Today we find that parents look for something more than a word that sounds nice or is popular when looking for names for their baby. Old fashioned baby names are not just words but carry a lot of meaning, such as reflecting one’s identity. It can even refer to their heritage and culture. Old fashioned names are coming back into trend again as they have proven that they can withstand the test of time. Scroll down to find countless old school names and find the ones that suit your family the best.

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60 Best Old Fashioned Baby Names:

Here we have compiled a list of old fashioned baby names for baby boys for the cool new generation of kids that are fast gaining popularity.

20 Old Fashioned Baby Boy Names:

1. Abraham:

The meaning of this name is “Father of Multitudes”, and it is of Hebrew origin. This is a name revered by the Jews. It also holds the meaning of “exalted father” in the Bible. He is an Old Testament patriarch.

2. Albert:

The meaning of the name Albert is “Noble and Bright” and is of English origin. There are several famous classic personalities with this name, such as Albert Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, and Albert Brooks, a filmmaker.

3. Bernard:

Bernard means “Strong, Brave as a Bear” and is of French origin. The common nicknames for this name are Bernard Barney, Berney, and Bernie. It is a cute name in an old fashioned way.

4. Charles:

The meaning of Charles is “Free Man.” The most common nickname for this old fashioned male name is Charlie, Charley, which applies to male and female names. This name is of German/French origin.

5. William:

The meaning of this old-style boy’s name is “resolute protection” and is of English origin. The most common nicknames are Willy, Willie, Bill, and Billy.

6. Aahlaadith:

This name means “Joyous person” and is of Hindi/Indian/Oriya origin. Those with this name are extremely sensitive and are born diplomats. They are peacemakers and try to bring people together. Persons with this name make good negotiators and like to mediate to bring harmony among those around them. They have good organizational skills.

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7. Aanat:

This is a Jain Boy name and means “Humble, Very courteous” and is of Indian origin. They are very independent and have a strong pioneering spirit. They are born leaders who succeed with courage and determination.

8. Abhaidev:

Abhaidev is a Hindu, Sikh Boy that means “Free of fear” and is of Indian/Sanskrit origin. Those with this name are extremely intelligent and seekers of truth. They succeed in any job that involves analysis and science. They are attracted to all things related to spirituality.

9. Abhijeet:

Abhijeet is a popular name that means “Victorious” and is of Bengali/Gujarati/Sanskrit origin. Those with this name love peace and are compassionate. They aim to strike a balance between giving and receiving. They are born teachers and try to make things easy for others.

10. Abhiraam:

This name means “Pleasing” and is of Hindi/Indian/Telugu origin. Those with this name are gifted with natural leadership skills. They become very wealthy and are good at management. Power and authority come naturally to them, and they make great visionaries. They are very good at business and finance.

11. Bachittar:

This is a Sikh Boy name, meaning that means “Wondrous merits”, and is of Punjabi origin. Those with this name are bold. They are creative and very hard-working. Their pioneering spirit helps them succeed in all fields.

12. Bajarang:

This is a Hindu Boy name that means “A name of Lord Hanumaan.” It is of Gujarati/Hindi/Indian origin, and persons with this name are dreamers. They are also healers because of the great compassion they have. They succeed in the field of teaching and writing. Persons with this name are always searching for solutions and are selfless. They are ready to help those in need selflessly.

13. Chakrawarti:

Chakrawarti means “Universal monarch” and is of Indian origin. This name is popular among Jains. Persons with this name are extroverts. They are energetic and are always ready for action. They succeed in any career that keeps them on the move rather than routine monotonous work.

14. Dalbir:

This name means “brave soldier” and is of Indian/Punjabi origin. Persons with this name are courageous achievers. They are born leaders who learn to be self-sufficient. They are hard-working and sincere.

15. Eagan:

Eagan means “Charitable” and is of Hindi/Indian/Kannada/Tamil origin. Persons with this name are extroverts. They love adventure and are popular and successful in all fields. They are progressive and succeed in all fields.

