It is no doubt that organza pattu saris are a special type of sarees that are originally and traditionally manufactured out of silk. It contains various types of synthetic materials like polyester or nylon. These thin and continuous fibre filaments are woven together, in a very balanced way that will create a nice plain, weave-like texture or appearance. Deeply organza sarees contain more fibre filaments of nylon and polyester, and that what makes its weave a lot denser and finer than normal organza sarees. In deeply organza sarees, the fabric becomes a little less thick in appearance. It can be said that since silk started to originate mostly around 2450 – 2000 BC, therefore organza will most likely be originated later than that date, and therefore will be mostly around the Middle Ages. It was invented in the town of Urgang, Turkestan.

Organza Sarees Importance:

There have been many uses of organza sarees and all of them have been pretty important in the clothing lineup of women. These sarees are mostly used for weddings for brides and is also used for bridal trousseau. Since the material is sturdy, it is also used in women evening dresses, and also used for garment linings in readymade dresses as well. Also, since the material is very thin, it tends to give the wearer a very natural and thin-like appearance as well.

Organza Sarees Features:

The main features of organza sarees are that they are mainly made from artificial fibres. They use some amounts of natural fibres, but mostly nylon and polyester, which are synthetic fibres. The fibres of organza saris are also very tightly woven as well, which also gives it a very matte finish which looks very elegant, and are also luster-free as well. This also makes organza sarees a lot softer and is very easy to create a luxurious statement with it as well.

Which Age Group Women are Preferred Mostly?

Organza sarees do not have any particular age group for women to wear. Since the quality of the fabric used is top-notch, it will look great on any women from any age. Still, it should be kept in mind that this type of sarees is mostly aimed at the young and middle-aged group of women. Also, since the young generation of women is mostly aware of their thin and petite appearance – this makes organza sarees the best option for them to wear.

Which Body Shape Women is Preferred?

There is no such particular guide in terms of the body shape that is needed to wear organza sarees. One can easily wear this type of saree on any body type, and still look great and slim, without any problem. But, if you are asking to be more specific about the body shape that will be ideal for organza sarees, then it will definitely be an hourglass body shape, where the shape of the body will be bulging at the top, narrower at the waist and again bulging on the hips.

Top 10 Best Organza Sarees for Women in Trend:

Planning to buy a good woven and thin like manufactured sarees? You should look at these pure organza sarees.

1. Organza Silk Saree:

Organza silk sarees are mostly made of silk weave and therefore are mostly available to buy. These sarees are for those women who like a bit of casual look yet want to preserve that extravagant look of organza.

Design: The Organza silk saris are very fashionable and can be easily bought with a very wide range of designs and print as well. There are also lots of hues, styles, and textures to choose from as well.

Fabric: The fabric that is used here is mostly silk

Occasion: This type of saree can be worn for any type of semi-formal or casual occasions.

2. Plain Organza Saree:

Normal organza sarees can be made from natural or synthetic fibres, like nylon, or polyester. The sarees have the normal thin weave and share the normal extravagant look you come to expect from organza sarees.

Design: The design of plain organza sharis is very simple with little to no design prints, with more emphasis on the material sheerness and the overall color and quality. Therefore, plain designs can be worn by anybody.

Fabric: The fabric that is used here can be synthetic or natural fibres.

Occasion: Plain organza sarees can be worn for any purpose or occasions, and will require no such recommendation on this part.

3. Banarasi Organza Saree:

Banarasi organza silk saris are the best type of organza sarees for marriages and wedding ceremonies and occasions, as it has the best designs that are made in the city of Varanasi in India.

Design: The design of Banarasi organza sarees mostly include the use of silver and gold brocade of Zari, which is warped at regular intervals of the saree weave. There is also a lot of embroideries that is used as well, like designer pallu and patch border.

Fabric: In this type of saree silk, along with Zari is used for the weave.

Occasion: This type of saree is mostly created for wedding ceremonies, marriages, anniversaries and other formal types of occasions.

4. Kanchi Organza Saree:

Kanchi organza sarees have the simplicity along with the sheer elegance of being the perfect saree for most women out there. It has a comfortable yet traditional look as well.

Design: The design of the Kanchi organza saris is greeted with a long patch border, along with various other designer prints on the saree itself. The color that is used here the most is gold or silver.

Fabric: The fabric that is used in this saree mostly is the Kanjeevaram Silk.

