Getting one look and presentation right is crucial for office going and professional women. Why not help you out with this? These office hairstyles for long hair can be a great fit. Now manage your beautiful long tresses with these perfect elegant looks aptly suited for your professional life. They are all dignified, neat, clean, and graceful.

Have a look at these beautiful long hairstyles for the office, and you will love them!

10 Best Long Hairstyles for Office Ladies:

Let we have to look at the top 10 office hairstyles for long hair.

1. Indian Office Hairstyles for Long Hair:

There are an array of possibilities when it comes to long hair office hairstyles for women. But if you love sleek and elegant charming styling, and are blessed with straight hair, this office hairstyles look is going to be apt for you. Women with long straight hair can try out this high-knotted ponytail hairdo with the formal outfit for your office and professional engagements. In addition, those with oval, rectangular and diamond face shapes can look edgy and sophisticated in this ensemble.

2. Office Loose Hairstyles for Women with Long Hair:

This is another hidden gem in the fashion world. We love how these gorgeous and unique office hairstyles for women can also look stylish and creative. If you have straight or wavy hair tresses, this striking look will be apt for you, exuding a high-end and edgy appearance. This is going to look professional on you, and the office hairstyle is sure to impress others and match several of your formal outfits.

3. Quick Office Hairstyles for Long Hair:

If you are confused about what office hairstyles can match you perfectly on a daily basis, and are looking for something super quick that can be done in a jiffy, there is nothing better than this braid hairstyle for long hair. This is among the best and trending elegant looks, perfect for your daily engagements, outings, team gatherings and more.

4. The Big Bun:

Always opt for the big bun hairstyle when you are having a bad hair day. If your hair is not at all ready to listen to you today, gather your hair in a high pony and then start twisting it into a bun. You can even use the sock bun method to get a perfect texture for the bun and then secure it tightly with a thin tie. This is a perfect look for your office paired with your white sweater and black trousers.

5. The Sleek Braid:

Now for an early morning office, you can always opt for a simple braid but with a little spice to it. With your black coat and grey shirt, use a black headband on the properly combed crown of your head. However, part your hair from the side and sleek it down into the side braid before attaching the headband.

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6. The Bow Bun:

This is a new variation to the usual buns where you can carry perfectly casual hair for your office without losing the official touch to it. Start by teasing your hair in the front a bit. Now tie your hair in a ponytail and make a loop through it. pass the ponytail but only halfway through the hair to get the bow bun look.

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7. Get a Bigger Pony:

If you have always imagined you would sport a long ponytail, this is the perfect time for you to do so. This is a classic trick to achieve a longer pony. Start by segmenting your hair into two. For this, you would need a curly head of hair. This look without the volume would be different. Tie the lower end first into a pony and then tie the upper end into a loose pony to cover the lower end.

8. The Easy Pin Up:

If you really want to keep your strands long and perfect, sport an open hair during your office interview but add a touch of business to it. Spray your hair well to add some volume to it, and then slowly start pinning the two front locks to the back of your hair. The hairspray will add a bit of volume to the look.

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9. The Rolled-on Low Bun:

For this low bun use keep some of the front locks loose and tie a pony at the lowest end of the hair right above the neck. Now loop the pony into a bun by using a secure and some pins. Take the front locks and now roll them around the bun, and secure the look again with some pins.

10. The Braided Pony:

For this look, simply tie a French styled braid from the front of your hair and take it all the way back and secure it with a pony.

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11. Fishtail Bun:

For this hairdo, tie the fishtail braid hairstyle and then fan it to add volume. Now roll it up and pin it in a bun.

12. The Three Tier Pony:

For this, tie a simple pony and then divide it into three. Use a loose strand to wrap around the tie to hide the rubber band. Now throughout the length of the pony, try the looping ponytail to achieve this look.

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