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Uses And Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin

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Do you know olive oil benefits for skin? Ever you used olive oil on your skin? If no, then don’t worry! This article is for you. Olive oil is very ancient and valuable natural product. Olive oil is widely recognized to have abundant nutritive value. The olive oil is ironic in vitamin-E and also identified as beauty powerhouse that helps you to appear younger, keeping your skin feeling supple and also calms annoyance. So, it is necessary to keep a bottle in your bathroom cupboard to discover the benefits of olive oil in skin maintenance as portion of your consistent beauty routine. Therefore, today in this article we are telling you about the olive oil benefits and uses for skin.

olive oil for skin

The olive oil is removed from the crop of the olive tree that is inherent to the Mediterranean basin. Of course, olive oil is full with anti-aging antioxidants as well as hydrating squalene, creating it excellent for hair, nails, and skin. Olive oil plays an important role in skin care. If you are very conscious about your body and good looks then olive oil is best for skin care treatment. Olive oil is recycled on all over the physique on your skin plus can verify to be a healthy, soothing and natural answer to skin care requirements.

Components Of Olive Oil:

The olive oil is very amusing in minerals, natural fatty acids and vitamins. This oil is also suitable for a delicate skin. Olive oil supports persist youth hydrates the skin, keeps its resistance as well as gentleness because it contains vitamin A and E. As it involves plenty of antioxidants, it becomes a powerful element of anti-aging skin maintenance products that avoids skin aging, arrival of wrinkles plus fine outlines. Olive oil is also rejuvenates, promotes as well as defends the skin.

Types Of Olive Oil:

• Pure Olive Oil: Used for peripheral devotions such as nourishing the skin, greasing your hair etc.

• Virgin And Extra Virgin Oil: Both are used in food preparation and additional feeding uses.

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Skin:

Is olive oil is good for skin?. Yes it is very good and helpful for skin. The olive oil is used in different ways for your skin and some of them are as follows;

1. Exfoliates The Skin:

Exfoliating skin benefits to take away blocked pores as well as dead skin cells. It supports in revival of skin tissue and creates your skin smooth plus soft because of its intrinsic antioxidant possessions.

2.  Deep Nourishment:

Squalene is an antioxidant presents in in olive oil which benefits to get rid of dry skin as well as overhaul the skin’s normal moisture barricade.

3.  UV Rays Protection:

The contact to ultraviolet rays leads to certain kinds of skin cancers because of injury from free radicals. Application of olive oil benefits to defuse the free radicals by the great antioxidants. It also defends your skin from damage of the collagen which supports to sustain the bounciness of your skin.

4. Treat Dryness And Moisturize The Skin:

Apply olive oil such as a calm lotion for dry skin. It moisturizes the skin by a mixture of vitamin A and vitamin E that is a moisturizing agent.

5. Hydrating The Skin:

Olive oil is advantageous for dry as well as flaking skin such as it is recycled to slough off dead skin plus used to develop healthy coating below your kin. Only, massage your body with olive oil.

6. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

Olive oil plays an important role to treat psoriasis, skin dandruff; eczema, otherwise dermatitis. The irritation of these inflammatory skin situations can be pleased by the oleocanthal in olive oil.

7. Cure Stretch Marks:

Olive oil is responsible to lighten the stretch mark. Rub the oil on exaggerated are earlier going to bed to treat stretch marks logically.

8. Olive Oil As Moisturizer, Cleanser Plus Guard Of Skin:

Olive oil possesses vitamin A and vitamin E. The Vitamin E partially accounts for the anti-aging welfare of this material as it benefits to re-establish skin pliability.

9. Cure Chapped Lips:

The Olive oil is helpful in decreasing arid, chapped lips. Put on olive oil in chapped lips in addition to catch even, shiny lips logically.

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10. Helps In Softening Your Hands:

Rather than using any chemical for softening your hands, you can use olive oil for the same. It is the most continent item used for softening hands as it is readily available. You can easily lather some amount of oil on your hands. On repeated use you can see the noticeable changes in the texture of your hands as it starts getting softer.

11. Olive Oil Cleanser:

Mix 4 tablespoons of table salt with 3 tablespoons of olive oil to make a paste. Smear this on your face and after 2 minutes wash with warm water. The salt dries as well as exfoliates the acne lesions plus the olive oil refills the nutrients in the skin of your face.