Occasion: This type of saree is great for wearing in the summer and can be worn in any kind of formal or casual occasion.

5. Fancy Organza Saree:

The Fancy organza sarees are designed with the maximum amount of designer prints, and you can find almost numerous designs on the market to choose from. Each design has its own look and uniqueness.

Design: There can be various designs that can be discovered with Fancy organza saris. The design can be checkered, or a solid color, or can be stripped or can be squares – the list can be endless.

Fabric: The kind of fabric that is used in these fancy sarees are mostly silk.

Occasion: Fancy organza sarees can be worn in almost any occasion, and can be made as an everyday wear saree as well.

6. Glass Organza Saree:

In the case of Glass organza sarees, the sarees are mostly dyed multiple times and are studded with glass work, and that’s where the actual name comes from, along with solid colors in each pure silk organza saris.

Design: The design of Glass organza sharis is very simple with less emphasis on the designer prints, and more so on the work of the mirror glass, along with double borders all over. The sarees are also multi-dyed as well.

Fabric: Fabric that is used here is organza silk only.

Occasion: This type of saree is designed to be worn during formal occasions, because of its professional looks

7. Printed Organza Saree:

Printed organza sarees are named from their looks where the saree is printed wholly with numerous designer prints, along with more numerous colors that are used to bring more pop to the look.

Design: Printed organza saris have very simple and extravagant designs. There can be designs of flowers, roses, leaves, tree branches, a lot more other unique designs.

Fabric: As usual, organza silk is mostly used for the weave. There can be other types of fabrics that can also be used, such as nylon or even polyester.

Occasion: This kind of style and design is most made for casual or everyday wear.

8. Organza Cotton Saree:

The main feature of Organza cotton sarees is the use of cotton in the organza silk blend and weaving the saree out of it. In this saree, a natural ingredient like cotton will help in improving its comfort factor.

Design: Organza cotton saris have a very distinct design when it comes to the other types. They have solid colors, with a tint of designer prints along with normal patch border length.

Fabric: In this case, organza silk is combined with the natural cotton to give the final weave.

Occasion: This sarees can be used in any type of everyday occasion, and therefore not made for formal or semi-formal wear.

9. Organza Tissue Saree:

The name Organza tissue sarees originates from the thin form-factor of the sarees, almost like a tissue. The weave is very thin, light and soft, and thus make these Organza tissue saris the most comfortable organza saree to wear on any occasion.

Design: The design in case of Organza tissue sarees is very simple, with mostly solid colors along with minimal prints.

Fabric: Here the fabric mostly consists of a thin blend of synthetic fibre or silk. Polyester is not used here. Nylon is used though.

Occasion: This type of saree is designed for semi-formal or everyday wear, due to its huge comfort factor.

10. Designer Organza Saree:

Designer organza sarees has the best and the most complex designs among all the other organza saris. A lot of hard work and thought is put into making each saree design using in their own way.

Design: Organza designer sarees are pestered with designer prints and hand-crafted work on every saree. The path borders are long, and the colors include solid color with the inclusion of gold, maroon, silver, and etc.

Fabric: The fabric weave is made thicker here, with the use of organza silk and along with Zari.

Occasion: If you want a saree that is strictly made for formal occasions, then this is the one.

Which Blouse is Suitable for This Organza Sarees:

you can combine blouse of any style with white organza sarees, provided it is of the right material. Since organza sarees are made of silk, therefore mostly blouses that are made of silk, nylon, polyester or even organza should be used in order to complement the overall looks of the saree. With complementing your overall looks of the organza saree, it is just impossible to look great, by wearing a blouse that has been made from a different material than the saree. The homogeneity will not be there.

How to Style Organza Sarees:

It is easy to style a floral organza sarees because of its lavish appearance. You don’t have to wear lots of jewellery and accessories to make your look stand out from the crowd. The saree itself will do all the work, and therefore you can simply just combine minimal amounts of accessories and jewellery so that the main attraction, i.e. the organza saree can easily be appreciated by the other people. Apart from that, you can add your own style as well.

Therefore, it can be easily seen that there are various kinds of semi organza sarees to be bought. From simple ones like plain organza saree to higher end ones like designer organza saree. There is an organza saree for every occasion out there, be it semi-formal, formal, or casual. There is also organza sarees made for everyday wear as well. Be sure to check out the style and design of every organza saree before deciding on the final type. Hopefully, this article will help you in buying the best organza saree, and if you have any feedback, do let us know.