Opal is a word that came from the Sanskrit word Pupal and is the natural gemstone of Australia. It is a kind of Silica Mineral that does not have a proper structure but has all the properties. It is known for its benefits of love and luxury. It is a stone of beauty, wealth, grace and charm. A special property opal stones hold is that they scatter light when exposed to some light.

Usually, opal gemstones have a milky or clear appearance but can range into colours like yellow, red, black, brown, violet etc. Jewellery made of opal gemstones are mostly worn as a ring, bracelets, and pendants. Opal stones proved to be most useful for persons in modelling, fine arts, fashion, and glamour. For persons whose jobs are related to creativity and imagination, opal gemstones are ideal.

Different Types of Opal Gemstones:

Here is a list of the 9 best opal gemstones and their benefits.

1. Natural White Opal Gemstones:

This entrancing stone has a vast history that proves that natural opal has been used for a long time and often depended upon people for its spiritual, kind and cosmic properties. It adds passion and loves to a couples life. Most people don’t prefer natural stone because they believe it brings bad luck to their lives, but it benefits people in the dairy and hospitality industry.

2. Black Opal Gemstones:

It is the most popular and highly admired gemstone as it increases sexual attractiveness and provides higher astrological experiences. It has the property to display vivid and intense colours. The body of black opal stone ranges from dark grey to black.

3. Fire Opal Gemstones:

Fire opal stands out amongst the most capable opal stones of its spiritual properties and vibrant hues. Its warm shine and fiery look appeal to all the stone lovers who can’t neglect the brilliant orange shade of the fire opals. It transforms a person’s character.

4. Chocolate Opal Gemstone:

Chocolate Opal has a brown colour body, and because of this, it is a unique gemstone. It is found and developed within layers of volcanic ash and bind in a group of nodule. It is translucent to opaque. They have fire-like properties but are treated at very minimum temperatures.

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5. Synthetic Opal Gemstone Benefits:

Synthetic Opals or lab-made opals” have been made by people. A few synthetics look, particularly like genuine opal. In any case, most are effortlessly recognized by a fire design that looks like slim scraps of foil inserted in a shiny network or streaks and spots of fire with a geometric shape.

6. Harlequin Gemstone Opal:

Harlequin opal is a stone which depicts marks of colour in the shape of a diamond or rectangle.

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7. Benefits of Precious Opal Gemstone:

It flashes glowing hues when it is seen from various points, such as splendid yellow, orange, green, blue, red or purple. The allure of precious opal gemstone is based upon shading power, differences, consistency, and capacity to be seen from any edge. It is considered a wish stone.

8. Matrix Opal Gemstone Benefits:

The word matrix opal is used for rough or finished gemstones. It is a combination of precious stones with the main or parent rock. Matrix opal increases experience, decreases emotions and brings consolation during fear or grief.

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9. Blue Gemstone Opal:

Blue colour opal depicts calmness and serenity. When the wearer wears a blue opal gemstone, they can relate to nature for peacefulness.

Opal is one of the most wonderful gemstones as it flashes every spectrum colour with the required intensity and quality. From an astrological point of view, opal gemstones benefit people by increasing their strength, passion, and beauty and making their lives easier and happier.


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