The olive oil was originated in the Mediterranean basin while the old wild olive trees were found in the Asian regions as well as in Greece. There are some pieces of evidence that olive oil was also produced in the regions of Crete. The use of olive oil is famous to be started in the 8th century and until now is considered good for the body. People mainly use olive oil for the face and olive oil for skin to look beautiful and youthful. Here you get some best olive oil benefits with nutrition facts, recommended dosage and side effects.

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The history of olive oil takes us to its scientific name which is Olea Europaea and the olive oil belongs to the Oleaceae family. Other than the various olive oil ingredients, it is famous throughout the world with its different names. Some of the different names of the recommended olive oil in different languages are as follow:

  • Telugu: Aliv Nune
  • Hindi: Jaitun ka Tel
  • Tamil: Aliv Enney
  • Kannada: Aliv Enne
  • Malayalam: Oliv Enna
  • Gujarathi: Oliva Tela
  • Marathi: Oliva Tela

What Is Olive Oil?

Are you aware of what is olive oil? Well, it is the oil that is made by extracting the fruit of the olive. It is a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin and is extremely popular throughout the world. Most commonly, it is used for cooking as well as for making your skin and hair beautiful and amazing. The cold-pressed olive oil is obtained naturally by pressing the whole of the olives.

Types of Olive Oil:

When planning to buy olive oil, you will find different types of olive oil in the market. You should be sure of the different olive oils so as to pick the right one for your skin, hair, and health.  All the olive oil looks the same but there are some major differences in them. Interested in knowing them? Here are the different kinds of olive oil:

  • Virgin Olive Oil: Virgin olive oil is the most popular variety available at a comparatively low price than the other varieties.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It is the best for the body but is expensive.
  • Pure Olive Oil: A combination of refined and virgin olive oil and should be used very carefully.
  • Lampante Oil: It is used only as a fuel and not for cooking.

Is Olive Oil Healthy?

Yes, you definitely need olive oil for healthy skin. It is just like one of the most essential ingredients that can help the body to meet all its desired expectations for its normal functioning. You can either purchase the olive oil from a shop or can try using the homemade olive oil if you are aware of how to make olive oil.

Drinking olive oil regularly helps the body and the skin in a lot many ways by delivering them the essential benefits, without any side effects.

Importance of Olive Oil:

Based on the various drinking olive oil health benefits, you can easily estimate the necessity of the natural olive oil for a healthy living. There are many pieces of evidence which indicate that eating olive oil on a regular basis will deliver many benefits for maintaining your health as well as the beauty of your skin and hair.

You can use the best olive oil from the top olive oil brands to be sure that you are using only the genuine olive oil recipes. The importance of olive oil is supported by many types of researches done by many well-names names.

How To Make Olive Oil?

Other than using the top olive oil brands, you can also try making olive oil on your own. Yes, it is possible to try your hand for making homemade olive oil. Here is the simple process that you should keep in mind when trying how to make olive oil. Have a look:

Things Required:

  • Fresh Olives
  • Hot water
  • Some bowls

The Process:

  • Take some fresh olives and wash them thoroughly in a bowl.
  • Put these fresh olives in the bowl and crush them into a thick paste.
  • Be sure that the paste has its consistency and is neither too tight nor is too loose.
  • Transfer the olive paste in a clean bowl and add some hot water with the olive paste.
  • Now blend this combination of water and crushed olive paste together and set aside for some time.
  • Lastly, keep mixing the olive mush until the oil separates from it. Let the mixture to settle down while the oil to come on the top.
  • Use a cloth filter to filter the oil from the remaining mixture.
  • Put the extracted olive oil in a clean jar or container and use it as and when needed.

How To Store Olive Oil?

The best way to store the edible olive oil is to keep it in the refrigerator in the clean jar. However, if you don’t want to refrigerate the olive oil, then try to keep the natural olive oil in a cool and dark place which is away from the heat of the stove or other heating appliances. You should be particular with the olive oil storage to make the most of organic olive oil benefits.

Recommended Olive Oil Dosage per Day:

You can get the drinking olive oil benefits by consuming it in the desired and recommended olive oil quantity. According to the health experts, using 2 tablespoons of olive oil or in specific 23g of olive oil is quite sufficient to meet the body requirements. Though, the exact dosage of the cold-pressed olive oil depends upon your need for which you want to make use of olive oil.

