We all believe in looking good, being fit and feeling good at the end of the day. Look good, feel good. That’s how it works. But sometimes it takes a toll on us in the process of attaining a perfect figure. Working out, going on a diet, sacrifice the food you love; all these aren’t as easy as they seem to be. Too much of weight leads to various problems associated with obesity. Fatigue, low activity and the list is like never ending.

What if I tell you of a magic drink that can help in weight loss? It seems impossible but in reality, it’s not. There are various foods available in nature which increases the metabolic rate of the body. The metabolic rate helps us in performing various activities during the day like walking running etc. The higher the rate the faster the body performs and faster it is able to lose weight.

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Today we are going to talk about much discussed oolong tea and how it helps in losing weight.

Oolong tea is an outcome of stems, leaves and buds of camellia sinensis. Even green tea is made from this plant. So as we all know green tea helps in losing weight and so does oolong tea.

How Oolong Tea Helps in Losing Weight:

1. Antioxidants Enriched Drink:

Various potent antioxidants not only increases your metabolism but also helps in fighting with various long term chronic disease. So as metabolism increases one can work efficiently and thus lose weight.

2. Helps in Burning Body Fat:

Studies have proven that the antioxidants which are available in oolong tea help in burning fat more efficiently than any other tea. They help us in reducing belly fat as well as other flabby parts of the body.

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3. It Contains Caffeine:

Caffeine raises the metabolism of the body. So it helps us in reaching a particular goal faster as the body produces more energy in working towards it.

4. A Calorie-Free Drink:

It is definitely an excellent replacement of various calorie enriched drinks. It can satiate our needs of drink which makes us feel fresh and active throughout the day and at the same time helps us keep away from various drinks which are high on calorie.

5. It is Aromatic and Delicious:

Due to the excellent aroma, it provides and even the taste people can drink around 3-4 cups a day and hence the metabolism is boosted up to a great extent beyond imagination.

Apart from weight loss benefits this drink also has various other advantages. Let’s have a look on those

6. Prevents Ovarian Cancer in Women:

It is scientifically proven that women who indulge in various cups of green tea and oolong tea have a lower risk of ovarian cancer over a woman who drinks none of them.

7. It Can Help in Preventing High Blood Pressure:

People with high blood pressure are recommended to have this tea as it helps in the regulation of pressure.

8. Helps in Preventing Allergies of Some Kind.

Irritability and other skin problems can go away with a cup of oolong tea daily.

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Some Side Effects:

1. We all know oolong tea contains caffeine so it is not really good for health. The side effects of caffeine are a headache, nervousness, irregular heartbeat, heartburn, nausea etc.
2. Too much of caffeine may also lead to anxiety disorders.
3. Caffeine is not so good for children.
4. Pregnant women should consult a doctor before consuming oolong tea on high doses on a regular basis.
5. Diabetic patients should also talk to the doctor before consumption of any such tea.