Rangoli is the best type of decorative trademark which is really admired by guests and also it adds to the quality of the decoration. The rangoli can be found outside the house, temple, on the street and around some functional venue. The best part lies in its shine and look. One such designs are Om rangoli designs which are the religious symbol of Hindus. This rangoli is generally designed outside the Hindu temples. There can be many such designs for Om rangoli. The best rangoli is when multi-colour are used.

Latest Om Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here is the list of top 9 Om rangoli designs, try these designs gets really admired by guests and also, a peaceful atmosphere in your house.

1. Easy Om Design:

The Om rangoli is not complicated and can be designed easily. These easy designs can be designed for some small events. The best choice lies in the use of multi-colour as its shine will enhance the look of om. These can be designed outside the temples.

2. Creative Om Design:

Even the Om can be designed with some creativity which means adding some more pictures along with it. One such creative picture is clearly shown in the image provided but remember the use of multi-colour for these Om designs.

3. Diwali Om Design:

The Om rangoli designs for Diwali could be many but the most beautiful can be designed with the help of lights. These rangolis are enhanced to another level when used with lights. The use of multi-colour for designing would be the best choice for this.

4. Beautiful Om Design:

The beautiful and big designs can be formed for some big events. The use of multi-colour would be the best choice as it adds to the look of rangoli. The beautiful rangoli is provided in the image provided. These can be depicted outside the temples and on the streets.

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5. Colourful Rangoli Design:

The colourful designs can also be used for Om designing. These can also be practiced for competitions. The colourful rangoli will add to the creativity of the Om rangolis. These can be enhanced with the help of some lights like “Diya’s

6. Simple Om Design:

The simple designs are generally meant for small events and can be of small size. These are generally depicted on the streets. The use of multi-colour would be the best choice for this. One such simple design is provided in the image source.

7. Religious Om Rangoli:

The religious desgin is generally meant on the occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi where people worship Lord Ganesh. The symbol of Om depicts the strength of unity and it is really admired by the people. One can also use a single colour for this but multi-colour would shine better.

8. Lights Om Design:

The lights rangoli designs are one of the best designs for Om rangoli designs. The lights add to the meaning of creativity for rangolis. One such lighting rangoli is provided in the image source. The best choice lies in the use of multi-colour.

9. Temple Om Design:

The temple Om designs are designed outside the Hindu temples where different people come to worship God. The temple designed should be used along with lights. The use of multi-colour would be the best choice for this. The single coloured rangoli can be the choice for temple Om designs.

The Om rangoli designs have many such designs but these were some of the best. The best choice among these can temple, Diwali, light Om designs which can be designed by professionals for big occasions while some simple and easy rangolis can be designed for small events. The best choice while designing would be the use of multi-colours.


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