Usually, with a long head of hair, you want to sport some open freestyle and you are wondering how else to work well with that crop of hair. Therefore take a cue from these given hairstyles and rock the open hair look without any worry.

The long open hairstyles have always been versatile and gave a classic and elegant look seamlessly. Whether it is an event party or outings or formal attire, the long open hairstyles always stood out in the top preference for most women.

With this list of trendy and the best open hairstyles for long hair, we hope you found the new ideas, just as you like them!

9 Simple Hairstyles for Long Open Hair Female:

Let we have to look at the top 9 open hairstyles for long hair.

1. Sleeked Down Locks:

This is an easy enough hairstyle for long fine hair. Part the hair down from the middle and thoroughly comb through it. You can even opt for short layers or front locks, just a little bit to add a little volume. The hair spray would definitely tone down the hair to avoid unnecessary hair frizzing.

2. The Doo-Rag Hippie:

For the perfect happy hippie look, on summer noon try this hairstyle with a soft white tie-on robe with Aztec prints and or a loose white blouse. Try using curlers for your hair to get a subtle hint of waviness and then tie a head rag or scarf around your head to get this look.

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3. The Faux Side Part:

For this hairstyle you need to do a lot of teasing and some more hair spraying. Simply part your hair to one side and start with your teasing to gain some major volume in your hair. Now use hair spray to lock in the volume. Often judging on the occasion you can add an accessory or two for this look.

4. Go For Loose Curls:

The heading was enough to prove the entire point of this hairstyle. Curl always enhances the look of your hair and adds a soft touch of volume to your hair. For this use a strong roller or curlers to add hints to the curls. Part your hair from the middle if you have an oval face and for a heart-shaped or diamond-shaped face use side-swept bangs.

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5. The Soft Layers:

The side bangs are swiftly swept to one side in this hairstyle. This is a classic layered hairstyle with soft blunt bangs rolled on the inner side. The side sweeping or the side parting of the hair simply adds a texture to the style since the layered look always went well with side partings. You can even straighten the look or curl the bangs outside for a change.

6. The Fusion Mix:

You are ready with your cropped blouse and rocker jeans and the only thing missing before the concert is the perfect hairstyle to go with it. The soft winter outside wants you to keep your hair open and free but you want a soft natural look that would add an electrifying shock to it. Use bangs and braids and add life.

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7. The Vintage Waves:

Select a side parting from one corner of your head and then comb the hair thoroughly. This hairstyle incorporates within itself a soft and rather natural look. Use curls and softeners to add smooth waves. This hairstyle somehow resembles those bond girls with sparkled gowns and now you can get this look too.

8. The Front Bangs:

This is a perfect hairstyle for a beautiful girl like you where cuteness mixes in with elegance. These are dense French-styled front bangs but you can use layers for this look too.

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9. Beach Waves:

Beach waves are somewhere between layers and waves but with a slightly hippie touch to it. These are light and come with volume.


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