Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil – Which is Better?

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Olive oil is a great relaxant for your hair especially if you are looking for a great way to get away from stress, but to match olive oil coconut oil also is equal in hair treatment and relaxation now one can never determine which is better than the other because each person has their own preference, what can be mentioned is the pros of both these wondrous oils. Both olive and coconut oil are natural compounds made from olives and coconuts respectively with the addition of certain other elements that help to strengthen the oils, both the oils can be made at home without any sort of professional help and the truth is that in ancient times people would use only these oils in abundance to treat their scalp and hair.

Olive Oil vs Coconut Oil:

To quote a few advantages of using these wondrous oils a few examples are given below-



Olive Oil

Olive oil is rich in many vital nutrients such as vitamin A and D which is vital for the hair to grow and the scalp to regain its former strength and fertility. Think of your scalp as soil and your hair like a plant, if you do not treat the soil the plant will soon lose its foothold and die in the same way without giving your scalp the strength it require your hair will soon start to fall tremendously, therefore there are a few foolproof treatments with olive oil that will give you the best batch of hair that you have ever had.

Other than hair olive oil is also a great moisturizer for the body therefore helps perfectly for dry skin or any sort of rash.

Easily Made at Home:

Olive oil is a very easy home recipe that is fast to prepare and easy to apply. There are times when olive oil treatments and recipes have been passed down by the elderly to the next generation and at times these recipes may have secret ingredients that enhance the power of the olive oil, but at the end of the day the base ingredient is olive oil which will never change.

Enhancing Mixtures:

Olive Oil2

Olive oil blends well with many other ingredients such as ginger or honey to give you the best healing experience that you surely require. Olive oil has the properties to mend souls you will emerge a new person after the various therapies olive oil has to offer both for the hair and the body in total.




This is an oil that is a perfect ingredient to apply to the scalp when warm. Try boiling a mixture of coconut oil with honey over a flame for a few minutes. The heat will allow the two liquids to blend with one another. Coconut oil has many vital nutrients that help in killing the bacteria on the scalp thus reducing dandruff and increasing the possibility of growth of new hair. The honey acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the roots of all your hair and gives way to the growth of new hair.

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Easily Made at Home:


Coconut oil is yet again another great recipe that can be made at home just by using coconut oil extract which is great for your hair and a perfect addition to your body. Many people use coconut oil on their skin to keep it glowing and to provide the skin with that extra glow. Coconut oil also has several properties which work towards giving you naturally flawless skin in the long run if used in the right manner.

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Enhancing Mixtures:

coconut oil 2

Coconut oil works even better when mixed with ingredients such as garlic which has a substance known as selenium which is especially great for the hair and can work wonders for your skin too because coconut is a natural anti oxidizer which both strengthens your hair and skin.

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