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Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair And How To use It?

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Olive oil has been in use for hair and skin care for thousands of years. It claims to add shine, softness, and resilience to your mane. Its primary chemical elements are oleic acid, palmitic acid, and squalene, which have softening qualities.

Commercialization has always been harmful to us. When was the last time you used a chemically manipulated product that guaranteed you the genie lamp and then never kept its words? This is why it is time that we turn our backs to the commercial products and try our luck in organic elements. It is never hard or bad for us to know the household items in your kitchen can save you loads of money and time if you would juts focus on them. One such product is olive oil.

olive oil for hair

Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair:

Olive oil is the oil made from the fruits of an olive tree that benefits your hair and hair problems. While we extensively use olives and its oils for cooking purposes, here is a list of the olive oil benefits for hair that can help you for your healthy hair.

1. Olive Oil For Hair Growth:

Do you know how to use olive oil for hair growth and how it works on? Here is the process for that, One of the most important reasons why olive oil is the favorite of most is because the sheer oil out of olives can help you in hair growth. This is a proven concept where if you use warmed olive oil on your scalp, not your hair, the warmth opens up the pores in the scalp while the olive oil seeps in. Once inside it nourishes and strengthens the hair and thus helps the hair grow. It repairs and rejuvenates the hair.

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2. The Dandruff Relief:

What is that one problem that haunts us every time we feel our scalp itching? Dandruff is like a leech that will not let go of you but just like salt we here too have a power packed element for dandruff control. one of the primary reason why dandruff reoccurs is due to the repeated drying of the scalp, the reason why when olive oil mixed in with lemon or lime is used on the hair, the lime or lemon opens up the pores and the oil moisturizes and nourishes the scalp and locks in the moisture content.

3. Olive Oil Can Hair Frizz Control:

With the moisture locked in and safe, you can imagine how silky smooth and managed your tame would be once you get into a habit of using the olive oil on your hair or head. Hair that is moisturized is much easier to manage. Olive oil moisturizes to the point where straightening or curling the hair becomes much easier.

4. Strength In Your Mane:

The reason why you might be missing out on long flowing locks is because the hair you already have keeps falling off or breaking or splitting from the underneath. That is why strength in your hair should be the primary reason why we should be incorporating olive oil in our hair care routine. Olive oil has vitamin E and A, as well as antioxidants that helps the hair strands look stronger and shinier. Regular use of olive oil as a conditioner can add needed nutrition back into each strand of hair and help with the shine.

5. Treat Split Ends:

Long uncut hair, especially in dry weather conditions, can give rise to split ends. Not getting rid of it can make your hair look dull and damaged. Olive oil has high nourishing properties that naturally treats split ends and gives your hair a lustrous look. It treats damaged hair from within making it shiny from outside and strong from inside.

6. Soft And Smooth Hair:

Hair that looks good is great, but hair that also feels good is what most people desire. Olive oil adds silicone to the hair to give it a soft and smooth feel. It has moisturizing and conditioning proprieties that can leave your hair feeling naturally soft and vibrant. Olive oil could add softness and strengthen hair by penetrating the hair shaft and retaining moisture.

7. Olive Oil For Thick And Dry Hair:

Olive oil is most beneficial for dry, thick hair. It can keep hair moist and strong. Olive oil tends to weigh down thinner hair. Oily hair and scalps don’t need the conditioning.

8. Olive Oil For Processed Hair:

Heavily processed hair, with relaxers, perms, or bleach, highly benefit from extra moisture. Always wait at least 72 hours after the initial treatment before you apply olive oil. If used on bleached hair, a strand should be tested to make sure the oil doesn’t leave a trace of its green shade behind. Hair regularly processed with chemicals and heat loses its natural shine, giving it a dull and lusterless look. Olive oil deeply nourishes the hair to return its natural sheen.

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9. Bacterial Care:

Here is yet another reason why olive oil should be incorporated in your scalp treatment. There are fungi and bacteria roaming in your scalp that is responsible for the weak hair follicles and damaged frizzed hair. Olive oils massages are therefore a must.

How To Use Olive Oil For Hair:

1. Olive Oil Hair Pack:

Mix a tablespoon each of olive oil, lemon juice and water. Massage the mixture into damp scalp, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse and shampoo. Use of this flake-fighting treatment every alternate week can rid your hair of dandruff and pollutants.

2. Olive Oil-Honey Hair Pack:

  • To ½ cup of olive oil, add ¼ cup of honey.
  • Warm the mixture and gently massage on the scalp and hair.
  • Olive oil nourishes the hair and honey helps seal in moisture.

3. Olive Oil-Coconut Oil Hair Pack:

  • Mix two parts coconut oil with one part extra virgin olive oil and warm the mixture.
  • Apply on your hair and leave it for 30 minutes.
  • Wash it off to treat dandruff and dry, itchy scalp.

4. Olive Oil-Banana Hair Mask:

  • Make a puree of the banana and olive oil in a blender.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey to it.
  • Massage the mask thoroughly on your hair and cover with a shower cap.
  • Wash it off with lukewarm water after 30 minutes.

Bananas are high on vitamin A and E and antioxidants, which foster healthy hair. This mask is perfect for hair that’s dry from over-processing or coloring.

How To Use Olive Oil For Hair Growth:

Olive oil being a household item it is often assumed that home remedies for hair loss and useful to hair growth to be followed. Here below we mentioned list of olive packs along with the process of how to use olive oil for hair growth

1. Olive Oil And Egg Mask:

For this you would require an egg and some lemon or lime juice. On a cup beat the egg till it froths and then use lemon and lime juice and two spoons of olive oil. You would get a somewhat runny texture which would form you hair mask. Now apply it on the hair and wait for it to dry. You may even add essential scented oils if the musk of the egg bothers you. This is one of the best hair mask of olive oil for hair growth and controls hair fall.

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2. Hot Oil Massage:

To ensure a full scalp treatment through olive oil, warm up olive oil in a bowl and then turn your head upside down so that your tresses fall on your face and front. Now start from the base. With your fingers poke through the hair and reach into the scalp and massage the oil there. This would enhance the blood flow and would help your hair growth too.

Olive oil is truly a powerhouse when it comes to hair, skin and beauty applications. It has high moisturizing properties making it ideal for use on your hair. Olive oil has as much benefits in the bathroom as in the kitchen. Apart from making you tasty food, it can give you amazing skin and lustrous hair. It can be used as a regular conditioner, a hot oil treatment or as a hair finishing product to help your hair look healthier, stronger and shinier.