Olive Oil Nutritional Facts:

To exactly understand what is olive oil, it is essential to be aware of the various nutrients that are available in it. Knowing the values of the various nutrients, it will become easy for the users to be sure of the various olive oil facts as well as to get a deeper understanding of the available olive oil properties.

Also, you should keep a count on the olive oil calories and this is where you need to know the nutritional value of olive oil. Here is the list of some of the nutrients available in 1 tablespoon of olive oil along with their values.

  • Calories: 119
  • Total Fat: 14 g
  • Cholesterol: 0 mg
  • Sodium: 0.3 mg
  • Dietary Fibres: 0 g
  • Vitamin A: 0 % of Reference Daily Intake (RDI)
  • Proteins: 0 g
  • Vitamin K: 1 % of RDI
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g
  • Vitamin C: 0 % of RDI
  • Potassium: 0.1 mg
  • Vitamin E: 0 % of RDI
  • Calcium: 0 % of RDI
  • Iron: 0 % of RDI

Olive Oil Benefits For Health, Hair & Skin:

Here we enlisted 20 best olive oil benefits for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a look into them.

Olive Oil Health Benefits:

The advantages of olive oil are not just limited to the use of the best olive oil. Rather, there are different types of olive oil which deliver their best health benefits to the users.  You can try the various olive oil types and benefits for enriching your health with the desired olive oil nutritional benefits.

So, is olive oil good for health? You can find the required answer for this, with these following olive oil health benefits.

1. Olive Oil Contains A Large Number Of Antioxidants:

If you are aware of the olive oil nutrition facts, then you would surely be aware of the fact that olive oil contains a large number of antioxidants in them. The various antioxidants available in olive oil nourish the body in the best possible way when used in the appropriate amount. Considering the richness of antioxidants in olive oil, you can also decide which olive oil is best for health.

The various antioxidants available in olive oil deliver different health benefits to the users and thus improve health. To avoid making mistake with the choice of antioxidants, know the various olive oil types and benefits.

How To Consume:

  • To get the benefits of eating olive oil be sure that you consume it on a regular basis.
  • You can also use olive oil for cooking your meals or can use it by applying it on your skin and hair.

2. Olive Oil Is Rich In Healthy Monounsaturated Fat:

The people can be sure of the various olive oil health benefits as it is rich in the quantity of healthy monounsaturated fat content. The composition of olive oil is so that it totally reveals that is made using the pure extract of olives. The fruit of the olive tree is used for extracting the pure olive oil.

The presence of monounsaturated fat in olive oil makes it really a good choice for cooking all your meals. The monounsaturated fat is the predominant fatty acid present in olive oil which makes them highly beneficial for the needs and requirements of the health, hair, and skin. Thanks to the high quantity of monounsaturated fat, you can get the various advantages of olive oil for skin needs along with your health.

3. Olive Oil Has Anti-Cancer Properties:

Thanks to the anti-cancer properties of olive oil, it can be effectively used against the problem of cancer. It has been found in various medical researches that olive oil is rich in the natural compound called oleuropein, which can reduce the chances of breast cancer risk to almost half.

Also, it has been found that women who include olive oil in their diet have 62% fewer chances to have breast cancer. This is one of the major and essential benefits of eating olive oil on a regular basis. The various antioxidants available in olive oil also help in giving the body the proper protection against the risk of cancer. The strength of olive oil against cancer can also be studied in the history of olive oil.

How To Consume:

  • Add some drops of olive oil in your meals or while cooking your meals and get the needed edge over the risk of cancer.

4. Olive Oil Has Anti-Bacterial Properties:

If you are considering using olive oil for baby, then you can be totally sure to get the best benefits. It is a known fact that olive oil contains anti-bacterial properties and thus can be safely used for the babies. The presence of various antioxidants along with the anti-cancer properties of olive oil and the richness of monounsaturated fat helps in making olive oil for baby the best choice and also for the presence of anti-bacterial properties.

The anti-bacterial properties combine with the anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants and thus make olive oil one of the best ingredients to fight against all the possible health problems.

How To Consume:

  • You can make the use of fresh olive oil and can thoroughly get all the benefits of this amazing ingredient for your skin, health as well as for your hair, without the risk of any side effects.

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5. Olive Oil Is Protective Against Heart Diseases:

With stress, depression, and tension, heart diseases have become one of the common reasons for increased death rates in India. Therefore, most of the people are now aware of the importance of the ingredient that can cure their heart disease in the most natural manner.

