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Top 20 Authentic Old School Tattoo Designs

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Tattoo was a permanent form of body art that was once despised and looked down by the society. Going back to those times, one would often notice there was a certain design type that became famous and would do its rounds everywhere. This was before innovation and creativity lapped together to create a tattoo idea out of any object, living or dead. Back then, these designs were the classics, something that we might chance upon the buffed arms of a biker gang, or a Rastafarian sporting one on his wrists. With time, traditional old school tattoo ideas either dissipated to newer ideas or simply modified themselves. However, we can still see a lot of old hearts and youths embracing these tattoos that has a perfect vintage appeal to it. Given below is enlisted some of the good old school tattoos for you to reminisce on.

Best Old School Tattoo Designs and Meanings:

The authentic collection of the unique old school tattoo designs which will take you to the voyages of traditional American sailors. Given below is enlisted some of the good old school tattoos for you to reminisce on.

1. Bind In Love Old School Tattoo:

old school tattoo designs

A classic tattoo depicting love buy an individual female, the tattoo shows the girl with her bleeding red heart clutched on her hands as a satin sashayed ribbon tied her to one place. The tears of sadness and the tied eyes could be a possible sign of blind love or treachery or both.

2. Never Ending Love Old School Tattoo:

Old school tattoo 2

Here is a different concept to love where an inanimate skull is decorated and designed with two sword ends jutting out from each side. The skull is adorned with roses and petals a classic sign of life as this tattoo could possibly portray the undying love and faith towards someone.

3. Hourglass Beauty Old School Tattoo:

Old school tattoo 3

The hourglass has been one of the oldest designs ever to survive and go through modern interpretations. The hourglass mainly stands for time, either one that is flying by or simply trying to trap the fleeting time within the boundaries of a thickened upturned glass. It is one of the popular old school tattoo designs for women.

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4. Anchor Ahoy Old School Tattoo:

Old school tattoo 4

It is a classic old timer an anchor with its face down portraying settlement, where the anchor seems to be adorned with a bright spiked halo at the back, giving an unnatural burst of life to this tattoo. The use of vibrant colors and paintings alongside the anchor depicts joyous settlement rather than a morose one.

5. The Eloquent Eagle Old School Tattoo:

Old school tattoo 5

The eagle has always been considered a proud beast of the United States and one of these old classic tattoos are bound to portray a soaring eagle, nothing matching up to the majestic and powerful prowl of the being. The patriotism towards the states is evident in the rolled up flag underneath waiting to be set free.

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6. Stabbed Heart Old School Tattoo:

Old school tattoo 6

A red lustful beating heart stabbed and jagged from the middle is an old school tattoo classic. Usually these stabbed heart tattoos have an arrow or a dagger going through and through and the surrounding of the tattoo art portrays dramatic artworks to add feel to the look.

7. Preppy Tattoo Arts Of Old School Tattoos:

Old school tattoo 7

A great hit between the sailors or the biker gangs, one of the old school tattoo designs include a women scantily dressed posing provocatively in the tattoo. This was usually used to bring out the lustful side of the person or simple as a sign of fun, a mere gesture of womanizing.

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8. Game Changing Cards Old School Tattoos:

Old school tattoo 8

Cards used to be the shiz of the tattoo game and quite frankly it still is. Much like the unpredictable game itself, cards are tattooed to portray a feeling of being able to tackle unforeseeable or dubious way of lifestyle by portraying oneself as the game changer.

9. Gypsy Skull Old School Tattoos:

Old school tattoo 9

Gypsy form of tattoo is recognized as an old school art where the tattoos usually would invigorate a lot of abstract ideas that would either be extensively designed or vibrantly colored depending upon a theme. Here we see a skull as the main character and often there are many that portray a woman, a bird and such.

10. Compass Tattoo Designs:


Today, the prevalence of compass tattoo is no more bound to warriors, mariners and pilots, yet has discovered its approach to win the hearts of youths, who adore this tattoo outline since it looks cool and classy, as well as on the grounds that it has a more profound typical intending to mirror their state of mind. The tattoo is implied for such individuals who are feeling lost in life and are searching for the right course, for which the compass tattoo can serve them as an object of motivation. It is one of the most popular old school tattoo designs which is endorsed by many celebrities including the heart throb of the youth – Justin bieber. It is one of the popular old school tattoo designs for girls.

