Try a plus size off shoulder tops design. The top is made with sheer material attached to cotton. The top is given waist-length height with a ruffle neck design. The arm sleeves are also covered with sheer ruffle to hide the heavy arms.

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11. Loose Off  the Shoulder Crop Top:

The loose plus size off shoulder tops are quite popular among the women with a heavy body. The black plain top is left loose from all the sides and the sleeves too for comfortable wear. Along with that, the sleeves are also given loose-fitting. The top is made from silk material which is suitable for jeans and jeggings.

12. Girls Cross Designed Off Shoulder Top:

Looking for a new or latest pattern in the off-shoulder top design! Try a plain black top with a criss-cross pattern. The top has a deep neck in a V shape where the edges reach the shoulder edge. It is also cross from below showing the tummy on shorts or jeans.

13. Flair Shirt Design Top:

A flair designed off-shoulder top is quite viral among the teens of the college. The maroon top is given single strip shoulder sleeve with flair levels arm sleeve design. Apart from that, the top is also given a shirt look suitable for shorts, jeans or Capri.

14. Fashionable off Shoulder Top for Girls:

Want to have a fashionable and cosy one-piece off-shoulder top! Try a unique designed top which also gives the look of a mini skirt. One side of the top is long which gives a sexual exposure to the legs. Along with that, the shoulders are also given tied design for a lovely look.

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15. Strip Sleeve Top for Teens:

Want to look appealing on a precious moment! A strip sleeve top is the best you can get for it. The off the shoulder tops are made with sleeves with strips design to make it more sensual. The neck is also given deep design with stretchable material.

The off-shoulder tops are getting a wide number of selection among the women than other top designs due to its sensuality. The wide range of colours it gives makes it more adorable. There are different designs for different seasons like summer wear, winter wear, autumn wear, etc in this design too which makes you confused to select from.

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