The olive oil and heart health are two of the related terms which are used together. Olive oil for the heart gives the desired expected benefits without the risk of any side effects. The antioxidants of olive oil help to enhance the benefits of olive oil for the heart.

How To Consume:

  • The regular consumption of olive oil by the heart disease patients can reduce all kind of blockages and thus delivers the benefits of olive oil for the heart instantly.
  • Thus, if anyone asks you, is olive oil good for heart patients, you can easily say a yes to that.

6. Olive Oil For Acidity:

Drinking olive oil can help you overcome the problem of acidity. The ideal olive oil uses clearly states that it is one of the most beneficial ingredients when you are struggling with the problems of acidity. Out of the many olive oil benefits for men, this is one of the most needed and essential. The irregular eating habits and the varying ingredients of the meals cause the problem of acidity along with its symptoms.

How To Consume:

  • Being regular with olive oil acidity and making the most of the nutrients of olive oil, you can control the problem in the best manner.
  • Add some honey and lemon juice along with olive oil and have it in the morning as well as in the evening to reduce the problem of acidity to the maximum.
  • Use the pure olive oil for getting instant relief from acidity with minimal risk of side effects.

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7. Olive Oil Can Lower The Cholesterol Levels:

The use of olive oil for cholesterol is known to have a positive impact on health. With the regular use of olive oil in any of its types can help in reducing the low cholesterol level in the body. The lower amount of saturated fat in olive oil helps in balancing the cholesterol level in the blood.

This fact of olive oil has been supported by many of the health experts and types of researches and thus can be completely trusted. The antioxidants along with the various minerals in olive oil help in stimulating the blood flow in the body along with minimizing the risk of bad cholesterol levels.

How To Consume:

  • Make the use of virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil for getting faster results with the control of cholesterol levels.
  • You can either use raw olive oil or can mix it with amla extracts for enhancing its strengths to minimize the bad cholesterol effects on the health of the users.

8. Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease:

The various antioxidants are available in high-quality olive oil help in reducing the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The natural compound called the oleocanthal is majorly responsible for helping olive oil being effective in fighting against Alzheimer’s disease. Also, it is observed that the use of extra virgin olive oil in cooking enhances the power of memory and thereby helps the patients to fight against Alzheimer’s problem.

How To Consume:

  • Take some olive oil and mix it with ginger oil, grapefruit oil, kiwi oil, and amla extract.
  • Use this mixture in either cooking your meals or for directly consuming.
  • Anyways, you will get the best of health benefits for yourself.
  • You should consume this juice once a day and should be patient enough to continue the consumption for about 2-3 months to witness some of the distinguished results against Alzheimer’s disease.

9. Perks Up Sex Life:

The improved stress levels and the busy day to day life of every individual can result in creating problems in the sex life of the person. There can be many problems associated with the sex life of the person and thus you cannot try all the ingredients together for the different problems. Hence, you can rely on this one natural ingredient called the olive oil and its benefits for delivering the needed perks on your sex life. The pure olive oil uses results in making sex life more interesting and lesser stressed.

Delivering perks in sex life is one of the most needed olive oil benefits for men. The antioxidants, anti-bacterial and the anti-inflammatory properties of the olive oil work as a wonder for the internal health of the body and thus deliver all the expected benefits. Use the organic olive oil for your various needs and witness the positive changes in your sex life.

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10. Prevents Diabetes:

It has been observed in many studies conducted by many health experts that the use of organic olive oil in your diet can reduce the risk of diabetes in the user. The use of olive oil for cholesterol also works at its best for preventing the problem of diabetes. The regular use of olive oil in any of the forms can cure the causes of type-2 diabetes in the best manner. Olive oil is known to stimulate the blood sugar level which balances the problem of diabetes.

How To Consume:

  • Mix some of the olive oil with amla juice and kiwifruit extract and make a juice with these ingredients.
  • You can also add some honey in this juice for enhancing its taste.
  • Have a glass of this juice in the morning as well as in the evening to keep your diabetes under proper control.

11. Acts As A Pain Relief:

Along with the various olive oil for skin uses, you can also use olive oil as pain relief. Yes, the use of olive oil on the affected area with pain can bring instant relief. The anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil do all the magic for this. With the direct application of olive oil on the painful body part, you actually are treating the actual pain along with its various associated symptoms. You should just be sure of which olive oil is best for health before using it as pain relief.

