9 Famous Oldest Temples In India with Pictures

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India is culturally at its best, a concoction of different religions, a fusion of different secular cultures and above all, a country where everyone can feel at home. India, as we all know is a country that worships multiple idols and gods. For every occasion, much like the ancient Greek mythology, there is a separate god protecting us. This is primarily why a religious buff in this country can go to a multiple number of places to offer his worships. There are temples set against the backdrop of a quiet village while there is also a temple situated right in the center of a bustling metropolitan city. In this article today, we shall go back to the Indian history pages where the present temples enlisted here still stands erect and proud.

Popular and Beautiful Oldest Temples In India with Images:

Let we have to look at the top 9 oldest temples in india.

1. Konark Sun Temple, Odisha:

oldest temples in india

One of the oldest temples offering its worship to the Sun God, Konark sun temple in Orissa has been listed as one of the seven wonders of India. Built at the time of Eastern Ganga Dynasty by Narasimhadeva I, the unique part of this temple is its architecture that resembles an extravagant sculpted chariot with stone carved wheels and pillars. In Sanskrit, ‘kona’ meant corner while ‘arka’ meant the sun.

2. The Golden Temple, Amritsar:

golden temple

Darbar Sahib of Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, Punjab is a temple painted in soft dewy gold but that is not the only reason why we recognize this as ‘ the golden temple’. The dome to this compact structure is gilded with 750kg of pure gold as the temple opens up on four sides portraying openness to all people, any caste, any religion. Constructed by the fourth Sikh Guru, the milky white marble passageways and the temple itself is a serene embodiment of rich Sikh religion.

3. Laxminarayan Temple, Delhi:

Laxminarayan temple

Set in the busy city of Delhi, the Laxminarayan temple is also referred to as the Birla Mandir, being built by B.R Birla and Jugal Kishore Birla themselves. The veteran freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi himself inaugurated the temple which is now spread across 7.5acres including fountains, gardens and beautiful scenic structures. This temple is a constructed for Lord Vishnu, the adjacent temples including Buddha and lord Shiva.

4. Dilwara Jain Temples, Mount Abu:

Dilwara Jain Temple

The Dilwara temple in Mount Abu, Rajasthan uses the best of architecture that a human hand could offer integrating extravagant and grandiloquent hand structures etched across marble stones and pillars, ceiling and floors. The interior to the temple is a real treat with five major sections dedicated to five Jain Saints.

5. Dakshineswar Temple, Kolkata:

Dakshineswar Temple

Set against the banks of River Hooghly, the age old ancient temple devoted to Goddess Kali stands looming high and tall. Thousands of people flock to this magnificent temple that has twelve shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali’s better half as the nine spired temple opens its doors to people from all walks of life.

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6. Tirupati Balaji, Andhra Pradesh:

Tirupati Balaji

Also known as the Tirumala Venkateshwara, the Tirupati Balaji temple in the hill town of Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh was constructed as a sign of devotion to Lord Venkateshwara or ‘Balaji’ who is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Other than the crowd, this temple is famous for its palatable ladoos that are passed on as a religious offering.

7. Badami Cave Temples, Karnataka:

Badami cave temples

Located in the Bagalkot District of Karnataka, Badami caves form a caved enclosure of four main temples each constructed as a devotion to different Gods. The temple is set against an artificial green water lake, the cave itself made of soft brown sandstone color. The first cave is devoted to Lord Shiva and the next two for Lord Vishnu. The fourth temple is concocted for Jainism and the presence of another natural cave at the side is reserved for Lord Buddha.

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8. Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Maharashtra:

Shirdi Sai baba temple

Located almost 296 km from Mumbai is Shirdi that has one of the most eloquent rich Sai baba temples of all time. Thousands of devoted followers find themselves at the foot of the temple every year.

9. Amarnath Cave Temple, Jammu and Kashmir:

Amarnath cave temple

A caved temple with a natural ice stalagmite, elegant, gracious and ravishingly beautiful is the last to our list of ancient temples in India. The Amarnath cave is located in Jammu Kashmir inside a hollow cave that attracts a huge crowd every year.

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