16. Fanishwar:

Fanishwarmeans “Lord of serpents” and is of Hindi/Indian/Oriya/Sindhi/Telugu origin. Persons with this name are idealists. They are people with a lot of compassion and are ready to look after the needs of others.

17. Gajanand:

This name means “Lord Ganesh” and is of Indian origin. They are psychically gifted people who are attracted to spirituality and like to seek knowledge about things that are a mystery. They love to investigate and do well in a field of science that requires scientific knowledge or technical ability.

18. Hansraj:

Hansraj means “Perfect or pure ruler” and is of Hindi/Indian/Kannada/Oriyaorigin. You can find this name mostly among Sikhs. Persons with this name are gifted with natural leadership skills. They can do well financially and have great skills in management. Persons with this name always like to be in charge of things and are great visionaries. They also do well in the field of business.

19. Lakshmikant:

Lakshmikantmeans “Lord Vishnu” and is of Assamese/Hindi/Indian/Marathiorigin. Those with this name are very insightful. They are peacemakers who like to bring people together. They like harmony and are good at compromising. Persons with this name do well in all fields where there is a need to mediate or negotiate. They also carry an unusual amount of sensitivity in them. They make good diplomats, and their organizational skill makes them very successful.

20. Madhialagan:

This name means “Intelligent and Handsome” and is of Indian/Tamil origin. Persons with this name are born leaders and visionaries. They are successful in business and good with money matters. Their management skills help them become very successful.

20 Old Style Baby Girl Names:

Here we have compiled a list of old fashioned female names for baby girls whose names carry a lot of significance based on ancestry, unique meaning, or occasion.

21. Abigail:

The meaning of this name is “my father’s joy” and is of Hebrew origin. It also means an intelligent, beautiful, loyal woman. The nicknames of Abigail are Abbey, Abbi, Abbie, Abby, Gael, Gail, Gale, Gayla, Gayle, and Gaila.

22. Adelaide:

The meaning of Adelaide is nobility and carries the nicknames of Addie, Addy, Adi, and Adelheid. It is an English form of a Germanic given name.

23. Beatrice:

The meaning of this name is “She Who Brings Happiness; Blessed” and is of Latin origin. It carries with it a lot of nicknames, such as Birdie, Betty, Bess, and Bea.

24. Celeste:

The name Celeste means “Heavenly” and is of Latin origin. The various nicknames of this name are Celia, Celie, Lessie, and Lissie.

25. Elaine:

Elaine means “Sun Ray; Shining Light” and is of Ancient Greek origin and carries nicknames such as Elli, Ellie, Elly, Laine, Laini, Lainey, and Layney.

26. Danika:

Danika means “Morning star” and is of Hindi/Indian/Marathi origin. They are practical and hard-working individuals who succeed in any field because of this quality. They have good management and organizational skills.

27. Eesha:

Eesha means “Goddess Parvati, Purity” and is of Bengali/Hindi/Indian/Kannada/Sanskrit/Sindhi/Teluguorigin. Persons with this name are very sensitive and have an excellent nurturing spirit in them. They are also compassionate and seek harmony in any situation. They have good diplomatic skills and a lot of patience.

28. Garima:

Garima means “Honor, Prowess, Strength, Warmth” and is of Indian/Marathi origin. They are hard-working people who can succeed wherever they work. They are also dependable and take responsibilities seriously.

29. Maalini:

This name carries the meaning of “As Beautiful as Flowers” and is of Indian/Tamil origin. Those with this name are resourceful and full of energy. They are popular and succeed in all fields. Persons with this name like to take risks and are very brave. They are extroverts, and their forward-thinking quality helps them succeed.

30. Mahati:

Mahati means “Great” and is of Indian origin. Persons with this name are philosophical and also very intelligent. They like to analyze everything in life. They are born seekers and succeed in any field that calls for scientific knowledge.

