Now stretch marks. It is every girl’s nightmare. Quite the contrary to popular belief stretch marks are a serious issue and must be treated immediately to avoid permanent existing damage. There are quite a small amount of things a person can do for their stretch marks as it something that is natural and only occurs when a person gains quite a bit of fat or is pregnant. When it is said that stretch marks are every girls nightmare it refers to how scared a woman is to gain even a little weight in today’s rush for a size zero figure. Even one stretch mark might cause depression in any woman today. Now if there are not many stretch mark cures out there how can you battle such a thing?

How to Apply Olive Oil for Stretch Marks:

By using olive oil? Olive oil is the most natural and safe way of saving yourself from the nuisance that are stretch marks.

Olive oil is used for stretch marks because of all its anti oxidants. If applied daily then the stretch marks will fade gradually. Olive oil provides nutrients for the skin. It is jam packed with vitamin A, D and E. Scientific analysis says when a woman hits puberty they tend to start gaining weight quickly.

You will get the best possible result if you apply the oil daily and gradually on the stretch marks to gradually get rid of them.

Supply of oxidants in the skin over the scars makes the skin soft and supple. In a gradual period of time the scars start disappearing gradually.

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Olive Oil Application:

When suffering from stretch marks, apply luke warm olive oil to the skin, this will help the speeding up of blood circulation over the affected area. Leave the oil on your skin for at least an hour so that your skin can affectively absorb the vitamins and then wash it off with luke warm water. Follow this procedure everyday to get the most effective results as fast as possible.

Extra virgin olive oil is actually prescribed by doctors when a woman is pregnant. Extra virgin olive oil is the easiest and safest way of getting rid of stretch marks during and even after pregnancy.

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A Woman’s Point of View:

Almost all of all pregnant women will get stretch marks; it is a natural thing which not many women can avoid. The best part is that for most women these unwanted marks will fade gradually after pregnancy. Skin types and your hereditary genetics are all the things that decide whether you will get stretch marks or not. While it is difficult to prevent stretch marks, the best remedy as mentioned above is olive oil especially extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil is so pure that it can even be applied on a baby that is why it is so safe for pregnant women. There are no side effects to this oil. It is trusted all over the world. These are various companies that deal in the supply of olive oil thus is no scarcity of the product.

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It is a foolproof process where if the product is applied daily for the minimum of a week then there will visibly be a reduction in stretch marks. Trusting olive oil is a good choice at the end of the day it will provide you with much needed results.