9 Sophisticated Orange Blazers for Men & Women in Fashion

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Blazer is garment that is worn by men and women both. It looks very classy on who so ever wears it. Blazers are often considered to be formal but today’s fashion has made blazers so acceptable that you may not need a formal occasion to wear them. Blazers can be called a sophisticated jacket but it is not a jacket indeed. There are various types of blazers let’s have a look.

Latest and Stylish Designs of Orange Blazers for Gents and Ladies in Trend:

Let we have to look at the top 9 orange blazers designs.

1. Formal Orange Blazer:

orange blazers

This is the most accepted blazer choice in men. A formal blazer looks good on formal occasions and gives an office look. The color orange is subtle and can be worn in offices, at meetings and business events. It gives a complete professional look to the man.

2. Informal Orange Blazer:

Informal Orange Blazer

This blazer can be worn with informal dress, mostly with jeans. It gives a casual and cool look to men. The way it is worn is very casual. The sleeves are often folded. It is best worn with t-shirts and jeans. It can be worn as daily outfit as well. With this orange color it gives a cool look to men.

3. Draped Style Orange Blazer:

Draped Style Orange Blazer

There are so many ways this blazer can be worn. This blazer is for women. A draped blazer is a bit long than the others. It can be worn with skinny pants as it gives a loose look. It gives a business woman look. It makes a woman look classy and confident.

4. Velvet Type Orange Blazer:

Velvet Type Orange Blazer

Velvet is always charming and never goes out of fashion. When it comes to blazers velvet blazers give a complete look. Apart from being formal it also makes you look royal and classy. It can be worn at formal events. Men in this blazer look smart and complete.

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5. Boyfriend Orange Blazer:

Boyfriend Orange Blazer

This blazer is for women and looks like it is been borrowed by their boyfriend. The size of this blazer is big and gives a baggy look. It is not fitted like the rest of the blazers. It still looks good and is best suited with casual skinny pants. It gives a casual look when worn.

6. Printed Orange Blazer:

Printed Orange Blazer

This blazer is not plain like the others. It is a printed one. The printed blazer gives a designer look. It can be worn at parties. It looks very smart on men with a good choice of clothes. Being a party wear dress it still gives a formal look.

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7. Short Orange Blazer:

Short Orange Blazer

This blazer is a bit short in length with long sleeves. The blazer may or may not have buttons on it. The blazer looks very chic and gives you a classy look, mostly worn by women.  It can be worn with simple short dresses. It can also be worn with jeans and casual outfits.

8. Classic Style Orange Blazer:

Classic Style Orange Blazer

This is the oldest blazer. It gives a lumpy look with its long and baggy size. This blazer is not worn by men now a days, but it is classic. It is still a first preference for older people and looks great. This is the most basic type of blazer usually worn at occasions.

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9. Fitted Party Wear Orange Blazer:

Fitted Party Wear Orange Blazer9

This blazer is not baggy. It is fitting to the body and gives a good shape when worn. The style in which this blazer is made is more modern. It can be worn at parties to give a glamorous look. The style of the blazer may be simple or designer but it definitely gives a party look and goes best with formal outfits. The bright orange color looks good with the colors black and white.

You will get various types of orange blazers and these can be worn with different styles as well. Mix and match the above blazers and get a new look for your day. The blazer styles mentioned above are for both men and women. Blazers are in fashion and can be worn in so many different ways.

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