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31. Maitri:

This name means”Friendship” and is of Indian origin. Their extreme intelligence helps them succeed in all fields and do well in research because of their ability to analyze. They are also attracted to all things spiritual.

32. Malarvili:

This name means “With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Flower” and is of Indian/Tamil origin. Persons with this name are intelligent and have an analytical mind that makes them successful in fields related to science and technology. They are also known to be highly imaginative and philosophical.

33. Nabhitha:

Nabhitha means “Fearless” and is of Indian origin. Persons with this name are born healers because they are compassionate by nature. They do well in the fields of art, like writing and painting. They look out for others and work towards finding solutions.

34. Ojaswini:

Ojaswini means “Lustrous” and is of Indian/Marathiorigin. These persons are independent and courageous. They are also honest and can work hard. They are creative and are born achievers. Their strong pioneering spirit helps them succeed in all fields. They are also known for their straightforwardness.

35. Oliyarasi:

Oliyarasi means “Brilliant” and is of Indian/Tamil origin. These persons are bold and strong-minded individuals. They work hard towards their goal steadfastly and are self-sufficient. They also make good leaders and are determined to succeed.

36. Padmagriha:

Padmagriha means “Who Resides in a Lotus” and is of Hindi/Indian/Marathi/Telugu origin. Those with this name love peace. They are supportive of others and very considerate of the people around them. Those persons have a nurturing spirit within them. They make good teachers and aim to make life easy for those around them.

37. Rahini:

Rahini means “Goddess Saraswati” and is of Hindi/Indian/Kannada origin. Not many are aware of the meaning of this name. Persons with this name are highly energetic. They are progressive thinkers. Persons with this name have a keen sense of adventure in them. They are resourceful, and this helps them succeed in all fields.

38. Sahila:

Sahila means “Guide” and is of Indian origin. They are extroverts and full of energy. Persons with this name are forward thinkers who are liberal and do well in any job that requires energizing. They do not prefer monotonous jobs. They are super resourceful, and this helps them succeed in all fields of work.

39. Tamarai:

Tamarai means “Lotus Flower” and is of Indian/Tamil origin. These persons are dreamers and also very compassionate idealists. They heal through their work in various fields, such as writing, teaching, or other arts. They are also ready to help those in need.

40. Udipti:

Udipti means “Fire” and is of Gujarati/Hindi/Indian origin. They are people who like to enjoy their own company. Those people are philosophical and like to analyze things. They are also seekers of truth and are sure to succeed in any field that requires reasoning and investigative skills.

10 Twin & Unisex Old Fashioned Baby Names:

41. Atharv and Ayansh:

We all are familiar with these old fashioned Indian baby names, Atharv is the name of the first Veda. The name Ayansh means ‘part of parents’. They are both of Indian origin and are a good choice for parents who want old-fashioned names which fit into modernity.

42. Ayan and Yuvan:

For those parents who want their twins’ names to rhyme, then this is ideal and a good choice. The name Ayan meaning is ‘nature.’ Yuvan, on the other hand, is another name for Lord Shiva.

43. Aadi and Sai:

Here the meaning of the name Aadi is ‘first’ or ‘most important, and the meaning of Sai is obtained from the Indian word meaning ‘divine’. Both these old fashioned twin baby names match and sound beautiful together and make a good choice.

44. Abhay and Nirbhay:

These are beautiful names for twin boys, where Abhay means one without fear or fearless, and the name Nirbhay also means fearless or without fear. These two names make ideal choices as they both mean the same.

45. Adin and Adil:

The name Adin’s meaning is beautiful and noble of spirit, and the name Adil means honest, judge, and sincere. Adin is of Hebrew origin, and Adil is of Arabic origin.

46. Myra and Kyra:

These names fit in both India and abroad and are suitable for twin girls. The name Myra can also be spelt as Mayra or Mayrah. Kyra is a name of Greek/Persian origin. It means the ‘sun’.

