Office Yoga Asanas and Benefits with Pictures

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Practicing yoga in the office can be fun, relaxing and quite enjoyable. Sitting at the desk for hours causes a lot of tension and leads to strains on your neck, shoulder and back muscles. They affect your life in many ways and also hinder you from giving a good performance. Therefore we have prepared a short office yoga exercises guide for your benefit.

Here are The Best Office Yoga Asanas and Benefits for Beginners:

1. Neck Roll Pose:

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  • For the neck roll pose, simply close your eyes and let your chin drop down towards your chest area.
  • Move your neck slowly from the right ear to the right shoulder and from the left ear to the left shoulder.
  • Let your shoulders stay loose and relax yourself.
  • Rotate your neck at least four to five times and then let it relax.

2. Cow Stretch Pose:

  • For the cow stretch pose, keep your feet on the floor and let both your hands stay on your knees.
  • Inhale and stretch backwards. Look up towards the ceiling.
  • While exhaling, drop your head forward and stretch your back towards the front.
  • Repeat this about three to five times and then relax.

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3. Bending Pose:

  • For the bending pose, you need to keep your chair away from the desk.
  • Keep your feet on the floor and remain seated.
  • Keep your arms straight and take your hands towards the back and interlace your fingers.
  • Bend forward and bring your hands over the back. Rest your head on your thighs and then let it relax.

4. Eagle Pose:

  • To do the eagle pose, you will only need your hands.
  • Take both your hands and stretch them straight right in front of your body.
  • Let your palms face the ceiling. Lift both your elbows.
  • Repeat this exercise about four to five times and changing left arm with the right.

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5. Spinal Twist Pose:

  • For this pose, you need to sit sideways. Keep your feet on the floor and hold the back of your chair.
  • Twist your waist on the right side and then turn to the other side.
  • You need to repeat this exercise for a couple of times before you can move on to the next exercise.

6. Temple Rub Pose:

  • To do the temple rub pose, place your elbows on the desk and place both your palms on the temple.
  • Now gently rub your temple in clockwise and anticlockwise motion.
  • Take ten to fifteen long breaths while doing this and then repeat this couple of times.
  • You will feel relaxed and peaceful at the end of this.

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7. Seated Reed Pose:

  • For the seated reed pose, sit on the chair and interlace your fingers.
  • Now stretch your arms towards the ceiling. Take a deep breath and feel the stretch in your body.
  • Exhale and lean towards the right and continue to feel the stretch.
  • Do this in both left and right directions. This will give you strength and energy to stay active throughout the day.

8. Centering Mountain Pose:

  • For the Centering mountain pose, you need to stand straight and let all the confusion and noise go.
  • Now deepen your breath and allow yourself to feel relaxed.
  • Let it balance your mind and make you feel calm and composed.
  • This will prepare for all the challenges you face throughout the day.

9. Standing Pose:

  • For the standing pose, simply stand up first. Lift your right leg as high as possible against the right leg.
  • Take your hands together and stretch upwards like the branch of the trees.
  • Feel your body going upwards. Breathe in and out and the release.
  • Repeat this pose a couple of times.

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