How To Consume:

  • Mix some of the olive oil with ginger oil and heat up a little.
  • Now, apply this warm mixture of oil on the pain-affected body part for getting the instant relief.
  • With this, you can be sure of using olive oil for skin without the fear of facing any side effects.
  • To get the long-term benefit, use pure olive oil for skin.

12. Boosts Metabolism:

The antioxidants present in olive oil make sure that the users get the best benefits for strengthening their metabolism for fighting against the various health diseases. Other than this, the phenolic compounds available in the olive oil double the power of the ingredient to reduce all the damages and problems of the metabolism of the body.

These are some of the most essential drinking olive oil benefits that you can gift to your health. Cook all your food in the olive oil and witness your metabolism getting stronger and healthier with each passing day. Also, like olive oil good for the heart it balances the problems of metabolism as well.

How To Consume:

  • The nutritional value of olive oil has all prove that clearly indicates that the regular use of olive oil helps in boosting the metabolism of the users.

13. Olive Oil Uses In Weight Loss:

Losing weight is never easy and you all can relate to this. Isn’t it? The use of olive oil for the body works the best as it helps in accelerating the process of weight loss. This means that you can try all the olive oil recipes and can enjoy them at the best without compromising with the taste. You can sprinkle some of the olive oil on all of your meals and food items and can be sure that they would not make you gain weight that easily.

Also, as olive oil heart health is one of the known benefits of this ingredient, you can be sure that your body will work properly even after consuming a starchy meal. Also, as olive oil has a significant amount of fibres, if you cook your meals in that oil, it will keep your stomach full for maximum time and thus will stop you from over-eating. The end result of all the continuous use of olive oil is weight loss.

14. Olive Oil Uses In Digestion:

Thanks to the improved digestion with the use of olive oil that you can be sure of using olive oil for the body. Olive oil has a good amount of fibre along with the required antioxidants and thus it works at its best to improve digestion. Also, you can expect some positive results with the problem of constipation with the regular use of olive oil which again helps for improving the digestion problem.

For the obvious reasons, olive oil delivers the best benefits for the effective functioning of the heart along with a reduction in bad cholesterol levels. The various vitamins and minerals are available in olive oil help in better digestive strength of the body.

How To Consume:

  • You just have to make sure that you are regularly using olive oil for your cooking as well as for direct use for being sure of getting its benefits for digestion.

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Olive Oil Benefits For Skin:

Here we enlisted top 4 olive oil benefits for the skin. Let’s have a look into them.

15. Acts As A Lip Scrub:

If you are struggling with the problem of dark lips, even then you can get the advantages of olive oil. Olive oil works as the best lip scrubber that not only makes the lips soft but also reduces the dark colour of the lips. You can get the most effective olive oil extract benefits during the winter season when the lips become easily dry.

The regular application and use of olive oil on the lips will keep them hydrated for long. Other than this, the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of olive oil also make sure to remove all the lip related issues and to make them healthy and smooth. This is one of the best and the most beneficial uses of olive oil for skin that will always impress you with the result.

How To Apply:

  • Mix some sugar with olive oil and scrub the same on the lips for 15 minutes and then wash off.

16. Eye Makeup Remover:

One of the major olive oil benefits is to remove the makeup, especially the eye makeup. Olive oil acts as a natural makeup remover which also hydrates and moisturizes the skin. If you are struggling with removing your makeup, try some of the olive oil and you will be sorted within no time. Virgin olive oil is the best-recommended olive oil for use for removing the makeup as it only delivers benefits for the skin without any side effects.

How To Apply:

  • Mix some olive oil with yoghurt and honey and make a fine mixture.
  • Apply this mixture on the makeup and leave for about 10-15 seconds and then witness the beauty benefits of olive oil.
  • You can use this mixture evenly on a regular basis as it will cause no harm to the skin.
  • It will only enhance the beauty of your skin by delivering the needed benefits that the skin needs to be healthy.

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17. Cracked Heel Repair:

Cracked heels are one of the most common problems that most of the people suffer from. It can happen to anyone and does not come with any pre-symptoms. Moreover, if you don’t pay attention to the cracked heels, the problem can become really serious and can also lead to many other complications. Therefore, you can take the raw olive oil benefits for repairing your cracked heels. The continuous use of olive oil for cracked heels will provide the needed benefit within no time.