12. Lip Scrub:

Mix stiff sugar using a teaspoon of olive oil on behalf of a chapped-lip hit. Enhance a squish of lemon fluid for additional flavour besides acidic exfoliating possessions.

13. Olive Oil Bath:

Add 5 tablespoons of additional virgin olive oil in your bathtub and take an olive oil bath. This is simple; however amazing beauty secret that can mark your skin easy as well as very even. You can also get massage with olive oil before bath.


14. Olive Oil As After Shave:

After shaving skin gets very dry for which people use shaving gel. No matter it gives relief but olive is can be more effective than this. There is no doubt that benefits of olive oil for skin are many. Apart from gels do give sudden relief but olive oil is best for the purpose. Removing the roughness it leaves a soft and smooth skin. It is applicable for all types of skin.

15. Wrinkle Free Skin:

If you are having too much of wrinkle then it is high time to think about its remedy. Leaving it for the time can be a big issue. Though creams are available but try olive oil for quick relief. Among all uses of olive oil for skin it is one of them. You can directly apply on the region until unless you get a relief. Use it one to two times in a weak. There is nothing easier than this homely process.

16. Good For Itchy Skin:

Those who have dry itchy skin can use olive oil. There are many who cannot use creams or lotions for itching. For them this is the best option ever. Without any fear about itching or rashes use it for the rest of your life. Using it you will surely get complete relief forever. But make sure you are using it daily.

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17. For Glowing Skin:

Everybody enjoys having glowing skin all the time. But for busy schedule and scarcity of time people hardly get any scope to do so. If you have trust on homely products then use olive oil for the very purpose. There is no harm in using it daily. Like your other products apply it before going to bed. Within few days you skin will glow naturally.

18. Olive Oil As Shaving Cream:

May you do not know that olive oil is used for shaving? For under arms, legs and hands you can use the product for removing hair. Thus you can prevent all types of irritation and burning using this product. Many do afraid of using oil while shaving. But it is safe for the purpose.

19. Body Oil:

The olive oil is very effective as body lotion. Smear olive oil just after completing your bath. This provides an extremely smooth as well as soft felling on your skin. This is a very easy as well as fast method to make your skin looking healthy as well as fond to touch.

20. Eye Cream:

Slightly apply some olive oil below your eyes earlier the bed time otherwise in the a.m. It helps to promote the gentle skin round your eyes plus make softer fine lines.

21. Face Mask:

Mixing together 1 tbsp. olive oil, 1 tbsp. of honey, with yolk of single egg. Apply on a fresh face and allow it for 15 to 20 minutes afterward wash with tepid water. This mask conditions the skin plus supports in clearing out and keeping the natural complexion.

22. Eye-Makeup Remover:

The oil grasps onto additional oil-based goods, creating it an unlimited preleasing phase to take away persistent eye makeup. Trail it up by warm water plus a pH-balanced face wash.


23. Antioxidant Protection:

Olive oil is high in three oxidants namely vitamin E, polyphenols along with phytosterols. It helps in providing anti-aging benefits as it helps in restoring the smoothness of the skin. It also helps in protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. UV rays are very harmful for the skin and olive oil acts as proper shield to the skin. It prevents the skin from premature skin aging.

24. Avoids Clogging Pores:

Olive oil deeply penetrates into the skin and helps in cleansing the face. While some moisturizers clog your pores, olive oil does not. You can use apply only a teaspoon amount of it on the neck and face and notice the olive oil benefits for skin. Pat on the skin gently in order to wipe off the excess oil. Unclogged pores prevent the birth of pimples on face.

25. Beauty Booster:

It serves as a great ingredient for homemade facial masks. As it helps in deeply cleansing your face it is a great ingredient for masks. It helps in rejuvenating your skin, giving a cleaner looking face. Ponder no more thinking is olive oil good for skin or not, it definitely is. It helps in boosting your beauty by giving you a clearer looking skin.

These were the benefits of olive oil for skin. It can be used in various ways to benefit your skin. So, what are you waiting for! Go try out some amazingly good olive oil for your skin!!