47. Presley and Harley:

The name Presley means “from the priest’s field” and is of English origin. The name Harley is also of English origin and refers to “the hares’ wood.”These names gained popularity because of the famous Harley motorbikes too. These are very old twin names for both genders.

48. Nayan and Nayna:

Nayan’s meaning means Eye and is of Indian origin, and the name Nayna also means eyes. These names are preferred by parents who opt for names that can be used for any gender.

49. Charlie and Peyton:

Another set of names for twins that are gender-neutral is Charlie and Peyton as the first name. The name Charlie means “free man” and is of English origin. Peyton is often regarded as a masculine name but can be considered female if changed to Payton.

50. Ember and Timber:

These are old-fashioned unisex names where Ember is of English origin, and this name means “smouldering fire”. In contrast, Timber is of American origin, and the meaning is “wood, strong” and is sometimes used as a middle name.

51. Sterling and Emery:

The meaning of the fancy name Sterling is “genuine, of high quality” and is of English origin. Emery means “brave power” and is also of English origin.

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10 Indian Old Fashioned Baby Names (Boys & Girls):

52. Abheer:

The name Abheer means cow herd, and it has a variant form Aabheer, which refers to a person who looks after cattle and has its origin in Oriya. Other variations of this name are Aabher, Abheeran, Abheer, and Abheera. This name is suitable for those who are hard-working, dependable, brave, and very practical.

53. Aabharan:

This name means “Jewel” and is Indian/Oriya in origin. This name is related to honest, independent, straightforward, hard-working, and strong individuals. They are born leaders. They will be successful in all fields.

54. Aadarsh:

Aadarsh means “Ideal” and is of Kannada/Oriya/Sanskrit origin. Those with this name are very intelligent and imaginative. They are born seekers of truth and attracted to everything spiritual.

55. Aadhavan:

Aadhavan means “Brilliant like the sun” and is of Indian/Tamil origin. Those with this Hindu name are supposed to be extremely intelligent. They are imaginative and are born seekers of truth. They get attracted to anything spiritual and will succeed in fields involving scientific knowledge.

56. Aadhunik:

Aadhunik means “Modern, New” and is of Hindi/Indian/Oriya/Sanskrit origin. Those with this name are peace-loving and compassionate. They are born teachers and try to make life comfortable for others.

57. Aadarshini:

Aadarshini means “Idealistic” and is of Gujarati/Indian/Kannada origin. They are gifted with artistic talent and can inspire others. Those people are extroverts and communicate well with people. They see joy in all situations. They make good speakers and do well in the field of writing.

58. Amrithavarshini:

Amrithavarshini means “The Rain” and is of Hindi/Indian origin. Persons with this name are born leaders. They have good management skills and like to take charge of situations. Authority comes naturally to them, and they succeed in the field of business and have a good head for money matters.

59. Balasandhya:

Balasandhya means “Dawn” and is of Indian origin. They are brilliant seekers of truth. Those people have good investigative qualities and are attracted to all things mystical. They are interested in the mysteries of life.

60. Baruni:

Baruni means “Goddess Durga” and is of Bengali/Hindi/Indian/Sindhi origin. Persons with this name are incredibly insightful. They are sensitive and are born diplomats because they believe in having peace around them. Those people do not bear resent and like to keep people together. They accomplish a lot in life because of all these qualities.

61. Chanchala:

Chanchala means “Lakshmi, Restless, Unsteady” and is of Bengali/Indian origin. Persons with these names are peace-loving. They are very compassionate and extremely sympathetic. These persons make good mentors. They also like to make things comfortable for others.

While choosing names, parents go back to the roots to choose an ideal name for their baby boy and girl. This article describes in detail old-time baby names, their meaning of various names and their origin. We hope this article has helped you choose an ideal name for your baby. Please let us know which names impressed you the most in the comments below.


Specific names have different meanings and can vary from one country to another. This can vary culture wise too. We must understand the true meaning of a name before choosing it. Names must not be chosen just because it sounds pleasant or is popular. This extensive article is for informational purposes only to help you make the right choice.


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