How To Apply:

  • For getting the olive oil benefits for your cracked heels, simply exfoliate your heels with lemon water by soaking your heels in that for 15-20 minutes.
  • After that, simply apply some fresh olive oil on the heels.
  • You can wear soaks for enhancing the process of cracked heel repairing and for getting instant results.
  • Olive oil will also make your heels smooth and moisturized with no side effects on the problem.

18. Prevent Anti-Aging:

With the growing age, your skin tends to get ageing symptoms such as wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, etc. There is no permanent solution to these problems; however, with the use of right and natural ingredients, you can delay these early signs of ageing. Now, if you are wondering which ingredient can be used for fighting against the early symptoms of aging, then you can take the benefits of eating olive oil for the same. The various antioxidants available in the olive oil help the skin to fight against the signs of aging and to stay healthy.

How To Apply:

  • Your skin will get youthful after getting the benefits of consuming olive oil.
  • For the best results, mix some olive oil with sea salt and lemon juice and then massage this mixture on your face for some time, followed by leaving it for 15 minutes.
  • Wash your face with normal water to get the shinier and youthful glowing skin.

Olive Oil Benefits For Hair:

Here we enlisted top 2 olive oil benefits for hair. Let’s have a look into them.

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19. Olive Oil Helps Your Hair Grow Stronger:

Along with the various beauty benefits of olive oil, you can also use olive oil for hair. Out of the many olive oil benefits for hair, one of the major ones is to make them stronger and healthier. Olive oil is a rich source of vitamin E, which is quite essential for reducing the problem of hair fall along with other infections on the scalp.

Olive oil for hair works the best in many ways as it benefits both the hair as well as the scalp with its regular use. The other antioxidants available in olive oil works well with the vitamins and minerals and deliver the needed health and strength to the hair.

How To Apply:

  • Mix some olive oil with honey and egg white and then apply on the scalp and hair.
  • Keep this hair mask for about 20-30 minutes and then wash your hair like normal.
  • Use this hair mask for twice a month to give the advantages of olive oil for hair.

20. Prevent Dandruff:

Dandruff generally happens on the dry scalp which has many free radicals on the scalp surface. Also, dandruff is one of the most common yet challenging problems that people face. Most of the time, they are not aware of the right solution that they should try. As a result, they keep struggling with the problem of dandruff.

If you heard of olive oil nutrition facts, then you will not hesitate to get olive oil benefits for hair. The antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties of olive oil combine together to reduce the problem of dandruff and to help you get rid of it.

How To Apply:

  • Mix some olive oil with egg white, yoghurt, and lemon juice and then apply on the scalp to get the advantages of olive oil for hair.
  • Keep this hair mask for 20-25 minutes and then remove by washing the hair like normal.
  • Repeat applying this hair mask once or twice a week to get the complete freedom from dandruff.

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How To Use Olive Oil For Cooking?

If you think that you can only use olive oil for the face and hair, then you should consider the other olive oil uses that are available. Apart from the regular uses of olive oil, you can also make the use of best olive oil for cooking for getting all the required benefits of the olive oil for the internal normal functioning of the body.

There are many ways of using olive oil for cooking. You can use olive oil-rich cooking oil for cooking your meals or you can use the olive oil for cooking benefits by adding some of its drops in your salads and other eatable items. The uses of olive oil in cooking are many; you should only know how to make the most of the best olive oil for cooking.

Side Effects Of Olive Oil:

Is olive oil good for cooking and for your skin? Yes, it is. But, without a doubt, all the ingredients have some side effects associated with them along with the various benefits. Amongst the various olive oil uses and benefits, there are some side effects of the ingredient that are associated with the over-use of olive oil.

Therefore, you should consult with your doctor with the appropriate amount of olive oil that you can use. These are some of the olive oil side effects:

  • Can cause nausea.
  • Skin problems due to overuse.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • High-calorie count.
  • Skin allergies.
  • Blockage in the gallbladder.

Get an idea of the olive oil nutrition so as not to face any of these side effects.

There is hardly anything that olive oil cannot provide benefit for. All you need to do is to choose the best olive oil for your needs and use it as per the requirements to get the best benefits. Olive oil is the magical golden liquid that will totally impress you with its qualities and benefits. So are you ready for olive oil uses and benefits?

Have more questions and concerns related to olive oil uses? Do comment them below and we will try to give their best answers and details for them. We are always happy to help you to improve your health and skin beauty by using the right ingredients.


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