11. Mysterious Mermaid Old School Tattoo:


A standout amongst the most interesting and wonderful old school tattoo art is the mermaid outline, which includes the beauty and appeal of this legendary animal. Initially a most loved among the mariners who spend their lives on the ocean, these tattoos are presently similarly prevalent among ladies as they look female and mystical. The configuration likewise remains for freedom and fun loving nature.

12. Gorgeous Pinned Up Design:


This classic old school tattoo designs consolidates a military subject, as these tattoos were worn by officers and mariners a long way from home. They needed to have a beautiful woman to go with them, so they ran with the prettiest lady they could discover. This magnificence is appeared in a great stance, hands behind the head, mid-section out. She is wearing a marine corp cap and a marine themed body suit. This is a flawless case of an exemplary pin up young lady tattoo.

13. Lustrous Red Old School Tattoos: 


Pin up young ladies come in all shapes and sizes simply like genuine ladies. Maybe the most conspicuous of all pin up young ladies in Betty Page. She took the workmanship to an entire other level and was staggeringly ribald for her time. I’m certain she was stuck the dividers of numerous a young fellow. In that capacity, she is the ideal subject for a pin up young lady tattoo, depicted here in this red patent cowhide get up.

14. Ethnic American Eagle:


There is most likely no other creature that is as vital as the hawk in the American legacy It is hence an excellent example of old school art designs. The falcon can be found in numerous national images and symbols, and it additionally speaks to a few things. Because of the remarkable spot that this creature holds in the American culture individuals have constantly venerated it by having it inked on them. The conventional American hawk tattoo is a basic picture, and it is generally drawn as a feature of another tattoo or joined with different pictures like the American banner. This is one of the best old school tattoo designs for men.

15. Fearsome Dagger Tattoo:


A traditional dagger can be a symbolic representation of various emotions, and it is connected with peril, demise, and fierceness. Nonetheless, when drawn well, the conventional dagger tattoo will make a mind boggling tattoo plan. With this tattoo, there are likewise numerous varieties to the outline and it is consolidated with different components like skulls and hearts.

16. Sailors Hallmark –Traditional Ship Design:


Other than from the delightful plans that this kind of tattoos comes in it likewise has a few implications. For a few people, the boat speaks to the wearer thus the outline of the boat in the tattoo will enlighten you a great deal regarding them. The water in that the boat is cruising on for the most part speaks to life. Contingent upon the message planned the waters in the tattoo might be stormy or smooth as every one can be deciphered to recount an alternate tale about the wearer’s life. Adjacent to from the typical significance, these American old school tattoo meanings are fantastic, thus a few people will have them inked on them for their magnificence or to demonstrate their adoration for boats…

17. Peace Messenger Old School Tattoos:


Despite the fact that it is viewed as a conventional American tattoo, this tattoo draws motivation from the British cruising custom. In the early years, swallow were utilized to speak to a British mariners experience, and each was thought to speak to 5,000 nautical miles. This custom was gradually received by American mariners who additionally began having it inked on them to demonstrate their cruising accomplishments.

18. Native American Old School Art:


Local Americans are among the few individuals in North America who have figured out how to keep their conventions and society in place in spite of all the outside impact. This safeguarding of their way of life is the thing that has constantly made numerous individuals respect them and to demonstrate these individuals have diverse things connected with their way of life inked on them. The dream catcher is the most prominent Native American image that has been utilized as a part of tattoos. Notwithstanding, it is not by any means the only Native American tattoo as there are a few others.

19. Authentic Roses Old School Tattoos:


Roses mean unconditional adoration, thus they have been utilized as tattoo pictures to demonstrate this for a long time. Despite the fact that the conventional American roses are extremely straight forward and are not as brilliant as the new school ones, regardless they figure out how to draw out this message plainly. In spite of the absence of the numerous hues connected with cutting edge bloom tattoos, there is a sure one of a kind look that exclusive the conventional roses can give a tattoo wearer.

20. Nautical Star Old School Tattoos:


This five-pointed and two-conditioned star has turned out to be simply stylish throughout the years however generally it was a sea image that was connected with route. Mariners utilized the nautical star to express their longing to get back home securely from the voyages that removed them a large number of miles from home for a while. They could likewise utilize the tattoo to express their craving to experience life securely notwithstanding every one of the difficulties they may run over in the trip of life.

Taking a gander at a portion of the implications above, you may jump at the chance to select which reverberates better with you and what you’re attempting to pass on in your tattoo. You could then tell your craftsman the symbols you’d like in your general piece and let him arrange a “stream,” or picture creation, for you.

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