How To Use Olive Oil For Acne Scars?

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Olive oil has found its usage not only in cooking but also in body care and beauty products. For hair and skin related problems, a strong contender who can take care of your problems is none other than your very own olive oil. Being organic and enriched with nutrients the oils derived from these olives would definitely be a great help in reaching your solution goals. One such tough problem is scars. From that surgery mark in your stomach to that knee braises, from the acne marks on your back to the scratches from your cat, your little bottle of olive oil can help you in its journey to flawlessness. In this article we will discuss about how to use olive oil for acne scars?.

olive oil for acne scars

What Is Olive Oil?

The oil derived from the olives is what we term as olive oil. Olive oil is found pre packed and pre made in commercial bottles but one might say it has added incentives and chemicals which might hamper with the authenticity of the product. Therefore many people opt for home made olive oils which is an easy enough process for you to conclude. Buy olives from market and leave them to soak overnight in any other oil such as coconut or lavender. The next morning filter out or crush the olives now soft into the formed oil and use it.


The goal is to use olive oil to remove scars from your body. Olive oil has previously excelled in many home care and beauty regimes where the sincere usage of olive oil has proven them well with excellent results. Olive oil being authentic and organic blends in well with the skin and helps it from the core levels. Their working on the core level would banish the scars from its roots.

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The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Acne Scars:

  • Olive oil has always been a very good skin care product and therefore the best way to start acting on your scars is to act on it when it’s still fresh. Olive oil helps in reduction of the redness from day one. With olive oil application, you would significantly notice lessened redness and inflammation immediately.
  • Olive oil is a stout contender when it comes to skin troubles. The soft and the smooth texture of olive oil will surely blend in well with your skin so that your skin can experience a lot of blood circulation. This would promote healthy skin and a healthy skin heals fast, it’s no rocket science.
  • Olive oil really helps in exfoliation of the skin. The rough and dry skins are loosened and removed while the new skin underneath is supple and tender due to the olive oil massage.
  • Olive oil has antibacterial properties that would help you fight the deep rooted scars easily.

Usage Of Olive Oil For Acne Scars:

There is a whole different segment of olive oil usage on skin.


Olive oil can be massaged directly on skin. Pour a little amount on your palms and rub them hard, now massage your body properly with it.

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Steam Therapy:

Boil a warm bowl of water and pour olive oil in it. This is essentially for the oily prone skins where direct contact is too oily. Now use a towel to cover up your bowl including your face and take steam therapy. This is mainly related to face.


Use salt and finely blended sugar and add olive oil to it. You may even add crushed olives and make a scrub out of it. Now use that to thoroughly rinse your face. This would lift the possible blackheads too on the process. Continue once a day for best results.


The last option is the face pack which can be made out of lemon juice and orange zest. Add olive oil and a little bit of gram flour to make it compact. Leave till it dries.

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