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5 Best Overnight Face Masks For Skin Whitening & Glowing

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Now make your skin repair and damage free while you sleep. You don’t need extra time to spend for your skin to make it achieve its brightness and radiance. We are here to discuss few overnight face masks for glowing skin, so that can be applied on your skin and kept overnight. Which in the next morning gives the extra shine and smoothness?

Best Overnight Face Mask For Skin Whitening And Glowing:

Here are some top 5 night face packs,

1. Lotus Herbals Night Face Pack:

Lotus Herbals Night Face Pack

Lotus Herbals is one among India’s best natural skin care and Cosmetics Company. It is known for its variant arranges of both herbal and ayurvedic Skin Care cosmetic products. We are here to describe about the Lotus Herbals White glow day and night face mask which is more effective for the sensitive skin and also gives the amazing look leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Things you will need/ Method/ How to apply

You will need a glass bowl and brush for applying the pack. And you will also need a wet cotton cloth to wipe the pack off from your face.

Apply the cleansing facial foam on the skin and rub it for 2 minutes. And then clean your face, after which you can apply the moisturizing and protection gel cream on your face and set it for another 2 minutes. Now you can finally apply the Night cream pack on your face and leave it overnight. Once when you wash your face the next day morning, you would get that dazzling look on your face.

How often you should do this

No doubt you can apply this night pack every day for a better result. And if in case you find the result, you can continue its regular use by applying it in alternative days as well.

Why this works

This night face pack for skin whitening lightens your facial skin tone by reducing the uneven pigmentation all around the face.


If you find any irritation on your skin once you apply the cream one by one, wash your face immediately and discontinue use.


It enlightens, brightens and whitens your skin giving a better healthy skin day to day with regular use. It truly enhances your facial skin naturally.

2. Lakme Absolute Overnight Face Mask:

Lakme Absolute Overnight Face Mask

The Lakme skin gloss overnight face mask keeps your skins nourished and well hydrated. It is enriched with minerals that continuously replenish moisture of your facial skin. It also makes the skin look lustrous.

Things you will need/ Method/ How to apply

You will just need a facial cleanser to clean your face thoroughly and pat dry your skin. Apply this Lakme skin gloss overnight mask on your face covering entirely with your fingertips. This overnight mask is essentially like a gel cream and it is oil free. Massage the gel into the skin gently before bed and leave it overnight.

How often you should do this

You can use this mask in daily basis to get the best result.

Why this works

This overnight face pack contains mineral laden glacial water which deep drenches into the skin to form the mask.


Avoid contact with your eyes. Wash your eyes immediately with cold water in case of eye contact.


It hydrates the skin to look lustrous and also gives the glossy look providing a moisture coat. You can see the skin becoming supple day to day and also whitened with regular use.

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3. VLCC Insta Glow Face pack:

VLCC Insta Glow Face pack

This is well-known branded among Indian beauty industries. VLCC Natural Sciences have invented the instant glow face pack for a fairer skin. This is a soft creamy pack that brightens the complexion giving softness, luminosity, and radiance.

Things you will need/ Method/ How to apply

Take some 4-5 drops of the Revital ampoule and finely blend it with this face pack. Apply this pack to a cleansed face generously. Leave it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes and wipe it off with a wet sponge. And now you are ready to bed without applying anything else on your skin, leaving it free overnight.

How often you should do this

You can use it thrice a week at night time, to get the best results.

Why this works

This overnight face mask for fairness contains the extracts of Sandalwood and Hazelnuts which works well with the skin to boost up its radiance and brightness.


Since it is a Herbal combination, it will not give any kind of irritation to the skin. But if it is in contact with eyes, rinse your eyes immediately.


It surely makes the skin smoother and softer. It imparts a very pretty glow to the face, the next morning.

4. Aroma Magic Anti Acne Calamine Pack:

Aroma Magic Anti Acne Calamine Pack

Blossom Kochhar Aroma magic is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of more than 150 aromatherapy oils. It has a created its era by producing thousands of varieties of skin products. This Aroma magic anti acne Calamine pack can be applied before bedtime for getting the best results in preventing acne.

Things you will need/ Method/ How to apply

You will need an Aroma magic mint face cleanser to clean the face. And either Aroma magic rose water or its toner to mix it with powder.

This pack is in the powder form and has to be mixed with a toner or the rose water to form a paste. After cleaning your face and patting it dries, apply this paste all over it. Leave it to dry for 30 minutes. Again wash your face and leave it untouched overnight.

How often you should do this

You can apply this night face pack for pimples twice a week only.

Why this works

It has Calamine, mint, Need, garlic Sandalwood and multani mitti which in its combination, works well in preventing the skin from breaking out with acnes.


Keep the face pack away from your eyes, nose, and mouth.


It gives an instant brightness once you wash off this face pack. And it also brightens the skin giving it a pimple and oil free look, even after your night sleep.

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5. Boutique Fruit Whitening Night Face Pack:

Boutique Fruit Whitening Night Face Pack

Boutique products are 100% botanical and are with organic Herbal ingredients. Each product has its own benefits. Here the Boutique bio fruit flawless whitening and depigmentation face pack gives you brightening and whitening of your facial skin. It helps in keeping the skin away from rashes and other skin infections.

Things you will need/Method/ How to apply

Clean your face with any facial cleanser and make it dry. Take a small amount of this cream and apply it all over your face. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then wash your face completely. Keep this as your regular habit every night before you go to bed.

How often we should do this

You can work with the cream daily without fail.

Why this works

These night face packs for fair skin have pineapple, lemon, tomato and papaya juice Extracts that works deep into the skin to give that flawless whitening and also makes our facial skin away from pigmentation.


If irritation occurs on your skin, discontinue use.


This whitening pack makes the skin soft and smooth giving it a young looking texture. Also, it helps in removing the pigmentation problem from your skin.

There is no doubt that your skin is given extra vitamins and nutrients needed for it, for a healthy glowing look. At the time when you sleep, your facial skin is being repaired and it is a kept away from various skin diseases and infections too. Compared to homemade overnight face mask for glowing skin, you can get a better flawless Radiant healthy looking skin with these combinations.

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